May He Shine through You

From day one on this blog, all I’ve ever done is report what I see in moral terms. A few folks who see some of the same things have come alongside to help me promote this vision of what we can do about it. It was never a question of trying to conquer the world of ideas with this vision, as if we could change what humans do. But it has always been an effort to share with those who are drawn by the same vision.

God has not granted us His authority to change the world; it’s not His way. He hasn’t granted it to anyone else, despite declarations to the contrary. What He has granted is His authority to change ourselves in the midst of a world racing down to destruction. We are granted the unspeakable privilege of opting out, of taking that narrow way out of the cesspool.

America is not the new Babylon. The latest iteration of Babylon is no place in particular, though it is the West in general. America is the new Sodom and Gomorrah. While the first Sodom and Gomorrah got literal fire from Heaven, ours will be more symbolic. It’s falling on us already. This nation has dedicated itself to the same unspeakable moral filth as those ancient cities, and God has granted us leadership that will bring everything down on our heads. Fighting to stop the secret government of hideous evil is a sin, because it is well deserved. We defeat Satan in our own lives, not in the lives of others. Each soul must stand on their own before God.

I suppose I could help you trace out all the dramatic background stories of how awful things were done in our names. Are you a fan of Bo Gritz? He told the truth — in part. The only reason he was allowed to make so much noise, while his peers in the military who fought the Beast were murdered, is because he served a partisan purpose. It doesn’t matter if he was aware of it, though I suspect he was. So you can’t believe everything he said; he was controlled opposition, a propaganda tool. Still, there’s nothing wrong with digging into his message with a measure of cynicism. And you can find some support from folks like Alfred W. McCoy (see his The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia; you can find it online for free).

These folks did yeoman service in telling some of the truth. Nobody knows the whole story, so bits and pieces are all we can get. Go ahead and read those books and watch those videos. If you approach it with the understanding that they are trying to steer you to support something they represent, you won’t be such a fool. Starting from a heart-led consciousness, that stuff serves to help us stop clinging to the idea that we can make any difference in the awful things we see.

Granted, there will be some bright spots to come. Part of God’s wrath is exposing sin for what it is. That’s the part we can celebrate, because we want to be free from sin, whereas a lot those who suffer His wrath cling to it. We have already seen some of the dark secrets uncovered, and there’s more of that to come. How about that Jeffrey Epstein? Just wait until you see whom he exposes as his co-conspirators! But don’t get distracted and act as if this is such a great thing. No amount of exposé is going to change the nature of our government. There is no hope for the US as a political entity.

Pray that you can discern what God has placed in your hands; keep your eyes on that. Pray that you can discern what He demands of you in terms of guarding that divine feudal grant. I can tell you that the last thin layer of covering has been torn away from America, and Satan has been set loose like never before to wreak havoc in the US. Don’t be terrorized, for God grants His divine protection over things He calls us to do. Not for success as humans see it, but He protects it in terms of glorifying His name.

May the Lord Jesus shine through His servants.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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