Return of the Plagues and Exodus

Yes, the system is broken all to Hell and back.

Without having a glimpse inside the Trump Administration, I suppose we could say he honestly tried to fix things. Fixing things would require stepping outside the partisan entanglements and doing things to remove big chunks of the “business as usual” mechanisms. Left or right wouldn’t matter, since that’s all illusion anyway. Just pulling down some of the bureaucracy would be a blessing from God.

Trump missed the window. During the first two years, his voter majority support didn’t crumble until we got close to the most recent elections. During that time, he could have exercised his Executive authority more forcefully and changed critical parts of the system. He allowed his entourage to restrain him too much. Had he taken more bold action, he would have kept his constituency.

His administration reminds me of what’s so very wrong with a particular bureaucracy that exemplifies why the US is doomed: the military. Consider that the most powerful people in the system are groomed to take certain bureaucratically established career paths instead of putting actual leadership first. “Leadership” is dumbed down to mean “ambitious for self gain within the system.” Nobody is willing to sacrifice anything for the greater good. The system is god. This is how Trump’s advisors have handled him, to force him into a career track instead of helping him follow his own instincts to really change things and then get the heck out.

So we have this institutionalized mediocrity and it’s going to crash. Instead of bold people taking real action, the only real action will be when the system grinds to a halt because it’s utterly unsustainable. Since it’s just too damned big and incorrigible, nobody believes the undeniable symptoms of failure. Have you noticed how everyone operates under the presumption that things will keep going like this forever?

Instead of a purposeful dismantling of the system, it will crash. The window of opportunity has closed. Any real leader who arises now will preside over the slow-motion wreckage. There will be at least one such leader. Maybe we’ll have several, but they won’t be working together except in the sense of each salvaging what they can to rebuild something worth keeping in smaller chunks. So prepare for the US to be torn apart, because that’s the only way anything good will come out of this mess.

Only God knows the breaking points for things like this. There are too many factors for a sane analysis, even if you take into account the heart-led way of moral truth. Unless the Lord simply reveals His hand on this matter, we should prepare for some big surprises. We should also prepare for a surprisingly long delay in some parts of this trainwreck.

I’m not the only one who senses prophetically that the tension is building. I’m sure I’m not the only one who breaks out in tears from time to time just feeling the wrath the come. Paint your doorposts with the Blood of the Lamb, lest your own blood be shed inside. May God have mercy on us as we prepare for our exodus.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Return of the Plagues and Exodus

  1. Benjamin says:

    I hope you’re wrong about the window being closed. But I wouldn’t bet against you.

    Times like these catch me stuck between two schools of thought. 1) maybe things can hold together a little longer (by some conservative leader pulling a miracle out of their hats and turning things around a a little bit or a lot) and I won’t have to see the train wreck in my life time, or 2) if there’s going to be trouble, let it come now. At least I can try to guide my family through it and give them a fighting chance of survival on the other side.

    I generally come to the conclusion that option 2 is a more appropriate approach. But the wheels seem to turn so slowly. I’m 44 and i wonder if I’ll noticeably see us cycle through either phase in my lifetime.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Yes, it will be slow. Yet some elements of this will just suddenly appear, at least seeming to be without warning. There is so much deception involved, and we-the-people tend to play along too much.


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