It Doesn’t End until You Die

The mission of revelation in this fallen world doesn’t end with any of us. Our Father’s glory blazed long before us, and will continue long after us. But we are permitted the grand privilege of participating in His glory if we are willing to renounce this world and meet God on His own terms. We don’t leave this world for a while yet, but we cease belonging to it.

Among other things, the community of the Radix Fidem covenant is a prophetic community. We believe the Lord has communicated clearly enough of His intentions that we can proceed in concert with His plans. Further, we believe that He has revealed those intentions within the current context, so that we sometimes have fairly concrete guidance about what we experience daily. At least, that’s what I believe and teach. I am convinced that Western Civilization is coming apart before our eyes. It no longer stands on its traditions, but rests entirely on the mechanisms put in place by bad people with bad intentions, and their schemes are coming apart. God is going to have the final say in what He will tolerate in His Creation.

We don’t fear their plans, but we do sometimes have to work around them. That’s part of how our Father uses us for His glory. The UN has long been a big joke about what it can actually accomplish. Not a single UN resolution about Israel’s invasion of Palestine has changed a thing, for example. What matters is how the UN’s moves sometimes signal big things afoot among other organizations. The business of silencing dissent is as old as human speech, so there’s no need to panic. God’s Word has never been truly silenced, nor will it ever be silenced. Still, we do have to be aware of signals that evil people have yet new plans for squelching the gospel message. Do you doubt that this language of countering “hate-speech” is targeting the moral standards in the Bible?

Eventually, there’s really nothing you and I can do, but that was never our mission in the first place. The mission has always been seeing how God crushes the resistance of those determined to serve the Devil. For some of us, that means keeping an eye on the cat-n-mouse of technology and ways to avoid being silenced. After all, while the Radix Fidem community is a matter of heart-led communion, it still requires the Internet as a tool of communications between us. This whole thing was born on the Internet. For now, we must trust in the Lord to guide us through the minefield of government and corporate efforts to censor us. For myself and a few others, that means keeping an eye on the technology involved in keeping our community connected.

For myself, I sense that the time has come to make a few changes. Indeed, you may be aware that I recently switched back to running Linux on my systems at home. Awhile back I learned that some users of Win10 have experienced the “random” disappearance of controversial files (documents, images, videos, etc.) on their hard drives. I’ve always believed part of the Win10 working environment included that kind of intrusive technology to keep certain voices from being heard. I’m not referring to that often reported complaint of wiping of files during an upgrade, but targeted deletion of files on journalist’s computers, for instance. I won’t say it’s the hand of Microsoft at work, but I’m convinced that they made it possible for the likes of NSA and Mossad to do it.

I’m hardly that kind of target, yet. But I have little trust for governments and big corporations when it comes to protecting all those rights they keep talking about. I’m currently making other plans to keep as much of this ministry as possible in-house, as it were.

At any rate, what you and I have been used to in this world is already gone for the most part, and if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll be shocked at what’s coming at us. I’m asking you to be very cynical in the sense of Holy Cynicism, not being surprised at what evil humans can dream up for each other. I’m working just about every day at keeping an eye on threats in the technology sector. The mission of getting our message out will never be done.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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