A Sign for Us

The next crisis is economic; keep your eye on that. You can ignore the rest of this post, but don’t fail to grasp the key issue here.

Let me review: The Lord has decreed wrath on the West. It’s a long process. The focus of my calling within the West is the US. I care about people everywhere, but my divine calling is to prophesy against the sins of America. The standard of measure that applies to the US as a whole is the Covenant of Noah. The US has failed in every way possible, so we get special attention from God. This is not an apocalypse; that’s reserved for other occasions. This is most assuredly tribulation.

Part of the problem with the West is how she became the vehicle for a return to the Tower of Babel. The primary lesson of that narrative in Scripture (Genesis 11:1-9) is that it is utterly impossible to unify humanity under any single government. God won’t allow it, and has revealed in His Word that nationalism is much closer to His ideal. Under the Curse of the Fall, the only proper way to live and organize is as tiny little tribal nations embracing the Covenant of Noah. Each little nation should have their own language and culture, and try to live in shalom. The farther you get from that ideal, the more you provoke the wrath of God. The harder you try to pull humanity together, the more forcefully He will drive us apart.

The current manifestation of this Nimrod complex was born around the time of the Enlightenment. It began as a proto-Zionist cult, but split shortly after forming. The dissenting branch wanted a restored Babel without Judaism. The divide between the two groups has grown over the recent centuries, so that we now have Globalists and Zionists as two competing groups. They have used each other, but in recent times their agendas have diverged enough to become open warfare.

God decreed that He wanted to crush the globalists first. He gave the US a chance to do that, but the appointed scourge of God failed. Now the Lord will proceed with a different plan, one that is much more messy. This alternate plan includes accelerating the timeline for economic turmoil. Don’t worry about the political crap still rumbling around, because the window on that has closed. It will be for now the same old crap we’ve had for decades, only nastier. It will provoke more bloodshed soon enough, but that’s not where the real action is. God will reveal His hand to us through economic troubles in the near future. If you want to see the mighty hand of God at work against sin, keep an eye on the economic situation right now.

Seek the Lord in your heart to know how He wants you to prepare. Economic activity will not simply cease, but some sectors of the economy will collapse. This will affect the upper level financial sector most, like the stock market and all the investment capital it represents. The high level debt stuff will fall apart. Nobody can predict how that will play out in detail, but an awful lot of “notional wealth” in the form of debt ownership will disappear because the means to repaying the loans are simply not there. The whole thing is one huge bubble of nothing.

I pray you have a strong sense of God’s calling on your life, so you can prepare accordingly. If your mission requires certain particular equipment or facilities, get it soon as possible. Otherwise, trust in God to supply miraculously. You won’t starve, but it won’t hurt to have some canned goods on hand for surprises. If nothing else, be ready to share with people around you who don’t exercise our brand of faith.

The most powerful weapon we have against turmoil and all the servants of Satan is our obedience to Biblical Law.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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6 Responses to A Sign for Us

  1. Jed Mask says:

    … Very powerful preaching Bro. Ed.

    This post definitely spoke to my heart and conscious…

    We all need to do our very best to REPENT in our lives. Amen.

    ~ Bro. Jed


  2. Jack says:

    On this topic, I have a couple posts that may be of interest to your readers. The first is about how I built an independent career during hard times.
    The second post is my own hillbilly attempt at a prophecy. It looks like it’s coming out now.


  3. As the Archdruid used to say, “Collapse now and avoid the rush!”.

    It’s seriously worth considering to adapt now to a lifestyle of prudence – perhaps even something resembling voluntary poverty – so when the crisis does come, it won’t come as such a shock your household. I haven’t learned how to grow & make medicine, grow food staples and use and preserve wild fruits just because I think it’s fun, it also saves me a whack of money, and means that if the systems society depends on become as disrupted as I suspect they will (and for as long), then we won’t be left vulnerable. God provides, but we have to learn to use His gifts. Now, not tomorrow.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    I agree, Christine. We need to make our habits and expectations match God’s plans.


  5. Iain says:

    My tribe could write a cookbook “101 ways to fix Ramen Noodles”


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