Biblical Morals in War

If we are going to follow Christ, we cannot afford to insert into our religion a value system that He did not hold.

If there’s one thing this blog shouts out repeatedly, it’s that Western morals do not reflect those in the Bible. Western values arose from a the collision of the remnants of pagan Greco-Roman Civilization and the uncivilized hoards of Germanic Tribal invaders who finished off that civilization. The leaders of the Roman Church at that time thoughtfully and willfully perverted the last vestige of biblical morals to more closely match those of the Germanic invaders so as to appeal to them and make some sort of shallow conversion possible.

Here at Kiln of the Soul, we flatly reject Western morals as hostile to genuine biblical religion. There is some overlap between the mainstream Western “Christianity” and what Christ actually taught, but there are significant differences. Christ was a Hebrew man.

So Christ would stand with King David on treatment of war captives. What does it take to humble the enemy and make them stop fighting? Don’t evaluate that from your own Western mythology; think in terms of how Israel’s kings did things, along with a host of other warrior kings in that time and place. I understand that American civil law will follow its own standard dictates. I am not suggesting that we should campaign for a change in that. My point here is that Christians are poking God in the eye when they evaluate the case of Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher from a non-biblical perspective.

The Bible sees nothing wrong with what Gallagher is accused of doing, given the context. All the more so when you discover that ISIS was created by the US intelligence agencies (led, trained and funded by our people) in concert with those of our allies. This whole war against ISIS was a cynical ploy to fight both sides at the same time in order to destroy third party governments that have done us no harm whatsoever. The relentless and unspeakable evil within our own government is the real problem here, and it should help to explain the wrath and tribulation coming upon the US even now.

So we should pray for Eddie Gallagher that God will have mercy on him for being a hapless pawn in our government’s hideous lies.

Addenda: The Bible sees nothing wrong with assassination of civilian political figures. The Bible sees nothing wrong with meeting force with force. Do you think Israel’s forces would hesitate to do worse than Gallagher? Do you imagine that ISIS would hesitate to do even worse than all of them? Chivalry as a moral value is from pagan mythology, not from the Bible. If we are going to go to war, we should recognize no such limits, in part because nobody else does. That we even went to war in those places shows that are no better.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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