A Prophetic Warning about Violence and Wrath

This is hard for me to write because I know most of you who read this will reject the message. I can’t help that; I must be faithful and obedient to my convictions, for they are the voice of God in my heart.

God’s wrath is upon the US. He has decreed an end to what we know as the United States and her government. This was visible to prophetic insight decades ago. Along this decreed path of destruction, there have been some options. There were decisions people could have made, both key individuals and the mass of people living here, that would have made things better or worse.

But the simple truth is that God has decreed bloodshed and civil war in the US. Up to now, decisions have been made that will increase the bloodshed and aggravate destruction. I have consistently asserted that God turned away from an apocalypse, in part because we have embraced the heart-led message. However, that doesn’t mean we have dodged all the other bullets; it will be a huge painful mess even if it is short of an apocalypse.

Trump is not a good guy, but he was God’s chosen scourge for this time. In that role, he could have taken any number of good or better paths, and has so far chosen instead to take some of the worst paths. A critical element in this context was God’s wrath specifically on globalists. Had these folks ended up arrested, mobbed and beaten, or even assassinated, it would have fulfilled a distinct element in God’s wrath. That did not happen, so God is now taking things along an alternate route.

The globalists are being taken down another way, but that way includes having to contend with the rise of a popular passion in favor of socialism. That didn’t have to be, but it is now our fate. The bloodshed that God has decreed will be far worse than it had to be, because now we will have to confront that awful monster that could have been kept away. In other words, had there been a potent alt-right storm against the left, and had there been a few lives lost that way, some of God’s wrath would have been turned away.

Have we forgotten that the Old Testament depiction of God was accurate all along? Our teaching is to emphasize the unity and continuity between the Old and New Testaments, that the Law Covenants still have meaning. Christ ended the Covenant of Moses on the Cross, but that did not change the nature of reality and how the Law Covenants still guide our understanding of who God is and how He operates in the affairs of humanity.

So while you and I may not be called to get involved in the violence that God insists will come, we should all realize that it must come and we had better understand the role it plays. We can decry the violence on personal moral grounds, but we had better get used to the idea that God still works that way. We don’t have to promote it, but we had better not deny it’s importance and utility in God’s will. And as such, we should realize that had the alt-right been more violent and assertive early on, there would be far, far less violence in the future.

This rise of socialism will result in a much wider violence later on. The longer it takes for the right-wing resistance to socialism to get started, the worse it will be once it comes. A little violence now will save a lot more later. Blood must be shed to atone for sins; humans do have some options in taking care of this debt owed to God. You can accept the sacrifice of Christ and obey Biblical Law, or you can reject revelation and see all Hell break loose. There is a sliding scale; you can do better or worse. God is not a simplistic absolutist, but He is God.

Right now, the US is on a path that will take us back very close to an apocalypse. Let that sink in to your awareness.

I’m not saying the right-wing violence is good, or that God’s truth favors them. Rather, God intends to use them in His future dealings with the people living in this country. And whether we like it or not, a sense of racial identity is deeply tied into how things turn out. So while I still assert that Anglo-American culture is crappy, God still has a use for it. It has a role to play in the final fate of the US, and the violence inherent in that culture is part of the picture.

The reason that there must be a violent backlash that leaves the right-wing somewhat victorious is that this is the basis of how the US will be broken up. Where the righties prevail will be one new nation, while the lefties will be granted their Hell-holes where they rule. The shape of the borders will have a lot to do with how the final break comes about via civil war. The sniveling panic about potential violence serves only to make the future worse.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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8 Responses to A Prophetic Warning about Violence and Wrath

  1. Dave W says:

    I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and share this Prophetic Warning with us. Can you also share some insight into the general areas of the U.S. that will most likely be where the “alt-right” settles?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    For now, all I have is what should be obvious to most anyone. The American Heartland will be pretty much rightward leaning, while the coastlines will have big chunks of socialist strongholds. The rest is too variable and depends on things not yet decided or done by the people involved. I don’t believe the Lord has nailed that down, but is waiting to see how things go.


  3. Calling for the death of Leftists at the hands of the alt-right to “spare us” from God’s wrath might be the single most unsettling thing I’ve ever read on WordPress.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    You over-simplify and miss the point. I expect that from casual readers. Nothing will spare us from God’s wrath, and there would be bloodshed either way, but the death toll could have been lower. The leftists who refuse to back off will die regardless of whose hand brings it. Plenty of righties will die in the process, as well.


  5. Lol alright, chief. I’ll make a point to read your writing less literally in the future.


  6. Jay DiNitto says:

    “I’m not saying the right-wing violence is good, or that God’s truth favors them. Rather, God intends to use them in His future dealings with the people living in this country.”

    I don’t believe Ed is calling for anything, but merely describing a situation. Most prophetic warnings like this have one piece of advice: repent. Repentance isn’t especial to any one group; anyone can throw in, but that also doesn’t mean God can’t use anyone or any one group to bring about judgment. I’d go out on a limb and say God is pretty Machiavellian that way, given what we know of Him in scripture and how the ancient Hebrews understood Him.


  7. I don’t believe there is a Lord, so I guess from here it just looks like, per your own words, you think we would have been spared more if the alt right had killed more Lefties. Seems like fascism apologia with extra steps imo.


  8. Ed Hurst says:

    My standing comment on prophetic messages is that people should take them with a grain of salt. If it doesn’t call your name, my message will naturally sound like nonsense. I don’t take myself that seriously.

    The righties don’t have to kill lefties to get the job done. Suppressing them will do just fine. It’s easier to keep them under control than it is to get them back under control once they gain power. I’ve spilled an awful lot of electrons on this blog talking about the broad moral failures of each side and how we do not support either one. Our position is well outside the mainstream; we don’t support Western Civilization in the first place, for example. I tend to view leftism as a very bad religion. In practice, right-wingers are less dangerous to people of faith, at least in their current manifestation. God doesn’t favor the righties, but He does have plans to use them. The lefties aren’t going to go away, but they do need to be suppressed.

    However, the particular issues with American politics isn’t as simple as left versus right. That’s just a common frame of reference for the voters and activists at large. I tend to think that the real powers that be aren’t left or right, but more like globalists versus neocons, along with a few other groups. They tend to overlap some. Globalists use lefties; neocons use righties, but that distinction is crumbling.

    You probably don’t have time to read all my stuff, so I am trying to keep it simple. I don’t mind answering questions and I’m not trying to grow a large religious cult or anything. I simply share my story and allow folks to associate or not. We have a handful of core members who are quite active in community discussions. But we are very different from most any other philosophical or religious group you might run into out there.


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