A Few Returning to Eden

Consider the logic: If mankind is fallen, then nothing mankind dreams up will work in the long run.

Do you not find it strange that a vast swath of Westerners claim to believe in the Fall, but nothing they do gives evidence of such a belief? They keep right on giving allegiance to the notion that human reason and scholarship can answer human needs. They go along with solutions that were built on the assumption mankind is not fallen. It even shows in their theology, as they have whittled down the divine miracle of spiritual birth and made it a human decision.

The only decision God says we can make is in whether we choose to claim the full heritage of blessings He offers. We don’t get them by ignoring revelation, by massaging it and reinterpreting it to say something different.

Given that even our fellow believers don’t actually believe, the whole business of following Christ today is the hassle of facing that huge gap between where the world could be and where it actually is. We can’t count on help from organized religion, because “organized” in that context means something rooted in this world, instead of rooted in Heaven.

The symbolism of Eden is that moral plane of truth between Heaven and Earth, the place for which we were designed. The substance of the Fall, eating the Forbidden Fruit, is the choice to rely on human reason and intelligence to discern what is good and right. Returning to Eden and the Tree of Life means passing through the Flaming Sword of revelation, of embracing the death of the fleshly nature that rejects revelation. Eden symbolizes what we could have today if we would only bow the knee to our Creator.

So the imagery is that we seek Biblical Law, that Flaming Sword, so that we may turn it upon our own lives and return to Eden. It does mean in a certain sense leaving this world behind, but that requires you understand “this world” means the false world of fallen human perception. Eden represents the exact same natural world without the moral blindness of the Fall. When Christ returns, the only thing He will do is roll back all the changes mankind have made to Earth since the Fall. Creation is not fallen; we are. Creation is just fine, but it’s under the management of mankind who have rejected the Creator.

Yes, I’ve written that time and time again, and I’ll keep writing stuff like that as long as people don’t embrace the life of returning to Eden. Stop wallowing in the fallen world! Turn away from the human orientation that rejects revelation, for whom the moral plane of Eden is an invisible realm right there in front of them.

Included in this package deal of Eden is the ability to turn back around and see the truth about what’s going on in this world. Can you not see the invisible leash jerking mankind around, a leash in the hands of demons? It doesn’t matter that a major portion of the US is some brand of Christian, because they have yet to break free from that leash. So today we have signs of a rising plurality of voters supporting socialism, concentrated in urban areas and representing a majority-in-effect that overwhelms saner thinking. This is the new madness of the day. Yesterday it was Trumpism, and that got us nowhere. But the whole point is that none of it will get us anywhere until we restore the truth of God.

But the latest turn to socialism is a signal to us that the demons have been given permission to unleash the final stage of destruction on America. This is setting us up for civil war, because there’s an awful lot of people in flyover country who won’t go for this socialism; they are already too close to starving. You and I can see it clearly: The economy is breaking down and there are no resources left for socialism to distribute. It’s all just a front for robbing the masses anyway. The so-called socialists are just another elitist bunch trying to plunder the other elitist bunches. The only reason they are getting any political support is because the capitalist elites have already robbed us of just about all they could.

We can see all this and know it for the madness it is. We can also see how the rising instability and turmoil is a good opportunity to keep living the Word and demonstrating how it provides shalom. This is how we point out the pathway to the Flaming Sword, the gate of Eden. It doesn’t matter what kind of desperation drives them to take a look at it, only the miracle of grace will get them there.

Tell them the truth and let God take care of the results.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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