Random Spring Shots 2019

This is a random collection of shots taken over the past week or so. First up is a glimpse of the antenna farm in northern OKC. The tower just barely visible in the background is one of the tallest in the county, well over 1000 feet (300m). This area is the highest altitude land for quite some miles around.

For just a few days our North Canadian River was running near full depth. I really munged the shot two days earlier when it was even deeper and the sandbar was covered. You won’t see clear water until it slows down; it always carries a lot of silt when it’s running high like this. This is where it crosses Midwest Boulevard.

The Draper Lake Bikeway proceeds slowly at a snail’s pace. This creek crossing below the dam sees actual work maybe once per week and then they have to waste time cleaning up what the weather has done to mess things up, so that very little actual work gets done.

This yard is just a couple of blocks from my home. Two days before this it was just brown grass, now covered in henbit. It seems like spring is in a big hurry because it was delayed a couple of weeks, and is trying to catch up in just a few days.

This is just a mile from our Bricktown area in one of the urban parks. The color is mostly henbit and some tiny lavender daisies for which I don’t have a name. While henbit grows several inches tall and the flowers will be clipped by mowing, the lavender flowers are only an inch (2.5cm) or so tall and most mowers leave them standing.

At any rate, henbit is the signal that spring is in full force around here. It can withstand a light frost, but doesn’t bossom until that’s the worst we can expect. The weather in Oklahoma is like that, with wide-ranging temperatures. We can see a shift of more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit (17C) in just one day, up or down.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Random Spring Shots 2019

  1. Iain says:

    The Draper Lake Bikeway proceeds slowly at a snail’s pace.
    To the best of my knowledge we’re gonna defeat Hitler first then, throw our full might East. So I’d say progress should pick up and our boys will be home by Christmas.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    And it may be Christmas before that one little creek crossing gets finished.


  3. Iain says:

    Location, location, location….When NC decided to widen Hwy 321 from 2 to 4 lanes through Blowing Rock; they finished the cuts with an aesthetically pleasing multicolored concrete, molded to look like granite blocks. The ONLY exception to this method is a length of wall that runs parallel to the 10th fairway of Blowing Rock Country Club. It got flagstone facing (apparently NCDOT & the Town of Blowing Rich made that call) and they hired enough Mexicans to ensure it was completed by the beginning of the season. There is no such thing as white privilege*. It’s Wealth Privilege. The SJWs and the wealthy do have this much in common; the only color they care about is $Green$. Rich people in America look with condescension on everyone who is not of their class, you learn that in the first 5 seconds working for them. Cheap Sunday Britches as me ol’ Pappy used to say. At least European aristocrats have noblesse oblige, America Elites are simply crass.
    *I’ve yet to see one gringo, honky, cracker pale face discount from my White Privilege Rewards Card. I can get the seasoned citizen discount from Hardee’s, Mickey Ds, Chickalay etc. now! But, that’s a slippery slope to premature ol’ codgerness. So I act like I’m 54. I don’t care if it’s the sweetest little, remind me of my baby girl, youngun that makes the offer, I’ll act offended by their “curmudgephobia”


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    It’s not so different here in Oklahoma. This bikeway is a nice thing lots of cyclists would love to see and it won’t go to waste once built, but that doesn’t take away from the mere fact that it’s part of this whole snooty MAPS Project and is one of the most undemocratic things we’ve seen in a very long time. The only input into the whole project was a tiny group of upper-middle-class snots who despise just about everyone who isn’t them. This bikeway could have been done better, more cheaply and a whole lot faster and everyone would have been just as pleased.


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