Reality is Racist

A genuine biblical mystical outlook yields some treasures most people miss. It is a unique approach to understanding reality, and it points to a whole range of intellectual vigor that seems to have sat quietly in the shadows. This is why we here at Kiln of the Soul say that we are radically different from the mainstream of Western Christian religion; that mainstream remains Western, which is a very distinctive outlook that is alien to the Bible.

One of the pantheon of American deities is the State. It’s something the West borrowed from the Classical Greco-Roman philosophy. What we have today has not advanced in development since the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment is simply the epitome of blending Greco-Roman Civilization with Germanic tribal mythology. For those people coming out of the mists of ancient Germanic past, the deity of the State gave them a much clearer goal for their lust to conquer. It made it possible for the Germanic peoples to conquer and dominate the world for about the past millennium.

This whole thing is rooted in the genetic predisposition toward altruism, something almost no other race of people have. Throughout history, the high-altruism nations were driven by those other nations, but when the State was sold to them as the chief deity — putting God in drag, as it were — they suddenly had the strength to turn the tables. We can thank the Roman Church for this, though I doubt it was intentional. However, it was the Church that did the research into the mythology of the conquering hoards of Germanic tribes and perverted the gospel message to fit that mythology and thus convert those hoards into loyal subjects.

I’m not suggesting that altruism isn’t part of the gospel message. But the issue here is that altruism is burned into the assumptions of Western Civilization as a genetic trait of the primary racial stocks that gave birth to Western Civilization. Character traits do arise from genetics. Thus, any study like the motivational gifts of the Spirit must also take into account how the racial-cultural background of folks flavors the impact of the Holy Spirit in their lives. God can do anything He likes, but we note a distinct tendency to work with broken people in their broken state.

So the discernible character of a given church will reflect the racial-cultural mix of the membership — no surprise there. But it is the biblical intellectual background itself that helps us to become aware of this factor. This is part of why I harp on how it’s wrong to build institutions that nail down too many details. Those details will often reflect only one cultural background that is hardly universal. A genuine biblical intellectual approach will seek to recognize those boundaries and the influences that create them.

By embracing a biblical mystical approach to understanding our fallen world, we stand in a unique position from where we can evaluate the events around us. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply slap the label “sin” on it and ignore the trends (that’s a Western bias in itself). For example, the Globalist doctrine is one thing; their tricks to disrupt the current system is another. Globalists claim that we can all be one because they are trying to restore the Tower of Babel. But in the process of breaking apart structures that hinder them, they have introduced identity politics. Identity politics is what will destroy their agenda.

The Globalists made a very shallow analysis of how pulling in tribal migrants without that altruism gene would fracture our Western State-worshiping altruism. They imagined it would enable them to supplant the State with a bigger State. That’s simply not possible. These newly empowered tribalist folks are using their influence to promote their own interests, not the Globalist agenda. They use globalism as their false front, but are actually even more predatory and savvy because they aren’t blinded by altruism. And the Globalists are still rooted in that altruist genetic stock.

Globalism and imperialism are two sisters from the same family, the same Germanic stock with dreams of a different State religion. Granted, there’s much more to the story (such as how Zionism fits in here) but that much is accurate. The Globalists were ripe for crushing, a missed opportunity, so now we are going to watch them collapse under their own weight. It will be much uglier and much more painful for everyone involved. However, my point is that both the American right and left will eat themselves alive as immigrant tribalism asserts itself.

We can see this because we understand that tribalism is a human instinct, written there by the finger of God. You cannot take it away, though some tribes can be subverted because of strong traits the interfere, like altruism. Take away the worship of the State, and Germanic races are just as tribal as anyone else.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Reality is Racist

  1. Iain says:

    I gotcha, phew there’s more facets to thing than I can hold. It blesses me to see the teachological/prophetic gift at work. It hits me rarely and after it is written down it’s gone baby. Thank you Jesus, I can go back to what I do best. One Question; could this built in altruism be a reason why white Libs are so keen on sticking a knife in the neck of their own people. Race exists it’s obvious and God made it that way. It’s okay for every other enthic group to join together and promote their common interest. Yet, for Caucasian’s, it is Evil incarnate. The Ultimate Taboo. By the time enough whites discard this nonsense it will be uh uh uh uh glee.
    Ugly: Word of the Day it means…go look in the mirror! (pirrrrrrrrit ching!) Ha ha ha ha ha (lift finger from laugh track).


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    The built-in altruism makes the globalist doctrine into an obsession. Instead of being something folks learn from the Spirit of God, and how it is properly employed, it’s already running full blast in a white liberal. So the answer is, yes — native altruism becomes the excuse for knifing their own race in the neck.


  3. Jack says:

    Ironically, that doesn’t seem very altruistic.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Altruism is easily perverted, just like any other virtue.


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