Ask Yourself: Where Is His Glory?

Tonight I had a conversation with a friend about abortion.

This is something where we can apply the biblical process of multi-level moral reasoning. Reduced to it’s bottom line in Biblical Law, it’s nobody’s business but the mother and her family what happens to her babies. So the mere presence of a civil law that declares the government the owner of all children is an abomination to God.

But such is the legal principle in Western nations: The state asserts the ultimate claim over every person as if they were an asset managed by the government. In divine justice, we treat civil law as a tactical issue. God requires us to do what we can to stay below the radar, but in the final analysis, we don’t take the moral posturing seriously. American law and government in particular is a hideous nasty heathen mess.

If we really felt it was necessary to change how Americans act regarding abortion, then we cannot enact laws and think we are done with it. That didn’t work too well a century ago when abortion was illegal. You cannot make laws that ignore the cultural milieu under which people live. To change American attitudes about abortion requires a very radical and thorough change in the culture, which means seizing control over the education process (among other things). That it itself violates Biblical Law, but we can at least recognize that this is what we have to work with right now.

Of course, if you only want to change the government’s policy, then you need to get a substantial number of people willing to say with full conviction that “abortion is murder.” Push that button without mercy with rallies, bumper stickers and on every social media service. Treat every abortion doctor as a murderer; accuse them as much and harass them without mercy. Organize boycotts and lawsuits in pursuit of this rallying cry and defend it tooth and nail. Make it sorrowful and do that thing with baby coffins, etc., in mass rallies. This is the one thing the pro-abortion people fear most.

In fact, when the pro-life folks were doing that a few decades ago, the pro-abortion folks were careful to infiltrate the pro-life institutions and raise a moral complaint against such a vicious attack. The game of politics is dirty and ugly and you have to steel yourself and your organizations against it. That’s a very tall order, but it can be done.

And for any other political agenda like that: screw the rules. It’s the same as law and government. It’s just a tactical consideration. It means making yourself unassailable, with leadership that has nothing to gain except the sheer conviction that this must be done. Politics doesn’t require money; it requires an army of people with conviction who will sacrifice personally. Viciously attack as a murderer anyone who dares politically support “abortion rights” and push right up to the fringes of what is legal. Edit: Anything less than this is frivolous nonsense that we all know accomplishes nothing.

Do you see how it works? I would never join a pro-life movement, but I can tell you what would work because it’s a matter of understanding reality from the heart. I can also tell you that it won’t work for very long unless it is the one big issue with churches and so forth, because that’s how political activism works. Once you commit to something like that, it has to be your forever trademark issue and you have to keep your army motivated for it. And when I explained all of that, I would also explain how that is not the way God wants us to do things.

Given the exceeding high level of corruption in this country, the best course of action is to withdraw as much as is practical and turn it all over to God. We already know He’s turned Satan loose on America. We’ve got better things to do than waste resources on something that cannot bring God the glory. If we could conquer this world, we would know better than to want something that is so hopeless.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Ask Yourself: Where Is His Glory?

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    People don’t realize the effectiveness of all those gridly fetus corpse pictures. We might dismiss it as exaggerated or such with some reasoning, but a human corpse pings our hindbrains, and there’s no way of dodging that. You would only have to persuade just enough voters.


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