Scanned Photos 06

One of my favorite repeat marches was around the city of Ecaussinnes, Belgium. There were some really ancient ruins there and plenty of majestic scenery. The city sits in a bowl with a narrow valley entrance.

This is one of many shots I took of the Ardennes Region of Belgium. This one was somewhere near Eupen, Belgium and the Haute Fagnes Park, sometime in 1989.

The forested region called Haute Fagnes (High Fens) was riddled with scenes like this. One of several streams that drained the swampy areas atop this vast plateau in the middle of the Ardennes.

I visited The Hague several times. One trip was during the winter with my kids. We rode the train on one of our holidays and spent the day seeing the sights. This is the beach adjacent to The Hague called Scheveningen. That pier in the background is simply called “The Pier.” There’s a restaurant and a view tower, and these days, a Ferris wheel.

One of the most popular landmarks is the Peace House, AKA the City Courthouse. It houses several judicial institutions, if I remember correctly, to include the International Criminal Court. From this angle you see only the front side, but the sides are actually longer. There’s an inner courtyard and other huge buildings on the same campus.

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