Demonology 04

Did you expect a series on this subject to be full of esoteric stuff and macabre tales of weirdness? The whole point is to avoid having to face demons. Don’t let your human curiosity lead you to destruction. God calls us to be faithful, not to dig out every detail of possible human experience. Letting the Lust of the Eyes lead you astray is what gets people into trouble.

Demonic oppression of non-believers is random, but not so with believers. The primary issue is leaving the door open for demons to gain entrance. What very few people understand is the effectiveness of a valid covenant in keeping demons out. Not simply the presumed Covenant of Christ, but a covenant community of fellow believers.

The logic should be simple enough: Without a covenant family, there is simply no way you can harvest anything approaching the full blessings of shalom. Keeping you out of a covenant family is a critical element in Satan’s strategy. It’s an important factor in keeping your blessings from you, denying you the full measure of divine justice.

You are the only one who can possibly know if you are pleasing the Lord on this issue. But in terms of mainstream Christians, you will quickly discover just how much they are missing out because they lack a valid covenant. More, you can easily discern how they are lacking a significant measure of the divine heritage God offers all His children. Worst of all, religious outside of a real covenant is where you are most likely to find people who are oppressed by demons.

It manifests in all sorts of ways, but typically it shows up as one particular moral weak spot that keeps that door wide open for the Devil. It could be anything, but in most cases it’s just the one major gap that keeps them ensnared, something they just can’t conquer because they don’t have full coverage. In some cases it’s quite bizarre, and our Enemy uses this stuff at the worst possible moment to destroy their public witness.

This is why we don’t say mainstream Christians have no faith, or that their profession is fake. Rather, we warn them that they are missing out on critical elements of their divine heritage. This is why we emphasize Biblical Law. All this talk of faith still means nothing until we see the power of that faith manifested in a desire for the trademark features of feudal tribal covenant fellowship. On this foundation, you can build a genuine life of faith to keep the Devil out of your earthly existence.

Further, faithfulness to Biblical Law puts you in a position to see the Devil’s fingerprints on someone’s life. This puts you in a position to offer assistance that few others even understand. Those of you who can discover and embrace your spiritual gifts will know how you can help. Best of all, you will discover a unique level of divine authority over the demons. That is, if you can catch them, because demons will seek to avoid you.

In our world today, full blown demonic possession is rare and you should not expect to see anything of that nature unless God has called and equipped you for it. Don’t let your curiosity set you up for destruction, because as soon as you get too close to the fire, you will surely burn the people you care about most. You’ll do way more good without imaginary heroics by simply obeying the Word of God and letting Him worry about what you encounter.

The vast majority of demonic activity is subtle and hard to see until you activate and learn to trust your heart-led discernment. When it’s serious business and not a game, that’s when you start to see the hair-raising stuff.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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