The Lonely Calling

Our only ambition is to walk faithfully in our covenant of faith.

Just a reminder: “covenant” in the Bible is synonymous with “law” until we get to the New Testament where the whole thing is deeply perverted by the legalism of the scribes and Pharisees. In some cases, “law” refers to the Talmud, the Hellenized perversion of Moses that the Jews had developed for a couple of centuries before Christ was born. It is a very long way from genuine Old Testament religion.

In genuine Old Testament religion, law came as an act of grace. It is the revelation of God’s divine moral character, and it was assumed in Hebrew intellectual traditions that you would see through the words of the Covenant to the heart of God. Legalism was never part of the picture. It was merely a question of discovering ultimate reality.

Thus, obedience to the Covenant was it’s own reward, because that obedience aligned your life to the very nature of how Creation was designed. In the ancient Hebrew sense, that’s the same as saying Law was it’s own reward. Go back and read Psalm 119 and capture the essence of how Law = Covenant = revelation = the Word of God and the will of God. And that has all be updated and clarified in the teaching of Jesus Christ. We can sum it all up as “Biblical Law,” for Jesus was the personification of God’s will for us.

We have no greater ambition than to obey Biblical Law. Sure, we would love for the whole world to get a taste of this, but that wish is tempered by the realization we are in a very bad time for humanity. Any fool should be able to see that tribulation is upon us, and it won’t be short. There is likely to be a breaking point when the pressure gets high enough for folks to shed their delusions, but that won’t be soon for most of the human race. The demonic deception inherent in Western Civilization runs very, very deep in the souls of humanity. It won’t be easily broken.

So in a certain sense, we can’t afford to get too wound up the idea of growing our fellowship here. Most of those who join us these days are folks already looking for what we have. That’s not a very high proportion of the human race right now. The vast majority are convinced they know what they should look for and this ain’t it. It’s like dealing with hard-core drug addicts. Until their fantasy breaks down, they won’t come to reality. Their fantasy is still working just fine.

Be ready to accept those who come seeking, on whatever level they may be seeking. Still, don’t rev up the engines of boosterism. That isn’t our path. It’s the quiet reliance on our hearts to guide us, to keep our core of conscious awareness anchored in our convictions. Most of what we see and experience is shaped by mass delusion, so we have to keep a lose grip on the world’s version of “reality.” Know it for what it is, and don’t just assume everyone is supposed to see the obvious truth of what we believe. This is why we cling to each other in this virtual fellowship, because most of us have no other fellowship.

This is a lonely calling for us during these times; be faithful against the tsunami of lies.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to The Lonely Calling

  1. Iain says:

    “Our only ambition is to walk faithfully in our covenant of faith.” The desire of my heart in twelve words, I gotta say brother, sublime. Mmmhhmm. Goooood Stuff.
    When Jesus sees me lonely, he puts His Sam & Dave, vinyl on his Hi Fi,
    “Hold on ! ——————–I’m comin’ !”
    BADA BOPPA DA, B’D DAT! (music loud) Repeat a bunch. Awesome song I use it as Praise Music**
    ” S’up T*, how ya doin’ my friend? ” says He with his arm around my shoulder.
    At least, that’s how I picture Him with me.
    * T, is a very personal nickname used only by my late B’in Law and Jesus.
    ** I used “Lonely” to plug classic Soul, the best of all African-American music imo. Please Lord let the lyrics & music line up like I got it now.

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  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    It shouldn’t be hard to get, but it is. Following God’s law is not just the way to avoid trouble but also to acquire blessing. As you said, it’s a blessing in itself.


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