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Google: A New Form of Oppression

I suppose we can agree that Project Veritas is no different from the mainstream press in one sense: sensationalism sells. Any video can be edited to make an impression that is not inherent in the process they video-taped in the … Continue reading

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Stuck with the Virtual Swamp

The Internet is a gift from God. Everything in this world exists solely for His glory. It remains for us to discover how to use it for that purpose. That includes the Internet; it’s the greatest tool in human history … Continue reading

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Evil in the System

It won’t do to call Microsoft “evil” when the real problem is the system itself. Perhaps you are aware of a website called “Github.” It’s a collection of software repositories, mostly Open Source, that is offered as a free service … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Cyber Casualty

Just to clarify past grumbling here, I’m not likely to engage in political violence. I still believe a civil war has already started here in the US, but I have no interest in supporting either side directly. The only way … Continue reading

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Handing It Out for Free

There’s a fundamental problem with some websites, particularly those that do business with individuals via accounts that require logins. Some of them do it in a very insecure manner. While they do require logins with cookies and so forth, they … Continue reading

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Gone Live: Radix Fidem Blog

We have moved primary operations to Radix Fidem Blog ( Change your bookmarks. This blog will revert to the original free version with the old URL ( Change your bookmarks accordingly. Also, be aware that this blog is not dead, … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 13:18-30

This lesson will be different. Harmonizing the Gospels has always been a major chore and fraught with controversies. The Last Supper narrative is part of the most thoroughly picked over portion of the story. There remains much controversy and many … Continue reading

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