Visions and Dreams in the Night

We can easily understand the biblical moral ethics of how wealth and productivity should be handled. Even the damned communists (literally, they are damned) can see it that most productivity isn’t being used to the best benefit of humanity. So everyone agrees on that, but not a single government in human history has followed any ethical course of action when it comes to the kinds of decisions that governments make about such things. So it has been here in the US for our entire history.

Any economist can tell you there are established patterns of economic behavior and matching results. We may not be able to nail down the thresholds precisely, but we know they are there and can estimate reasonably when we get close. We can explain how the system of laws that permit corporations to be established and conduct business, and how they handle wealth and debt, will eventually mean wealth is inefficiently bestowed and far, far too much is not fed back into the system to keep it working. So we have an established pattern of wealth and productivity collecting into fewer and fewer hands until the system freezes up. Again, we can figure this out by simple observation.

However, consequences are not confined to what we can estimate from reason. This universe has a moral character, a fabric of morality woven into its very existence. There are results and consequences that are not visible to human observation until something breaks. Even then, it’s not fully visible simply because reason is flatly incapable of making the connections. For example, we do not employ the sabbatical year system in our agriculture. We do not use the jubilee system to reset the economy every generation. While a few bright minds can understand the value of such things, it is beyond human capability to see clearly how this is written into the natural world.

Only a heart and mind in proper relation will see it clearly. Only when you perceive reality through the heart’s sensory capability does it become obvious why America is doomed. Nature itself is rebelling against the abuse.

I had a revelatory dream last night. It was intentionally partial, in that God wasn’t showing me the whole story in total, but giving me a sample. Take it with a grain of salt, but my vision showed me what could happen if certain things take place. For example, should Trump remain in office, the Zionists will gain unprecedented control over our government and economy. The US will become a subsidiary, a colony of Israel. If Pete Buttigieg becomes president, he will eventually begin confiscating property and would willingly call out the troops to enforce it. Bernie Sanders would do it even more quickly and with a spiteful flourish hard to imagine. Biden would also do it like Sanders, but for different reasons and with far more corruption involved.

The point is not what kind of men they are, but what they would act like as things take their natural course. It’s a course no one can see with mere intellect, so it’s impossible to reasonably estimate how men will act. They will be put under unspeakable pressure by forces no human can control because everyone is ignoring the heart-led truth of just how catastrophic our future is. Do you think the flooding in the Heartland is just random? It’s a part of God’s wrath. That much was revealed to me when that massive low-pressure inland hurricane swept across the US a few weeks ago — it was very specifically the wrath of God. There is more to come like that, with nature erupting in ways human science cannot predict.

The rising hatred between the various political forces in America is a part of that natural response. Demons have been set loose on the population because they reject the only protection God offers from such evil. Such influences take time; I had a vision of it some years ago. It was like a huge flock of bat-like creatures streaming out a cavity in the ground and with deafening shrieks as they spread across the land. Now we are seeing the fruit of their influence.

Turn over and go back to sleep if you can. That may be your only sense of peace if you reject the underlying message here, but America is doomed, folks. If you are capable of heart-led awareness, you are going to see unspeakable sorrow even within this calendar year, and more to follow. Don’t get wrapped up in it. You should have already learned that this life is of no value beyond how it can be used to glorify our Savior. Brace yourselves.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Visions and Dreams in the Night

  1. Iain says:

    Thank you, dear brother, for sharing what you have received from our Father. I too, have been receiving dreams very similar to those you describe. The memory of my own dreams fade rapidly as I awaken. As the great hymn goes ” I stand Amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene. And, wonder how He could love me, a sinner condemned unclean…” I knew that He would provide. He most certainly did!


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