Hear Here

I need to stop kidding myself. My hearing has declined enough that I have trouble picking up things like the notifications and voices over a smart phone. I’ve noticed this is an issue with both Android and iPhone. I know from experience I have less trouble with flip phones because they are a good bit louder and more distinct on sound. So I’m planning to “upgrade” to a newer flip phone. I’ll probably try to find a tablet to tether when I really need that much screen space for anything. That can come later; I’ll be glad to accept a good used one if anyone wants to donate.

I’ll be trying to buy this stuff used or refurbished, but if you want to contribute to my PayPal, this would be a good time.

Update: I have received sufficient donations to cover the devices. Thank you, folks.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Hear Here

  1. forrealone says:

    Post here or email me which flip phone you decide on. Hubby’s is an old 3G and its service is poor most of the time. He refuses a smart phone as do a I as I have a tablet so see no need for one.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    We are on Sprint; I chose the Kyocera Dura XTP. It’s mostly drop-proof and waterproof.


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