Boxing Day 2018

I will admit that in times past I prayed that God would call me as prophet and grant me the gift of prophetic insight. Some part of me regrets that deeply, because it has become a big pain in the butt.

The last thing I want from my ministry is that anyone should hold me up as some kind of hero on any terms. I’m a servant performing a dirty job, but one for which God has assuredly equipped me. I’m not complaining about the necessity of explaining to folks that prophecy doesn’t work as is commonly believed. That kind of problem should be obvious. The real problem is that I am compelled to share the message at times and in ways I’d rather not. I’m driven to write things I know people will ridicule, as if my source was just my own imagination. But as the prophet Jeremiah indicates in 20:7-9, woe is me if I try to keep quiet.

I’m called to prophesy to America, the people of the US. Others are welcome to listen in if it blesses you. It’s not often that I need to talk about other countries. Only rarely do I have a word for anyone else. More typically it’s a prophetic insight, as opposed to a message commissioned by God. You see, the gift works all the time with me. Sometimes it fires up on questions and other times it is spontaneous. Today is a case of the latter.

It’s not like I hear stuff in my head; I receive it in my heart. It’s a matter of conviction and conscience welling up within me. Coming from the Anglo-American cultural background, there was an awful lot of territory to cross before I could start getting used to how this works. I had to get comfortable with something that weighs so heavily on my soul, and I had to get used to the idea of spitting it out with the confidence that God really is behind it.

So when I came to the conclusion Trump would win the election, it wasn’t my own reckoning. I was pretty sure he was going to lose in terms of my intellectual training, but the urging of my conviction was that he would win and that I should make plans for it. No, this is not about Trump, but about how it feels to hear from God. Somewhere out there among you readers are those who are or will be called to prophesy and I hope to provide some orientation on how to proceed.

My flesh likes Trump; my soul abhors him. Trump is not a godly man at all, but he is the Lord’s tool. He has failed to perform on some issues and I’m not sure right now how that will play out. Forget about all that Q stuff; that’s finished, though the troll army doesn’t know it yet. What I do know, prophetically, is that it no longer matters that much. The window of opportunity on some issues has already closed. Indeed, it hardly matters who is president after the next election. The pivot point is somewhere else, so while we may have cause to rejoice or mourn about who holds that office and why, it won’t make that much difference in where God is calling my attention.

The pivot point is Israel. By no means have I changed my position on that nasty little country. She remains the single biggest threat to all humanity, to the planet Earth itself. Once again: It has nothing to do with Judaism. Judaism is just a mythology that drives some people, but the key is Zionism; they are twin religions. Zionism is the dominant twin. Zionism is the force behind globalism, the cult seeking to rebuild the Tower of Babel. But you should understand that Zionism is just using the globalists and has already thrown them under the bus.

The globalists did attack this blog a few years ago, but it wasn’t worth their time in light of bigger problems, so they faded away and left me alone. The Zionists themselves are frankly not that much of a threat to my ministry, but they are the biggest single problem we will face in other ways. This ministry will continue to declare the truth about them, but they aren’t likely to come after me with any real threats.

For some of you, your personal mission and calling from God means you need pay no attention to any of this stuff. I’m not telling you, “Leave it to me.” I’m telling you to focus on your mission. For those of you who feel called to pay attention to this stuff, I want to share with you some things that will help you prepare for what comes next. Our general mission has always been to stand on faith within the context of what happens around us and harvest the blessings of shalom so that our testimony of faith stands out to those few able to see it.

Israel is calling the shots now. That withdrawal from Syria? That’s so Israel can attack without worrying about hitting our troops. It’s in favor of Turkey, as well, but that’s a side issue. The core of it is Israel. Our foreign policy is entirely controlled by Israel, and our domestic policy will become increasingly so. What does Israel want for us? Distractions. The government shut-down and the border wall are just theater. Whether we build it or don’t will not make any difference with the problem Trump claims it will solve. We are being invaded, along with Europe, so that Israel can humble the West and enslave us all. The wall will not stop the invasion.

And Zionism will also fail, but it will take awhile yet.

In the meantime, we will be standing in the rising chaos as the US is torn apart. Again, the economy will break, but not the parts that allow us to eat and clothe ourselves. What will break is the stuff that the wealthy worry about. Those less fortunate may still suffer some sorrows, but learning how to live at the bottom will carry you through. Keep the focus on manifesting faith in the midst of this tribulation. This world is not our home. You know trouble is coming; get ready to exploit the situation in favor of our Heavenly Homeland.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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