Updating the Political Outlook for 2019

Marxists always bring bloodshed. They already know that they will face resistance, and that armed force is necessary to bring about their revolution. They will use any number of false fronts to get things as far as possible before unveiling naked violent force.

Regular readers will recall that I differentiated between globalists and socialists. The globalists have always been an elite cult devoted to raising again the Tower of Babel (get the symbolism, folks). It’s an idolatry of themselves as the only fit rulers of humanity, but they mask it in various ways. In the US, they pretended to support socialism, the liberal leftism of America. They spawned SJWs, the logical extension of political correctness. But the SJWs gave birth to hard-core tribalism, which is what undercut the globalists. The globalist machinery in the US has been fractured. Now the globalists are fading fast and their threat is virtually gone.

Granted, genuine Marxists/socialists are global in their outlook, but they don’t worship at the shrine of Babel. Globalism was Satanism in disguise, but Marxism is a different religion altogether. Satan still likes it, but it’s not overtly his. What we have now is difficult to target because it’s nascent blind socialism shielded by SJWs. It’s a blind socialism because instead of being the cannon fodder for globalists, they are now cannon fodder for the Marxists.

Marxism as a religion will never die until Christ Returns. It’s an extension of some ancient cults, in that it shares the same obsession with materialistic falsehoods and false gods, but now it features the secular state, a concept that didn’t exist in ancient cultures. In essence, the State is the false god they now promote. It replaces both the tribe and the tribal gods of the ancient past.

So you can push aside as a memory how close we came to apocalypse under the globalists. Now the threat is coercive Marxism in the guise of the shallow and ignorant socialism of current US politics. This veiled Marxism will not accept the kind of compromise where each can go their own way and follow their dreams. Marxists must take it all, and whomever they have to kill to get it, they will gleefully slaughter. In their theology, people who do not willfully submit to the obvious good sense of their agenda are people who suffer mental incurable mental illness. They must be put down like old pets.

Don’t underestimate the threat here. Every so-called socialist in current American politics is planning to slaughter something like half of the US population. That’s their fallback plan. They don’t have a genuine revolutionary army, so they are trying very hard to take over the various government agencies, the armed enforcers in particular. They probably dream of gaining control of the military, but I doubt that will happen. Still, they have been secretly conditioning the profession of law enforcement to become brutal and unaccountable to the population. They seized the academic sources behind law enforcement doctrine back in the 1980s and haven’t looked back.

I saw that happen first hand. There was a shift in the professional publications used by law enforcement to project changes in training methods. The rise of the SWAT forces was just a manifestation of this trend. At that time, I knew things were going in a very bad direction and I got out of law enforcement work. There is no way to stop that kind of gigantic lie from the ground level.

If you want to be more precise, the globalists were behind that move, but the Marxists were watching their chance to seize the apparatus, and that time is now. Granted, a great many law enforcement folks would refuse to support socialism once it gets going, but that’s my point: We are headed into unavoidable conflict. This is the early stages of civil war. It will provoke regional and sectarian divides. For example, highly urbanized areas will embrace socialism, while the more rural-oriented parts of the US will rise up in an armed right-wing backlash.

It should be instructive that we can see the majority of the Big Tech favors socialism, while most other Big Business either favors it as well, or don’t care enough either way to resist it. They see a path to profit while pretending to embrace it, if necessary. What will make this so ugly is that the big money (banking included) is with socialism, while the mass of weaponry is held by their enemies. The Marxists won’t get what they want; they will lose massively. But the destruction that comes with this rising conflict will be shocking to see. Because the righties are willing to let the Marxists keep their enclaves, we will see an incredible brutality that would embarrass even old timey Reds in Europe and Russia. The mask of civility in American culture is pretty thin, folks.

It’s quite likely things here will break down with our next war. This coming war — any day now — will go very badly for the US. There are all kinds of reasons, but it boils down to corruption and waste. The embarrassment and shame will provoke partisan recriminations and civil war. Right now, the highest probability for going to war is based on whatever Israel wants, because AIPAC really does run our government.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Updating the Political Outlook for 2019

  1. Iain says:

    Your right about AIPAC, here in meat space, I warm my Evie and non churchie friends of the malignant control of Israel over US foreign policy. I use different methods depending on who they are and how much time I have. Short version ” Israel runs our foreign policy. If you doubt me, Google it, if you’re watching the FNC listen to what’s being said and ask yourself ‘who benefits the most?’ Do it for two weeks and then we’ll talk sumore “.


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