Zionist Ire

I don’t have time to read all that I would like, so I limit myself to stuff that provokes. This morning I was provoked on something: About the only activists who aren’t subverted by Zionism are Jew haters. Even some of the latter are suspect on that point. Indifference to the fate of Israel is simply not possible in the current propaganda climate.

This is part of what is behind my assertion that Israel as a political project is the single biggest problem the world at large has today. That’s because the Zionists want it that way; they demand everyone’s attention and turn every issue into something about their agenda. It’s one huge distraction from a lot of other things that actually do matter to human existence. Zionists insist on being the center of attention; everything is always about them.

So it’s getting harder and harder to find news and analysis that doesn’t suffer from this subversion, this big elephant in the living room. The system is gamed on every level to keep the focus on Zionist aspirations. And they refuse to understand how this attention seeking behavior provokes hostility. It is their divine right to grab all the attention, so failing to keep them in the center is inherently evil in their minds. All the chaos they provoke is fully justified, so any repercussions can only be antisemitism.

Thus, we have jokes like: “An anti-Semite is someone Jews don’t like.”

We distinguish between Jew and Zionist. I generally avoid using the term “Jew” because the Zionists have hijacked it. In the Bible, “Jew” means a Judean, someone under the authority of the Covenant of Moses. It’s a national-religious identity. With Zionists, it’s a race, an ethnic identity, but they allow certain Orthodox rabbis to control the legal process for being recognized as a Jew in the sense of “citizen of Israel.” They keep it confused on purpose, so that the “antisemitism” trope remains a viable political weapon.

So on the one hand we advance the New Testament view of Judaism as the perversion of Old Testament religion. There’s nothing special about that; the majority of those professing Christian religion say the same thing. We go into more detail than most, but there is broad agreement on that issue. We don’t bother to harass Jews about it; we are no more evangelistic than they are.

That’s one thing they get right and mainstream Christians get wrong. We live our faith and make our case when it seems appropriate and leave the rest in God’s hands. We infiltrate everywhere. Indeed, the last thing we want is a bunch of people who could be swayed by the standard evangelistic approach. We want people to join us only because their convictions draw them. God doesn’t work through fleshly persuasion. We take seriously what Jesus said about that narrow path and how few will find it (Mathew 7:13-20).

But Zionists are a different matter. They are worthy of opposition in the sense of verbally exposing their lies. That’s the extent of what we do here. Activism falls into that area of individual calling and mission. It’s not that activism itself is evil, but that it must of necessity be guided by personal conviction, not some imaginary orthodoxy. We don’t encourage BDS, for example, but we don’t discourage it, either. You do what God calls you to do about Zionism, but we will encourage you to see it clearly as evil.

As their influence grows in US government, this is the only significant threat to our message. They will seek to infiltrate everything everywhere, same as we do, but in order to censor any verbal opposition. At no point in history have Zionists been willing to serve their host nation as good citizens. Again, there are plenty of red-blooded American Jews, but Zionists by definition are agents of political disruption. They are the primary manifestation of The Cult, though hardly the only manifestation. An anti-Zionist position will soon be considered anti-American.

But as this threat grows, so will the resistance. The Zionists are the majority in government, not in the American population. There is considerable growth in anti-Zionism on both left and right. On the left it’s because of identity politics of the SJW variety; on the right it’s just plain old nationalism. The left is somewhat identified with communism and globalism, while the right is vehemently pro-Western Civilization. As these two camps suck in large numbers of people, our position outside the polarization will be drowned out. Both sides will suggest we belong to their opposition, while the Zionists on left and right both already consider us evil.

And because the Zionists have infiltrated the US government so thoroughly, we should expect harassment of our blogs and our forum. It’s possible we will escape notice, but I wouldn’t count on that. Their servants, the American Christian Zionists, will eventually start a pogrom against those who don’t bow the knee the Zionism. The point here is encouraging you to invest yourself in knowing and being prepared for your own calling, able to stand on your own in faith. Meanwhile, I’ll strive to clarify my own testimony so you will be provoked to clarify yours.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Zionist Ire

  1. Iain says:

    Zionism = Semitism. I’m against Zionism so, I must be antisemitic. Fine, I have no problem with that. I’ll adjust a statement of the Gipper. “Zionism is the focus of Evil in the modern world”. Yay, now I’m on someone’s kill list!


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