False Division between Sacred and Secular

By no means would I pretend to tell you how to vote in any election. In fact, I generally discourage folks from voting. God controls the outcome, and nothing any human does will change His plans. But feel free to vote as you wish. Vote your convictions regardless of the outcomes. Should the Lord reveal to me who/what is going to win in any election, I’ll be glad to pass that on. It doesn’t happen very often.

In fact, not much of any human political activity matters that much from our position in following Christ. I invested some effort in talking about Trump because he had a specific mission, but he has failed and made himself irrelevant. So I reiterate what I said before: Keep your eyes on the economics and on what the Zionists are doing (not what they say). They are now the effective ruling party of the US.

Having said that, we are still in a position to watch what is happening and understand the how and why of things. It won’t matter if Trump has a second term as president, but if he doesn’t work on that border wall, his voter base will collapse. If he does build the wall, it won’t make any difference in the problem of excessive immigration, but it will change the tactics. There are an awful lot of things public figures can do to keep the popular favor that make no real difference. In that sense, it’s wise for them to try doing things that aren’t going to work, if their position depends on public favor.

That doesn’t mean excessive immigration isn’t a problem, but the real solution is to severely punish anyone who helps illegal immigrants, and to violently defend the border from invasion, whether the invaders are armed or not. That’s just a matter of human nature; you can’t create policies based on principles that ignore reality and expect them to work. My point is that this is a part of why our economy is collapsing. The bottom line is that economics depends on non-economic factors. Population growth is good, but too many folks coming in who refuse to assimilate drains the economy. The US economy rests on cultural homogeneity, never mind what your racial/ethnic background may be.

So with the fading of that longstanding cultural unity that made the US so powerful, the empire can not but collapse. This country will split along cultural lines, never mind what else may appear to be the cause of friction. Yes, feminism destroys the economy, but so do a lot of other “isms.” Each is a departure from the foundation of how we got to the top of the dog-pile and became an imperial hegemon. The motivating force that made the US powerful is mostly gone, never mind whether you think that motivating force was good or bad.

Morally, what this country needs is breaking up and becoming a lot less rowdy. But if you understand that, you must also understand it means whatever “American greatness” is/was, it has to go. It means some other countries in this world will rise to displace the US and will dominate some of the conditions of our lives. Get used to it; learn Russian and/or Chinese. Good or bad, those two giants are doing what works to make them powerful. However, I’ll tell you that the Chinese are on the knife edge of their own economic collapse, so don’t invest too much in their continued rise. They have a hard lesson to learn first.

I realize how hard it is to let go of the idolatry of the American identity. This is one of the implications of my rant a few days ago (Leave It Behind) about the phony division between sacred and secular. For those of us who embrace the Radix Fidem covenant, sacredness is a matter of context and focus, not compartmentalization. Anything God calls you to do is an act of worship. And for sure, any attempt to separate something physical for dedication to divine purpose is purely symbolic. There is no way I can write down a set of rules and distinctions about what fulfills or what violates that supposed purpose. Any use that obeys your divine calling is glorious.

Instead of designating all the other stuff for mundane or secular purpose, how about dedicating your whole being to holiness 24/7? That way, everything you touch takes on a divine purpose for as long as you exercise dominion. Your devotion to His glory sanctifies everything within the range of your heart’s sensory reach. It’s not confined to 10-15 feet (3-4.5m). That’s just what scientists can measure; in practice it goes out to infinity, depending on your sensory reception. In other words, it depends on what God wants you to receive — and assert in His name — regardless of the physical distance.

Let your sense of diving calling rule your existence. It’s one thing to know that the world is going to hell, and to understand the particulars of that. But it’s a holy calling to see with moral eyes what God intended for us in His revelation. Our mission is to participate in that revelation by living it. At some point, that mission is done and we should be so thrilled that this life is over for us.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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10 Responses to False Division between Sacred and Secular

  1. Jack says:

    So the globalists have folded now?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    No, but their influence has been weakened by this sudden invasion of young socialists in Congress. Globalists wear a socialist mask and would use some of the same methods to rule, but these young socialists are not really on board with the aging globalist elite. The SJWs and Antifas have gotten off the leash somewhat, so the globalists are struggling to regain control right now.


  3. Jack says:

    Could you be more specific about what Trump was supposed to do, but didn’t? Why is it too late for him to do it now?


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    I suppose you’d have to dig backward a ways to find where I addressed this earlier. My answer is partly prophetic, so take it with a grain of salt. However, you can see the mid-term elections brought us all those young socialists who are upsetting the old globalists. This will be messy, but the Democrats remain in control of the House and will harass Trump to no end. To prevent this, Trump should have cleaned out the Justice Department and then used it against his enemies. He kept playing coy, instead of taking firm action. So when the mid-terms came, it was too late. If he tries to do it now, the public will not support him nearly as well as they would have before the mid-terms. That momentum is gone, as evidenced by the results of the elections. His new enemies can’t be taken down so easily with the FBI. To me, it looks like his agenda has been hijacked by the neocons and Zionists right when he should have been showing a strong arm against the globalists.


  5. Jack says:

    For the most part, so far, Trump has done what he said he would do, which is quite remarkable for a politician. But some of his executive decisions have been confusing, if not counterproductive.


  6. Iain says:

    Y’all know me enough by now, or should if you pay attention to my ramblin’s is that I do not pay any attention to “NEWS!”. The 2016 cycle was entertaining. So I would watched snippets for jollies. I pegged him to win early on. I see his problem is being a true believer. He didn’t declaw the radicals in the permanent govt. He should have paid more attention to Bill Buckley than Norman Vincent Peale. If Roy Cohn were alive the “Investigation s” would have been over in two weeks and the Democrats would have been blamed, then the mid terms would have been a gain for him. He reveres the constitution and his oath. So, instead of looking at the situation as the witchhunt it is. He glides along like, “I did nothing wrong so, they’re wastin’ their time” . He’s not so much a lame duck as a dead duck. The man who can’t lose because he won’t quit, did. It’s not too late for a comeback. Anything can happen. What I’m sayin’ is not coming from an extensive analysis but, from my right foot in the spirit realm and the other stuck in the grime of this world. My daughter has
    been doing tap for WHS performance of Newsies this year. We doing some tappin’ the other day. I was PURE 99 and 44 one hundredths RUST! We had a good time. I said “one day we’ll be doin’ this for Jesus and I think he’ll get out of it too”.
    I defy anyone to tell me that politics is more important they making Jesus laugh!


  7. Ed Hurst says:

    Of course it could be turned around, in theory. I just find it highly unlikely. The time to come on strong is when everyone still believes in you for whatever reason. People like a strong leader, even if it’s just an act. The long for something that instills pride in greatness.


  8. Iain says:

    America need a strong man, to spank them. “This is how it’s gonna be”. SMACK! For all the media’s attempts to neuter Reagan. They failed. He knew how politics worked. He faced a hostile press and punditry. Yet he was way ahead of them. The amiable dunce outsmarted them time after time.


  9. Jay DiNitto says:

    “Amiable dunce”

    Hey, who are you calling “amiable”? 🙂


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