Demonology 2

In order to discuss ghosts, I need to dismiss some mythology. Ghosts are not disembodied spirits of people. When humans die, they go to face God in some sense we cannot comprehend from this life. They don’t come back. What you have with ghosts, poltergeists, etc., is demonic activity making use of something Western society in general doesn’t grasp.

I’ve said repeatedly that Creation is alive, sentient and willful. It is supposed to be our ally, but we lost the authority to when we ate the Forbidden Fruit and were expelled from the Garden. We can gain some measure of it back by passing through that Flaming Sword of God’s revelation. That is, when we embrace Biblical Law from the heart, we regain some of that lost authority. For the most part, though, the natural world is unmanaged.

And Creation is alive on multiple levels, from Creation (AKA Reality) as a whole down through various identifiable entities to subatomic particles. All are alive, sentient and willful. Science keeps getting close and closer to that every year, but it doesn’t matter. What’s critical here is that you understand how the natural world, and even man made structures, can register the passing of a human. All the more so when that person was in some great distress, suffering some kind of moral injustice. Creation is conscious of this kind of thing and it leaves a lasting impression.

That impression is what demons use as the basis for rigging up some false perception of ghostly presence. They gain authority from that injustice to torment others through these ghostly visions and through so-called unexplainable movement of inanimate objects previously handled by tormented people. Thus, places can appear haunted.

To counteract this, one must first have zero fear of it. I have this confidence from God as a gift. So long as I am faithful from the heart, they can’t do anything to me that matters, and typically nothing at all. The remedy for those who are trying to use those places and things that appear haunted depends on their own moral situation. There’s been a couple of times I could do nothing, but nothing happened to me, either. They have never acted in my presence. Most of the time it means explaining it to them as I did above, that the manifestation was based on a living memory of the structures and things, and the deception of demons.

The issue of discerning demonic spirits in people and institutions is more complicated. That’s next.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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