Outreach to the Red Pill Community

We have a covenant we call Radix Fidem.

One of the fundamental concepts in Radix Fidem is the preeminence of Biblical Law. The term itself is synonymous with the person of Jesus Christ as the ultimate revelation of God. We often have to stop and remind folks that “law” in the Bible bears little resemblance to law in any Western sense of customs and legislation. In the Bible, “Law” is covenant and revelation. It’s the revelation of God regarding His divine moral character, in terms of His will for His Creation. More to the point, it is His divine moral character in terms of His plan for redeeming us from the Fall.

That character is transmitted via His Holy Spirit, but was written for us in terms of thought and conduct. Only God can give you His Holy Spirit. We cannot put the Holy Spirit into words, nor can we verbally capture the divine moral character of God. What we can do is paint examples with words, parables and symbols that point the mind to a place where the heart of conviction speaks loud and clear. That’s what Scripture is intended to do.

God proposed a mindset that would prepare the mind for the heart’s leadership. It was quite consciously proposed in a specific context of Ancient Near Eastern history and culture. Some of that packaging is revelation, but not all of it. God requires that we discern for ourselves — slicing between bone and meat (Hebrews 4:12) — while avoiding the projection of our personal answer onto others. Discernment is not merely a matter of context between the Ancient Near East and our world today, it’s also discernment as to how far we can carry our own answer into a wider context of fellow believers.

We need to stop asking the question, “Whose religion is right?” That’s an obsession of Western epistemology and it’s simply wrong-headed. My theology is mine, and your theology will surely differ. The question is, “How different can we be and still share a community?” Is there a way to build a biblical community based, not merely on a different culture, but on an entirely different kind of culture? Can we back out of the many questions far enough to ask a better question?

In the Radix Fidem covenant, the first item is a rejection of Western thinking. Easily a quarter of all my posts in the past 10+ years here address that issue, and the reason it takes up that much space is because virtually everyone born into Western Civilization is blind to just how different other civilizations were. All other civilizations in human history have more in common with each other than any of them do with the West; it’s that radical. And Westerners have a built-in capacity to ignore that. They are taught to assume their assumptions about reality are the default for the human race throughout history. This is a huge freaking problem we have all by itself.

But we can be patient as God works through us to keep prodding people to listen to a different approach, a different set of assumptions about reality, a different epistemology. Just awakening that awareness in itself is a monumental task.

Once we can open that door in the minds of believers, we are then in a position to introduce a different approach to “church.” And with that, we can begin asking about how churches can agree to work on building a parallel society that can be shared across many churches. I assure you that the common Western Christian assumptions about that are wrong, in the sense that the result we see today is not empowering an alternative society. Go to any church you like and tell me how easy it is to find a woman ready to embrace the kind of womanhood that we know actually works according to reality.

We can look at the Red Pill stuff and see what has failed and what works. It’s been tested and thousands of men are retesting it every day, and we have a body of factual evidence and everything. We can know what works, and would it surprise you that if you view the same question from the Ancient Near Eastern perspective of the Bible, you get the same answers? Every commandment in Scripture addressing marriage is based on the same assumptions about human nature and how men and women are wired, as what we find in this body of Red Pill research.

So a lot of Red Pill men are asking if we can build a society that helps men and women find themselves closer to that ideal. And the answer is a very loud, “Yes!” But then we have to address the particulars of building that society, and most Red Pill men and women are still stuck in the Western frame of reference that brought us this awful pack of lies in the first place. Radix Fidem proposes a different approach, and maybe we can get some of those Red Pilled refugees to listen. I think it’s worth a try.

But the first barrier is getting them to leave behind their Western assumptions. They have already made one step on that road with the Red Pill lore, but we need to invite them to keep walking along that same path. It’s not a question of sharing the religion of Radix Fidem itself, but of the assumptions behind Radix Fidem.

We’ll outline our proposal for community building in the next post.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Outreach to the Red Pill Community

  1. Iain says:

    Go to any church you like and tell me how easy it is to find a woman ready to embrace the kind of womanhood that we know actually works according to reality.
    You made a funny, zip zero nada. I not sure it has ever existed in the West.


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