God Searches Hearts

God called me as a prophet to America. Sometimes I feel like the Prophet Jonah, but with none of the advantages he had in Nineveh. He got them to listen, but my country is yielding so far only a tiny handful of penitents. We have a nation of dead hearts.

There was a time when the heart-led moral consciousness was the basic expectation for everyone. It was the foundation for the whole range of Ancient Near Eastern cultures, and was enshrined in government policy. Not that everyone was above mere intellect, but it was considered the norm.

God’s Word says it’s supposed to be that way. The Law of Moses was designed to rest on a genuine heart-felt commitment to God as a Person, as the Kinsman Redeemer who ruled the nation and was the Provider. Of course, the Covenant could work with only a slender minority in leadership clinging to the heart-led way, but that was not the norm. The leaders were expected to keep the fires of devotion lit any way they could. Priests and Levites went on tour and preached during the good times in the history of Israel. That’s what made those times good.

Prior to the monarchy in Israel, there were “judges” who kept the fire burning. God appointed charismatic figures to execute divine justice. It wasn’t always vengeance, though it did surely include that. But the mission was the much broader divine justice of restoring the heart-led way of dealing with reality as a whole. It’s hard for Americans to see that because we have reduced the word “justice” to mean punishment, not blessings and shalom.

Worse, our American sense of justice is founded on heathen moral values. Don’t worry about America being a “Christian nation.” Many governments in the past have tried to hijack that label, but they have all been contrary to Christ’s teachings. It all stems from the horrific compromise the Early Church Fathers made with pagan Roman government. The Greco-Roman Civilization was all about man-centered religion and destroying genuine mysticism. All Greco-Roman deities were man-made. All visions of things beyond this realm were merely extensions of this realm. And then along came the invading Germanic hordes and the church compromised even further by embracing Germanic heathen values and rewriting the gospel message to fit them.

Thus, the ostensible organized Christian religion passed through Medieval Scholasticism, then Reformation and finally Enlightenment. Each was a step farther and farther away from the Hebrew mysticism of the New Testament churches.

God’s wrath on America has nothing to do with some kind of imaginary “Christian” standard, as if Christ had anything to do with our founding or our history and government. It’s not as if we could never develop and move toward the real thing, but to be even a tiny bit closer to what Christ taught about human government, we would first and foremost have to apply the Covenant of Noah to America. Not only that, but it requires all the implications of that covenant, to include a tribal society and covenant feudal government. That’s the only path for America to gain God’s favor.

Fat chance of that.

Not because it’s undoable; it’s eminently doable because God says so. It’s why He offered that covenant in the first place. It’s doable, but America is utterly opposed to it on every level. It requires wiping away any affinity for Western Civilization.

So America is not being judged because of rampant liberalism or because we have surrendered to the Sodomites. Nor is it because we are destroying the environment and being too mean to whiners. Those are just symptoms of something far, far worse. America was founded at the Gates of Hell and not as an invading force; that’s why we are under God’s wrath. America never was morally just in God’s eyes. She was an ally of Satan from the start, so there’s nothing to save or recover.

The breakdown of the US government and the partition of the empire is just the beginning of woes.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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