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Demonology 04

Did you expect a series on this subject to be full of esoteric stuff and macabre tales of weirdness? The whole point is to avoid having to face demons. Don’t let your human curiosity lead you to destruction. God calls … Continue reading

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Demonology 03

The other primary manifestation of demonic activity I encounter is in terms of influence. I do not deny that there are people out there who are clearly dominated by one or more demon spirits. However, I don’t encounter them much … Continue reading

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Understanding Spiritual Gifts PDF

Here’s the link to the PDF file combining all the parts to my study in Understanding Spiritual Gifts: Spiritual Gifts. As a side not to my regulars: I had to ditch WordPerfect Office. After all these years, there are still … Continue reading

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Demonology 2

In order to discuss ghosts, I need to dismiss some mythology. Ghosts are not disembodied spirits of people. When humans die, they go to face God in some sense we cannot comprehend from this life. They don’t come back. What … Continue reading

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Draper Bikeway16

Just a few shots from my first ride in a couple of weeks. As usual, I go to Draper Lake first. Today I was surprised to see this huge branding patch on the trail. This is part of the MAPS … Continue reading

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Demonology 01

Our study in the gifts of the Spirit is a necessary foundation for dealing with another challenging topic: demonology. More specifically, your gifts and calling will determine to a large degree how you encounter demons and how you handle them. … Continue reading

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Windows Has Its Place

Did you really think I was a Linux zealot for life? I used Linux a lot during a period of time when it served my calling. I still use it, particularly the bootable DVD version that allows me to fix … Continue reading

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