Something About Me

This is about me, not as your elder, but as just a guy who is what he is. This is my personal convictions. The lesson here for my readers is that you need to be sure you search your convictions to know what’s there, and not waste too much time comparing the contents with someone else’s convictions. So I acknowledge that what follows is my personal convictions, not meant to signal a need to change yours to match, but to contemplate and know the creature God made you to be. And by all means, live by those convictions regardless of whose cage it rattles.

I’m not a conservative, and certainly not what passes for “progressive” these days in the US. If there is anything among the various political identities that comes close to my real convictions, it’s nationalism. So I freely confess that, if there were a genuine nationalist movement in the US today, I would join them and take up arms against our domestic enemies. I would throw behind that all of my best and brightest understanding of tactics and feel no remorse at the bloodshed that followed. Don’t get me wrong: It’s not that I love any real or imagined image of what folks mean by “America.” It’s that I love Biblical Law enough to hate Babylon and those who would raise up another Tower of Babel.

The agenda of the political left in America today is a mask, a false front for Globalism. It’s the Tower of Babel all over again. It’s a plan to enslave the whole human race to a lie from Hell about how humanity can defy God and do what they wish to reach into the heavens and change reality according to their demented dreams. But the so-called “conservative agenda” is no better. It’s just a question of who will enslave humanity and who gets to profit from it. So I’m not deluded in thinking that America is somehow righteous and precious to God. It’s damned and doomed and I fully expect to see the US destroyed within my lifetime. What moves me is something else entirely.

It’s my love for the Word of God and hatred for all the lies of the Devil. By no means would I pretend I can change anything in this fallen world. Mankind will always do evil and nothing can change that except individual redemption, which is a divine miracle, not the result of any human decision. But a love for divine justice moves us to do things that breathe life into that justice. In this world there are things that are just so evil that, if I don’t attack those things, I will betray my convictions and might as well die. Someone sums it up nicely:

History and theory don’t matter to socialists because they imagine society can be engineered. The old arguments and historical examples simply don’t apply: even human nature is malleable, and whenever our stubborn tendencies don’t comport with socialism’s grand plans a “social construct” is to blame.

These most recent spasms of support for the deadly ideology of socialism remind us that progressives aren’t kidding. They may not fully understand what socialism means, but they fully intend to bring it about.

Socialism is just a front for the Globalist cult. It’s their big lie, a shining vision of promises that they know they cannot deliver, and have no intention of trying to deliver. It’s just their excuse to seize power and drive us all into slavery. I have no expectation of preventing that slavery, nor even escaping it myself. Prophetically, I assure you this is where some major portion of the US future lies. And it will turn out hardly any different from the way things are in Venezuela right now. I cannot say whether my part of America will go there, but if there is anyone who is willing to organize a resistance to it, I’d gladly join and march in that army. I would do so with the full expectation of dying. But I seriously expect a lot of those socialists would die, too.

And according to the applicable Law Covenant of Noah, they deserve to die. They are a serious threat to shalom and there is simply no other way for this shepherd to respond. I’m not calling for you to join the battle. I’m calling on you to search your own convictions and know what God requires of you. I am fully confident that the real-world outcomes will glorify His name, whatever path you find written in your soul. Just ensure you are who God made you to be.

By the way, such an organized response to this big lie may come about, but right now I don’t see any evidence of it. I’m not going to organize one myself because that’s not part of my calling, but I’ll support one if it does arise.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Something About Me

  1. Iain says:

    I’m down with, bro. I haven’t been informed as to where my line is yet. I don’t “prep”, I’m in a state of readiness. Right now, condition white (soaking in bath). Condition Yellow when I leave the house. Orange: & Red: You can figure it out. Condition Black: I’m dead. I have no condition for surrender. I adopted this decades ago from a magazine in the barber shop, it seemed altogether prudent given where I was living at the time.


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