Be Found Faithful

This is not prophecy, per se, but an exercise in sensing the moral drift of things.

The manosphere is folding, says Jack, and I agree. The lessons learned have hardly been lost, but the nature of the movement is evolving. When you begin to reassess issues like how we handle human sexuality, it beckons to other areas of life that need a little demythologizing. While there’s no doubt that sexual Red Pill consciousness is growing, it’s not a proper movement any more by itself.

The only part I ever had in any such movement was pointing out some elements of the Red Pill thinking as a reflection of biblical moral consciousness. My first attempt to talk about it used the term “game” (as in “Game Theory of Human Socio-sexual Response” — discovering the way the game works by testing it repeatedly). Some of the social rules and customs in the Old Testament reflect very much the same outlook as the Red Pill ways. But it was only ever a small part of what we teach here. Human sexuality in our society is far from the only thing that’s broken; the underlying failures are both far deeper and broader than that. Fixing only that problem accomplishes little that really matters, but it is likely one of the most noticeable ways we differ from the world around us.

I’m not cold and dismissive of random females in my social life. I’m guarded. It’s necessary to be friendly with people in most situations, and to be aware of where they are and their expectations. Women are naturally drawn to men who walk in the Spirit. The why is a mixed bag of good and evil, so we are rightly guarded. However, kindness is part of our testimony. Sometimes the Spirit moves me to say something, particularly in my normal clowning approach to life. Most of the time I wait to see whom the Lord moves and how it can be exploited as an opportunity to speak something that points to the truth. But I’m careful to avoid anything that sounds like flirtation.

This is a necessary compromise; we are very long way from the more proper Ancient Near Eastern social structure where it was scandalous for women to address random males in public. There was always room for women to appeal for assistance of some kind when needed, but the protocols made it seem like she was supplicating some guy in his domain. This frame of reference is largely prohibited in American society, even though most females seem to know instinctively that this tends to work with men of obvious power. So the problem is for men to learn how to act regal enough to command this kind of treatment.

There are plenty of exceptions, but a general rule is that we don’t help people who don’t ask for our assistance. Otherwise, we are supplicating them, and there has to be a compelling reason for that. Despite all our social conditioning, the day of the White Knight coming to rescue the damsel is long gone. Guys, you can rarely do any good at all except from a position of dominion. That was a critical element in the recent series on pastoral psychology.

Women have their own brand of dominion, but very few can see it clearly through the fog of Western social decline. Even in the Red Pill society, I still see virtually nothing from women addressing this from a genuinely biblical perspective. Covenant women are exceedingly rare treasures.

Indeed, should the Lord take my beloved home with Him, I’m quite likely to become celibate in every sense of the word. By no means do I support the “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW) movement. Very little of that is genuine moral celibacy; it’s mostly misogyny in disguise. It’s not hard to understand how those guys are bitter after dealing with the worst of feminism in the West, but very few men are genuinely fit for monasticism. Their movement is a deep deception. My point is that having a covenant wife is a blessing too great for words, but at this point, I can’t afford to undertake the truly significant effort necessary to find or cultivate another.

And the likelihood that there is anyone out there qualified in our American context is near zero. That is, it’s near enough zero that I would treat it as a miracle. There is simply too much to do.

Right now, things are slow. I’m struggling along, trying to feel my way through a dark spot — not sadness, but obscurity. I sense things in terms of broad generalities, but the details escape me until they are reality. There is a breaking point for all things; sudden changes are coming. A lot of people can sense this, but they don’t know what to do with it. That’s the reason so very many are so easily deceived into chasing visions of radical political change going in one preferred direction or another. They are all wrong about the direction, but right about the impending radical changes. This means they will all miss the timing, too.

On the one hand, things will take longer than most of them are ready to believe. But when stuff starts happening, it will be too quick, because they will all be facing the wrong direction. The changes coming will make no one happy, in that sense. Two years ago, who could have foreseen the manosphere folding? Yet it’s a tiny remnant still preaching that message now, and they aren’t getting much attention. That’s just a sample of the changes coming.

We are a part of that; let’s be ready as a community of faith. Let this thing find us faithfully walking in the Light.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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