Closer to Heaven

Paul’s Letter to the Roman Christians makes it plain that there is nothing we can do on our end to get ourselves or other people into Heaven. The one thing we can do on this level is share the heart-led way. That is something humans can choose. This is by far the best we can do, the only way we can get them as close to Heaven as is possible on our level.

Most of the time, just telling someone something about the sensory heart and the “mind” in the heart, and that we can choose to shift the focus of our consciousness into our hearts, is enough for them to choose it. Once they become aware of it, they realize instinctively it’s true. It may be not be enough to advise someone to focus on convictions over reason, because those terms tend to be loaded with junk notions. However, that’s a start, if you then go on to describe how the Bible talks about the heart as the domain within us that bears our will, or ability to commit to truth and covenants.

So we can build a religion that emphasizes the Covenants of the Bible. We can open the door the same way God did via Biblical Law (AKA following Christ) in terms of a commitment. People can do that, and they can do the heart-shift, all with the moral freedom God granted to every human on the earth. This is why we don’t talk about “getting saved.” We talk about embracing the Covenant of Christ as a moral inclination. We can then teach them how life itself is best understood in terms of the Covenants.

If someone is Elect, this is the atmosphere that will help them discover it. Only the individual can know he/she is elect, and without the proper equipment of the heart-led obedience to the Covenants, they will fail to live their divine heritage. But if we show them their divine heritage, we have opened the door to discovering whatever it is God intends to do for them. This is what we seek to build with Radix Fidem.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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