Bridging the Two Realms

Of all the pernicious teachings I confront so often is the foul doctrine of false unity.

The preacher thrusts his finger in the air and with grave assertion says, “Until the church unifies on the gospel truth, the world will never take our message seriously.” This was the lie of Constantine. He wasn’t the first to promote it, but was the first to seize upon the political power he saw in it. The early Christian leaders had developed a doctrine of unity that was worldly in nature, seeking to politically unite the churches under one earthly central control. This is nothing more than the Tower of Babel in disguise.

The foundation of this is the error of ignoring the Two Realms. There is the fallen realm of flesh, what the Bible calls “this world.” It is portrayed as a lie, a deception, a condition of the human moral blindness that prevents us seeing reality as God created it. The other is the Realm of the Spirit. Now, I do refer to the moral realm that represents the overlap between the two, where fallen humans can be enlightened and experience Creation somewhat more like it was in Eden. Notice the “somewhat” — we can mitigate the effects of the Fall, but we cannot fully escape them in this life.

So the only way to escape the Fall is to die in this life. You can die as a moral choice — self-death — and get a taste of Eden, but only when this mortal life expires can you enter the Spirit Realm. Even if we get folks to accept this cosmology, they still seriously confuse the meaning of that life in between. Mainstream Christian teaching asserts that more things can be redeemed than what the Bible says. For example, it is an open confession of the Catholic Church that the intellect is not fallen, that it can be fully redeemed in this life. Almost the whole of Christian teaching in all the rest of the denominations agree to this notion, either tacitly or by default. It forms the background of all mainstream theology, even when not consciously stated.

So mainstream Christians all have this basic false assumption that they are supposed to conquer the world in one sense or another. They tend to differ in their methods and imagery, but they all assume that Christianity has failed if someday, somehow, their particular brand of Christian religion does not dominate humanity. They read that passage in Ephesians 5:25-27 as a mandate to unify the whole of Christianity under some particular theology and practice.

This is the world’s way of doing things, not the way of the Spirit. We are the family of God. What does it take for a family to live together in unity? The Germanic tribal imagery, mixed with Greco-Roman traditions, are foreign to the Bible when it comes to such questions. There is no room for Hebrew covenant unity in Western Civilization. Mainstream Christian churches have all kinds of ecclesiastical polity except ANE feudal covenant living. All the various ideas developed by human reasoning don’t hold a candle to the unity God designed us for, and revealed in His Word.

Once more: The lesson of the Tower of Babel is that, in our fallen existence, mankind is designed to live in tiny tribal communities, bound by covenant. This is the model of the New Testament churches before Western rationalism got hold of them. I’ve explained it often enough on this blog that I’m not going to pursue it again here.

My point is that, as we approach the deepening tribulation of God’s wrath on the West, it might be a good idea to understand how this ancient tribal model will prepare us for persecution. What is the one thing worldly minds look for when they have identified an enemy? The nature of the organization. What is the one organization they cannot comprehend? A heart-led covenant family. What is the one form of linkage to each other that they cannot destroy? A heart-led conviction regarding whom the Lord wishes us to fellowship. As long as we eschew the forms of unity fallen minds can understand, they have no target to attack.

We must learn how to live in persecution. We must learn the ways of holding our covenant community of faith together in ways they cannot grasp. We cling to each other on the basis of moral conviction. Only an awakened heart-based ego can understand it, and once you have moved your ego into your heart, the only enemy you have is the Devil. It completely changes the whole outlook.

Disrupt our communications? Sure, they can do that. Keep us from caring and pursuing the same basic moral agenda? They can’t touch that. Our living communion with Creation itself never ends, because it continues beyond death. Our consciousness of Biblical Law is eternal.

So we must learn how to commune with each other by whatever channels are available. God will provide. This is the true church of Christ in persecution; the saints of God will tribulate. If we fail to commune as opportunity is granted by God, and as the Spirit moves, then we merely prove that we need to repent and get right before it gets any harder. Make sure your conscience is clear on this issue. It is wholly irresponsible to sit out there silently and read this teaching unless you make some effort to fellowship from time to time as the Spirit moves. Stop wasting time. Wrath is upon us and we need each other. That’s the Word of God.

I’m not demanding more feedback from my readers. I’m warning you to be aware of this issue as a matter of the moral fabric of Creation. If you have a heart-led fellowship in meat space, you are so blessed. If you do not feel a hunger for fellowship, something is missing in your soul. Our forum is wide open still. Don’t join because I say so; join because the Lord calls for it in your heart. A primary mark of the Holy Spirit’s presence is the desire for fellowship.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Bridging the Two Realms

  1. Jed Mask says:

    Well spoken Bro. Ed. Well said… Amen.

    ~ Bro. Jed


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