I Am Expendable

Having said that

The genie is out of the bottle; we are not going to restore the privacy I had as a child. I was literally a nobody, and it would have taken quite some expense to track my history to find out almost nothing. That has changed; we are inventoried like never before. It’s not just government, but all kinds of agencies that govern-in-effect parts of our lives have joined in the party. It takes monumental efforts to avoid even half the tracking.

And in a certain sense, it’s not worth fighting it. To be more precise, there are ways in which fighting this is merely a tactical consideration for something much more important. This is how we approach everything: We are aliens in this world. It is not worth the trouble to get too involved in the questions that occupy everyone else. We are neither blindly pursuing material comforts, nor trying to assert a man-made image of what’s ideal. We are pursuing the reality that God revealed with the absolute assurance that it is the real deal.

If you use Facebook, you can only justify the time and expense in terms of shining the Lord’s glory. The same goes with all “free” social networking services. If you engage in use of crypto currencies, it’s only because that’s how you serve the Kingdom. Any use of various cloud services, with all the surrender of personal information into the hands of others, is part of your mission and calling. Even my use of Linux and dodging online tracking is itself a part of my mission and calling, though it does amuse me to no end how the information aggregators are frustrated by how little they know about me. They still think I earn something over $50K annually, for example. It’s just a guess based on the factors they have on record.

Eventually the firewalls that currently keep them in the dark will be removed. But having long since embraced the truth that this life isn’t worth much in the first place, they can have it. I won’t make it easy for them unless that’s what my convictions call for. This business of making it difficult is not a matter of holiness, but tactics in my Kingdom service. The breaking point will be when the government breaks down and the private entities are no longer restrained; they are already displacing government. The lines are blurred and it’s hard to tell the difference in terms of how it affects us. I seriously doubt our government will hold itself separate from those private entities much longer.

This is not the problem. We learn from the prophetic record in the Bible that this is the way things go in the fallen world. We take it for granted that such will ever be the case, and we don’t take seriously the imaginary battles of those fighting for “rights.” Everyone serves someone; that’s a part of our fallen condition.

The problem is what they intend to do with that power. Of course they are going to oppress; the issue is what choices they will try to take from us. We have to decide how shining the Lord’s glory affects our participation in this big mess. What does it take to make Him glorious? We know that a certain kind of resistance is required, that it’s built into His promises. Creation is wired to crush evil, so we have to discern what His revelation says about it, and we must prophetically sense how He intends to go about it.

In general, Scripture indicates that nationalism is more or less the bottom line. The primary lesson of the Tower of Babel is that Creation is hard-wired for us to live in tiny tribal covenant nations. There is a certain amount of variation in the ebb and flow of things, and we have long suffered under a history of mankind denying the highly decentralized ideal of Scripture. That’s where the prophetic word comes in: What are we supposed to be doing in the current context? Even if the Lord does not give you a prophetic word, His Spirit in you can help you recognize which prophetic words from others are for you.

I don’t pretend to have your answers, but I do have those given to me within my divine calling and mission.

My heart demands that I treat globalists, communists, socialists and SJWs here in the US as enemies. As far as I am concerned, they aren’t Americans. I have no duty to them at all except opposition; they are an invasion force. They fall under that oath I took to defend the Constitution from domestic enemies, an oath to which my God still holds me accountable. Granted, a lot of neocons and Zionists also fall under that definition, as well. The question is not really who is the enemy. Who isn’t? The question is: What are my marching orders; what is my target for today? The next question is: What are the tactics I must employ?

It doesn’t matter whether I actually expect to win any battles against them. The real victory is showing up. The real battle is against the fallen nature within me that is allied with Satan and his minions. What matters is obeying that divine calling and being faithful.

But make no mistake: Those people are servants of the Devil and their lives are forfeit. In some ways, so is mine. That’s reality as God revealed it. The whole point is that this life isn’t worth that much worry. Saving their lives by converting them is not how it works; that’s an idolatrous myth that doesn’t come from Scripture. It comes from the heathen notion that this life is all there is. Humans dying doesn’t really mean that much, including our own deaths. The question is whether taking life is justified under Biblical Law.

God intends to snuff out a lot of lives in the coming days. I’m called to get involved in this. I’m going to work alongside this until my life is snuffed out, too. That’s where He tells me His glory shines in me. You don’t have to join me; you don’t even have to understand it. But if you dispute with me about this, you simply close yourself off from this ministry.

If you make the mistake of calling me a righty or a conservative, you’ll never understand what I’m doing and what I’m writing here. The only label that works here is “nationalist.” I’m not really expecting to save America, not even as I define the term “America.” But I am expecting to use that conflict as a means to point to God’s revelation, to Biblical Law.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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