Not Just a Stew of Facts

It’s time we took a quick review of The Cult. I remind you that there is no such literal, discretely organized cult, but that I use the term to label an influence and tendency in human affairs. It remains consistent and easily identified throughout history, and it acts as if it were a distinct group of people. In reality, it is a collection of people under the common influence of a group of demons. Some are more conscious of it than others, but there is no superhuman intelligence involved because there is no such thing. There is only a demonic influence that we can always count on for the same long term agenda. People come and go, but the agenda is what we can discern.

Keep in mind that a primary motive for whatever this cult does is to create chaos so a select few can profit. The humans serving this cult don’t want actual control of any government on the terms currently possible. To the degree the people involved are conscious of it at all, they are led by a false vision, seeking a condition when all the normal aspirations and dreams are exhausted and the world surrenders at their feet. It’s just another manifestation of the Antichrist, but with a specific mission from Satan to keep things chaotic. So this is not a conspiracy to take over any particular government, but to steer things within every government so that life is impossible and unbearable in the long run.

They are opportunists. Members cooperate quite often without any conscious intent. Two or more might be operating at what appears to be conflicting aims, but together they succeed in making a huge mess to prevent the humans involved from actually accomplishing anything. This is the ongoing Curse of Babylon, where God has decreed that there shall be no unity outside of faith in His revelation. So this particular group of demons were assigned the task of suckering people into pursuing human unity without ever doing anything that could actually make it work. Instead, they are always fed lies about what is actually possible.

This is separate from other cults, like globalism, imperialism, communism, etc. Those are led by other demons.

Now, there is a certain sense in which we can blame Judaism for all of this. That is, Judaism arose as the background for inculcating a certain human expectation, a false vision and dream that never dies, that Tower of Babel thing. The Cult is not Judaism, but uses Judaism as a front, as a way to capture a portion of the human race and endue that portion with character and traits to allow the demons to harvest an elite few who are truly horrific instruments of destruction. Again, they are not superior intelligence, but heart-led in the paths of demons. They have the incalculable insight of the heart, but committed to darkness. A manifestation of this heart-led evil finds expression in the Kabbala, for example. You can trace this out to a lot of religions today that use the same heart-led awareness to serve the Devil, and the names are endless. As with Judaism proper, Kabbalism and her children* are just garden patches from which a precious few are chosen by the demons to wreak havoc.

What I’ve described above is the basis for how I view history, and the frame of reference I use to analyze the history writings of others. It takes into account the inevitable bias of those who write historical narratives. Even the pretense of objectivity is a bias, as you might expect, because it adopts the false epistemology of Aristotle. It is the intellectual proposition that revelation is impertinent in understanding what has happened in our world. Thus, it produces a historiography that is slanted against Scripture, and against Christ and His message.

So if we examine the Third Reich, for example, we don’t stop with just a simplistic answer about how Hitler rose to power. There were multiple influences at work, all serving the chaos agenda of The Cult. Members of this cult were active in the Jewish bankers and the Jewish government of the Weimar Republic to promote a chaotic atmosphere that debased the German society of that day. The policies actually pursued were guaranteed to destroy the country, and with some conscious purpose to do so. Once it got nasty and unbearable, Hitler was promoted as the patsy to lead a reform movement that was actually nothing of the kind. It appeared to be a reform movement, but its real goal was to increase chaos and spread it outside the country. Some of the same people behind the scenes profited from both governments. A great many of them were elite Jewish Kabbalists, or folks who embraced other similar religions.

Nobody foresaw how it would turn out specifically, only that it was a great way to raise new symbols of propaganda, symbols that could be used to manipulate and herd the masses. We already know that wars are inevitable in a fallen world, but The Cult aggravates this situation to make things infinitely worse than they have to be. The symbols make it possible to provoke hysteria to inhibit sane inquiry into the causes and outcomes of events like WW2. It’s the kind of crap that leaves us with historical data that is falsely interpreted as lies to be taught to succeeding generations. If you took any history courses in the US since the close of WW2, you are unlikely to have a clue about the Weimar Republic, if you recognize the label at all.

And you don’t have to take my word for any of this. However, I have a mission to pray and meditate over such things, and then to share what I see. It means defying a lot of mainstream scholars on the whole gamut of subjects. If I’m going to take seriously the command to follow Jesus, that means by default I reject the world system. For me, that means giving some thought to the implications of how I confront the world system and all its claims. In some ways, you can boil this down to a data war, except that “data” includes the interpretive frame of reference, not just a stew of facts.

The US today is doomed for some of the same reasons as for the Weimar Republic because of distinct moral parallels, and the “solution” that will cause the destruction will be some kind of reactionary moral reform movement. In this case, it will be a civil war because the people leading the country right now are steered by the same destructive decadence of the Weimar Republic, and there remains a substantial portion of the population that will eventually demand a halt. And because the US is too large to control sanely by any one group, the backlash will serve to exclude the areas of the country that prefer the globalist (AKA socialist/communist) vision of humanity.

It’s not enough to see the facts; you have to understand how God does things. It’s revealed in His Word if you bother to pay attention to it.

*Kabbalism was intended to restore the blessings of the heart-led way without Christ (or any other part of revelation). A partial list of the children of Kabbalism: Freemasons, Thelema, Scientology,and Golden Dawn, for the most obvious ones. Portions of Islam follow the underlying philosophy, as well, as do the entrepreneurial brands of church management that give us some modern church franchises. The whole idea is to exercise control over the natural world, including humans, but bypassing the Flaming Sword.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Not Just a Stew of Facts

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    That’s on great thing about revelatory knowledge: it bypasses the mind and the conclusions reached from falsified data, and we can make broad generalizations (predictions) about current events. You don’t need to be a Christian to have this knowledge, you really just have to know basic human behavior, uncluttered by propagandist teaching. You’d be right for the wrong reasons, or for not enough of the right reasons.


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