Resurrection Sunday 2019

At least as early as His baptism, Jesus was fully conscious of the Cross ahead of Him. It was quite some struggle to make sure the Twelve were ready to carry the burden after He was gone.

Recent events remind me that, being over 60, this is probably a good time to build in some dead-man switches. I’ll be writing a sort of guide for my survivors to handle things and close out the business of my life. I rejoice at the idea that some folks would miss me, but I am also uncomfortable that some folks actually feel dependent on me. The latter is something I’ve tried to address simply on the grounds that censorship is rising, but death is another matter.

To be honest, my prophetic sense tells me I’ll be around for a very long time, but God has been known to change His plans for us. Divine will is not written in stone somewhere. I’m absolutely certain God has activated contingencies in the past few years. Nothing surprises Him and I firmly believe He knows the future, but not in the common sense of determinism. He gives us choices along the way within His plans. Most prophecy is conditional: “If you fail this command, such-n-such will be God’s response.” This is why He had the entire nation of Israel stand on the mountains either side of Shechem and recite the blessings and curses of the Covenant (see Deuteronomy 11 and Joshua 8:30-35).

In the long run, though, the real issue is that we are approaching a time in God’s judgment and wrath on America that lot of things will change dramatically in a relatively short time. Some of what we do now will be impossible before this year is out. Our fellowship should be unaffected, but the I’ve already warned that this blog is no longer the center of it. That is, if you are among those who actually engage our faith community, it should still be possible regardless of this blog. If you are simply a subscriber, maybe you won’t miss it so much.

I really do wish I could meet with some of you for a communion service today.

Addenda: I don’t take myself that seriously, but a few folks have warned me that they consider my work very important. I’m not the person who decides what should happen if I pass on to the other side, but some of you want to plan for it in case it happens any time soon. So answer for yourself this question: What would you volunteer to do for this ministry should I die? What work would you do to avoid losing something that you value? What part of that should I know about right now so I can make it easier?

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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