The Primacy of Individual Calling and Conviction

This is in response to some offline comments…

The ethic of utility is a false idol, a rejection of Jesus Christ. Whether or not something works in practical terms is easily the very last consideration God requires of us when it comes to choosing what we shall do. First and foremost with God is obedience to His divine will for you.

There is no authorized arbiter on this earth commissioned by God to tell you what His will is for you. The one and only voice of God is that voice in your own soul, the voice in your heart, the divine character granted by God in your convictions. Everything else is advisory at best. We do have the Scriptures, but God had then written for us in a language of parables and symbols. Even the Greek New Testament documents presumed a parabolic approach. You are supposed to know God in your heart first and find His call for you in the Bible. Over and over again: There is no such thing as propositional truth. Jesus would have snickered at such an idea (see John 3). The primacy of the soul resurrected by the Spirit of God is the whole matter.

So there is no objective standard to which anyone can point and demand conformity. Pretending otherwise makes you an enemy of Christ, a servant of Satan.

The same Father of Jesus Christ is the God who told the Israelites that Amalekites should be exterminated, and certain inhabitants of the Canaan Land with them. That wasn’t some bad nationalist propaganda in the Bible; that was the divine command of God Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth. This same God did not change His divine moral character when He was born in the body of Jesus of Nazareth. That’s why Jesus cracked a whip in the Temple, and that was only when He was being exceptionally patient. He could have called ten legions of angels, but that wasn’t the mission for that time. However, it most certainly represented well the character of God. Instead, God later drove the evil Jewish leaders out of the city using the Roman Army.

Their rejection of the Son had very real bloody consequences, and God is the one who made it happen.

In the current context of the United States with God’s wrath falling on this people, there are certain things that God is doing. You can go along with it, or you can fight it and be crushed with all the other fools. I have a prophetic calling from God; it does not require any human approval. I am bound to obey. You go right ahead and follow your own convictions. But my convictions demand that I prophesy against first the Globalists, who by now are just about crushed. Theirs is an evil idolatry of Satan, seeking to raise up the Tower of Babel again. Next, God calls me to condemn the socialists/communists. Not because their philosophy is evil; it is, but that’s not the point. Their intentions are contrary to God’s plan.

They plan to enslave the whole human race to their evil idolatry, too. Here in America, they are no longer willing to play by established rules; they aren’t willing to live and let live. They insist on destroying the right-wing if at all possible. They are perfectly willing to slaughter everyone who opposes them. More, they are perfectly willing to torment and torture them on the way to the grave. They are a relentless evil, but the real problem is that they are getting in the way of something God has planned. They deserve to die, and God will see to it a great many of them do. You tell me: At what point in that killing will they back off and let non-leftists go their own way? I guess we will find out, because God has decreed a bloody civil war to make it happen.

(Aside: I don’t have any predictions, but Trump has betrayed his constituency and everyone can see it. Biden is the last of the globalists with a chance at winning any election. The rest of the viable candidates are flat out communists, though they rhetorically prefer the term “socialist.” And at this point they are gearing up for a coup on every level from local municipal government on up, so it may not matter who is President after 2020. We are headed for a civil war. I’m not calling for violence and bloodshed; I’m warning that it will happen regardless of what anyone wishes.)

I am by no means a right-winger; they are a different kind of evil. However, God plans to use them for a while longer yet, so I have to go with what my convictions say about that. It could be that in just a few weeks or months, I will be put into the position of taking up arms and defending some things that matter to God in my life. Will I kill some commies for Christ? You betcha, but it will have nothing to do with supporting the philosophy of whoever happens to be opposing the commies. Can I keep that distinction visible for all to see? Not likely. Nothing I can do about that. The minds of people in this country are so very many layers away from God’s truth that it’s not possible to explain to more than a tiny minority. I would prefer the commies come to their senses, but that won’t happen because they are under a very solid demonic delusion, so I’m gearing up to fight. God intends to slaughter a bunch of them.

It doesn’t matter if I am victorious in battle. It’s right that I be ready to engage in combat operations because that’s what God has called me to do. In the mix of human idiocy, it turns out that anything resembling nationalism is by far the one “ism” that comes close to God’s revealed truth, so I plan to support nationalism as the least of evils in this world. If, after all the words I’ve plastered on this blog, you cannot grasp that idea, then stop reading this blog. The only question, then, is what constitutes my “nation.” I can assure you that it has nothing to do with any of the categories most people recognize. Some of you already understand the answer to that question; the rest of you are trying not to understand.

But the moment I find myself in the situation like Jeremiah, where an enemy of my nation is sent by God, I’ll be the first to stand up and prophesy in favor of surrender. Will it do any good? That’s for God to handle; I’m called to obey. And I will most certainly not countenance anyone’s wheedling and whining that I should not promote the idea of humans killing other humans. That’s a damned lie from Satan, so take that nonsense and shove it. God decides what is morally correct for me, and you aren’t Him.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to The Primacy of Individual Calling and Conviction

  1. Iain says:

    Obedience! Amen to that big Bro, I got your back spiritually, in both realms. That’s as best as I can put it, your heart will make sense of it. That will, for the moment suffice. I only have a fuzzy impression of what lies ahead, God will make it clear in the fullness of time. Speaking to you and our other friends active on the RF forum, I will gladly lay down my life for you all. You have your calling, God calls me to protect the message. I pray for us without ceasing, the Lord provides the means et al. Our Father will say, as Sister Linda puts it “GO!”
    Reach out your mitts, here it comes 》》》》》 BLESSINGS !!!!! May they carry you through.
    PS. You truly are my big brother and I love you just like my blood bro Bob. Except, as a Covenant brother the tie is stronger,


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Likewise to you, Bro.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    There are plenty of folks who are okay with killing, even murder, as long as it’s done through the “right channels,” as in, government agents. The idea of killing outside of established authority is automatically ruled out. It’s wholly idolatry, attributing to a human construct what should be given to God.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Yes, it’s part of the Western idolatry of the State.


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