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Zionist Ire

I don’t have time to read all that I would like, so I limit myself to stuff that provokes. This morning I was provoked on something: About the only activists who aren’t subverted by Zionism are Jew haters. Even some … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 5:17-47

The Nation of Israel was not a nation of laws, but of direct divine rule. Neither God nor Moses legislated; the Covenant was not fixed. It was merely the written expression of the Sovereign’s will, a revelation of His divine … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet

It’s not about making coverts; that is something God alone controls. Rather, we live shalom so that no human has any excuse when they stand before God without Christ. This is our goal: We demonstrate the revelation of a merciful … Continue reading

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The Identity of Escape

We live under the Curse of the Fall. For all our efforts, there is absolutely nothing we can do from here to get out, except to die. Meanwhile, we live with the misery of having no purpose, and most people … Continue reading

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Visions and Dreams in the Night

We can easily understand the biblical moral ethics of how wealth and productivity should be handled. Even the damned communists (literally, they are damned) can see it that most productivity isn’t being used to the best benefit of humanity. So … Continue reading

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Random Spring Shots 2019

This is a random collection of shots taken over the past week or so. First up is a glimpse of the antenna farm in northern OKC. The tower just barely visible in the background is one of the tallest in … Continue reading

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Understanding Miracles

Our Western Civilization is loaded with so much intellectual trash, it’s a wonder anyone finds peace with God. Still, it’s there for those who seek His favor. Along with everything else that comes with His favor is a phenomenon in … Continue reading

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