A Kingdom of Awareness

How much of the social organization in Biblical Law can we actually follow?

That’s for you to decide for yourself. As some have noted already, what we see in revelation is technically illegal in the US, in the sense that it would open to door for prosecution should someone with the authority choose to take offense. There is no doubt that in some locations around the US, this is what would happen.

So that question remains a largely tactical one. How far does God want you to push the boundaries where you live? It’s one thing to know in your heart that Eastern feudalism and tribal covenants are the way God wants us to go; it’s another to persuade others to join you. It’s not our job to persuade. Our mission is to live it with conviction and see what God does with our testimony. Sure, answer the questions people inevitably ask. Answer as fully as you dare, according to your own gifts and talents, but precious few are those called to direct evangelism. For most of us, it is a simple matter of living in the power of the heart-led path of Biblical Law.

In our current context of rising tribulation, this is a very good time to rediscover the frame of reference. It’s a miracle we can even know of it again in our day. This is a very good time to study afresh how to approach thinking itself. If we do not reestablish the full lore of divine revelation, anything we do is going off half-cocked. This isn’t a question of planting seeds, nor even plowing fallow soil — this is removing the stones someone scattered on the ground quite intentionally. We are at war over consciousness itself.

The first round of community building is simply escaping the suffocating effects of the Enlightenment. Though dying now, that beast still rages in our world. We need to clarify the implications of our contention and establish a community first that is heart-aware. This is the essential first step toward restoring Biblical Law. Without that power, none of our spiritual gifts will mean anything, because they won’t be fully exercised. This is not the First Century; the fields are not white unto harvest. They haven’t even been plowed.

Try to see the prophetic strategy, to see beyond the tactics of your individual calling. The fundamental identity of a biblical community of faith is first getting faith out of prison. Go with your mission calling, whatever it is, and exercise your gifts fully, but be aware of the bigger picture. I can’t make my vision work for you, but I am called to share what I see, and I see something that calls for multiple generations of work toward something that shines in my eyes brighter than the sun. I don’t say this to squelch the natural enthusiasm of those who discover the truth, but to ask you whether you can also see what I see.

What I see is that it’s not just for our children, but grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren. While God isn’t showing me what their world will be like, He is showing what their orientation on that life can be like. The Devil has had a couple thousand years head start on us, raising up a perverted civilization that has kept mankind in slavery. That thing is crumbling before our eyes, and our mission is to exploit this opportunity to build something that will outlast the next civilization. Unlike the early churches, we need to pull away more thoroughly from what mere men can envision and see with eternal eyes.

It’s not that such a viewpoint was lacking as the West was built, but that the leaders of faith in those days were seduced by someone with a strategic vision because they didn’t have their own. They lost it while hunkering down against persecution. This is not to criticize them, but we’ll be fools if we don’t learn from the black eyes they got. We need to make new mistakes, not repeat the same old ones. Don’t compromise with a false vision of worldly political change. A primary tool of Satan is getting you to think in terms of nearness in time and space, and forgetting the eternal awareness of the heart. It’s not a question of whether we can succeed at this; it’s our generation’s calling to try.

So I’m not asking you to parrot what I teach, but to help explore something I’ve hardly begun to expose. There is so much more to dig out here, and it’s something that takes time and persistence. The transition from Western thinking to eternal thinking is no small thing. We need a fresh generation who don’t suffer our limitations, a generation raised from birth to natively think in eternal terms. They will retain the freedom to choose something else, but until we begin working from the right foundation, it’s impossible to build a temple to God from living stones of truth.

To the Red Pill community I say, stop trying to restore Medieval feudalism; that just puts everything back on the same path that brought us to where we are now. Go back farther, much farther, to world where God performed mighty miracles for His people as a whole. It’s not as if we can revive the nation of Israel again in any sense; that served only as the proof of what wouldn’t work. See beyond the manifestation of that image to the heart of what Christ said about a people who belong wholly to the Lord regardless of the political context. We don’t need a manifest nation holding territory, but a nation that exists in all territories and under all governments, clinging to a vision that the fallen cannot see.

We seek an identity rooted in Heaven, not on the earth. It’s an identity that clings to the moral truth written into Creation itself. I say the task and focus of our generation is on rediscovering that space between heaven and earth that overlaps those two realms, a realm where the hearts of humans can see the divine imprint of God’s moral character and strive to act on what that life demands. Don’t settle for what mere fallen reason can grasp. Pursue faith with it’s visions of the impossible miracles that God routinely performs. It’s all about the orientation and burning desire, not a matter of concrete success. It’s being faithful and trustworthy in representing that truth, never mind what the physical context might be.

We seek a kingdom of hearts.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to A Kingdom of Awareness

  1. Jack says:

    Could you further explain what you mean by “medieval feudalism”? Are you referring to the social construct of chivalry, as Dalrock has gone to great lengths to expose? Most Red Pill bloggers have been deconstructing chivalry, thereby revealing some harrowing insights.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Western Medieval feudalism is the wider background; chivalry is a well known manifestation of it. Too often someone claiming the Red Pill way writes of taking Western society back a century or two, but they are convinced the West is a gift from God that demands preserving (like Vox Day, for example). They still cling to Aristotelian logic and so forth, not understanding that such was a trick from Satan. The underlying nature of the Fall was placing trust in human reason over revelation and conviction in the heart.

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