Summertime on the OK River Trails

Today was not as hot as normal, so I could afford to leave a little later and get more overhead sunlight. It makes for better pictures. This is the lower dam showing a good water flow as viewed through the trees at my favorite view portal. The water birds looked kind of lost standing on the shore instead of flocking to their favorite sandbar in the middle of the river, now underwater.

This is Twin Creek near where it empties into the Oklahoma River (AKA North Canadian River). The water level remains high yet from all the rain, so the water courses tend to look nicer right now.

This has been christened the Wheeler District; it’s the new housing I’ve been seeing from the trail the past year. It’s touted as a more bicycle-friendly development, and stands on what was once the Downtown Airpark. This is all right next to that big Ferris wheel that was shipped in from Santa Monica Pier; the big ride has been running a lot this summer.

The Canada Geese had taken over my usual prayer chapel, so today I stopped down by the middle dam and stood in the shade of a big tree. The scent of fragrant pines mixed with flowers was quite nice.

While they’ve been running for a few months, I’ve not seen any of the new streetcars. Color me cynical; I tend to think this will die like all the other “cool” projects the city has tried. OKC is simply not a tourist destination, though that could change. Vandalism has not made things any easier for such efforts.

On the NE 4th Street bridge headed home I stopped to capture this shot of the North Canadian River still high enough to hide all the interesting features on the bottom. Right now the current is strong enough that you wouldn’t likely be able to swim against it, but you could still wade parts of it.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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