Try to Imagine

Typical is not necessarily normal.

A critical element of heart-led faith, of walking by conviction, is that we are granted a stronger and more conscious connection to our own bodies. That’s a clear element in being more firmly connected to Creation, since our bodies are part of Creation. Being able to commune meaningful with nature means communing with our mortal bodies.

The whole point of shalom is entering that space between Heaven and Earth, where we pass through the Flaming Sword of divine revelation and return to Eden. It’s not meant to be fully literal, but a parable of what could be if only we embraced what God has said. We don’t have to live and die like the rest of humanity who take the broad way to Hell.

It doesn’t mean that you automatically get better health, but that we discover what God intended for each of us. Faith opens us up to the promises God wrote into our convictions. We can’t know what God has provided in our divine heritage until we are led by the heart.

When Jesus did so very many miracles and drove out so many demons, He was restoring the blessings of shalom to the nation of Israel. Those blessings had slipped away because the leadership had rejected the ancient Hebrew heart-led way of living. Instead, the nation had been subjected to a perversion of the Covenant based on Hellenized reasoning, versus the ancient Hebrew mysticism. So Jesus taught that path of heart-led Hebrew mysticism and provided the miracles of restoring the blessings everyone should have had were it not for that intellectual perversion of revelation. What had previously been considered “normal” for Jews in His day was washed out in a restoration of Covenant promises.

The miracles of Jesus served in part to prove just how far Israel had strayed from the Covenant.

Today we have a whole mass of medical science based on observations of what has been typical of human existence, but that “typical” has been nothing at all like what God intended. Instead, we have a long history of medical observation from within a society that rejected divine revelation a priori. There have been just a tiny few humans in Western history that have tasted the heart-led way, faced up against a massive mountainous lie about the nature of reality. Faith goes only so far as you let it, so even people of conviction have suffered mightily from being denied the full heritage of faith.

What would happen to the statistical data on human health if suddenly a portion of the population seized the full range of heart-led communion with their bodies? What if those whom God intended to live longer and healthier lives suddenly became conscious of that via consciousness of their convictions? What would it do to medical science if people suddenly began to defy the statistical norms and claimed the blessings of their divine heritage?

Living by Holy Cynicism means being fully aware of what God could do if we obeyed. Seize the communion with your bodies that God has already offered to everyone in the human race; know what your body says. Like Adam in the Garden of Eden, command your flesh by God’s Word into the path of shalom.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Try to Imagine

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “Faith opens us up to the promises God wrote into our convictions.”

    Mmhmm 🙂


  2. Iain says:

    What would it do to medical science if people suddenly began to defy the statistical norms and claimed the blessings of their divine heritage?
    They would invent a “logical explanation”.


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