Radix Fidem Commandos

The threat is very real.

[I]n almost every regard, Silicon Valley is on board (or even to the left) of the Democratic party.

Most entrepreneurs, the survey found, favor high taxes on the rich, generous social services for the poor, and a global internationalist outlook behind free trade and immigration. Environmental protection and income inequality were ranked as ”extremely important” to them personally.

Yet they are anti-union and anti-regulation. This will likely rewrite Democratic Party platforms into the future, once the inevitable infighting subsides. (source)

These people are determined to enslave us to their Tower of Babel, and they really do viscerally hate you for not agreeing with them. They may be cowards, but they are perfectly willing to see your dead bodies in the streets and celebrate. They mean to destroy this nation and make it part of their dream for one-world government. God is going to destroy them; that’s His stated agenda. He typically invites us to participate in various ways.

Let me draw an image for you in words. Think about commandos, people with special training and skills who often infiltrate among more common folks to disrupt the threats against their home nation. While sometimes it means masquerading, it mostly means getting inside undetected, not being recognized as counter-threats. It means avoiding the normal pleasantries and staying focused on neutralizing the threat. It’s not total warfare, but a very targeted attack on the one thing that most empowers the threat.

Now think of how there might be an online commando force. Not the cyber warriors who engage in hacktivism, but idea warriors. I assert that the real combat is over ideas, an information war, the battle for hearts and minds. In biblical terms, the best we can hope for is not to change directly the hearts and minds; only God can do that. Rather, our part in His Kingdom mission is to expose sin for what it is. That’s the real strategy. The tactics are aimed at making sure the people involved know beyond all doubt what God calls sin, particularly the sins they are pursuing.

Stopping them is in God’s hands. Never forget that Satan serves God’s agenda, because Satan is God’s left-hand man, as it were. Satan is not raising up an army so he can take over; Satan is leading fools into a trap where he can plunder them. This is the nature of all human temptation. Satan deceives us into thinking he offers freedom, like he did Adam and Eve in the Garden, but his real goal is to enslave. There are multiple layers and paths of deception, but in the end, it’s all a lie and the fools who follow him will be destroyed. Satan knows this; it’s his job. God uses Satan to destroy people who reject His divine revelation.

So it’s not as if we might infiltrate the dens of iniquity to destroy their operations, though it might look like that. We infiltrate to break up the integrity of their operations and set people free. Again, we cannot make them do the right thing, but the one thing God has given us power to do is use His Word to make it clear beyond all doubt that those folks are on an evil path. That’s our real mission: We live for moral clarity. That is the glory of our Lord.

There is a lot of training and planning that goes into this, however it requires the individual commando to really want this mission. It’s not like Basic Training or Boot Camp where trainers manipulate and drive you hard. Commando school is where they tell you what you need to learn next and it’s up to you to have the drive to run alongside them and take the training. Commando trainers always do it with you, but they never do it for you. The whole point is that you learn to tap into the inner drive and conviction. This has been in the back of my mind for most of what I’ve written on this blog.

The commando training in this case is that you turn the Flaming Sword on yourself and deal with your fallen human nature. Become fully aware of who you are in Christ by climbing up on His Cross beside Him. Know yourself through His eyes, but also accept His offer of redemption and His power to overcome. Build that fire of mercy and holiness in your own soul; learn to trust Him for everything He calls you to do.

The tactics aren’t that hard, but it is an awful lot of stuff. You have to learn how Satan teaches his army to lie, steal, cheat and kill. Satan is massively greater than your human capabilities, but he’s feeble when compared to the strength God gives us. That means constantly shedding your human desires and dreams so that His power and vision can surge through us.

But the vision of combat is mostly in the field of human awareness. We demonstrate the moral truth of God through how we communicate, both in conduct and words. We are hardened against their pitiful weapons of false accusation and don’t take the bait to fight a losing tactical engagement on their terms. Instead, we shrug off their nonsense and persist in the truth of God’s revelation in us. Our convictions are stronger than the whole world’s lies together. Let them control the things that don’t really matter; that’s just more of the Forbidden Fruit. Let them eat it up for their own damnation. We keep our eyes on the real issue: God has revealed to us what is sin, and we shine that glorious light against all their efforts.

This is part of what’s behind my teaching about the nature of reality and truth. This why I teach a brand of phenomenology, so you don’t get entangled with debates about what’s real and factual. We say that what appears factual to everyone in the world, even if the whole world agrees on it, is just a deception at the fundamental root of human perception itself. There is no objective reality, so their “scientific” assertions don’t mean anything to us. God can and does whatever suits Him with their precious “reality.”

My intention was to teach you to absorb their attacks without damage, and forge ahead at revealing the ultimate truth of God. That alone is our victory. We don’t stop their attacks; the truth does. Every device they cook up is powerless against the blinding glory of God’s Word. How they respond is not the issue; it’s getting the truth out there that is our mission. Go and infiltrate, commandos of Radix Fidem.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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