Using Their Weapons Against Them

The author of this blog remains primarily an advocate for Christian Mysticism. However, this blog is no longer dedicated to that message. Instead, I write here mostly about the means of that message — the technology of the Internet. I believe I made it clear that the reason for moving my religious blather to an independently hosted blog is because I find WordPress — as a hosting company — cannot be trusted to take my money and give the full service for which I paid. That is, WordPress is too likely to shut down this blog if I say something that offends the wrong people. Since my convictions regarding some issues are far from the mainstream, I placed that sort of discussion on another blog less likely to be shut down so easily.

But is should be obvious even on this blog that my moral sensibilities are quite different from the mainstream. I’m utterly convinced the mainstream is wrong, that our best interest is embracing something else. I believe it’s one thing to use what’s available to live by your convictions; it’s another thing to promote what’s available as if it were truly the best of all possible worlds.

Humans are not designed to communicate long distance. We can do that, but it’s not optimal. We are designed to see, smell and touch each other as part of our communications. Anything less tends to reduce human relations to something frankly harmful in the long run. Just because I have a very high preference for written communications over phone calls does not mean I fail to understand all of this. That’s why I take phone calls even when I would prefer not. My preferences do not make a proper basis for addressing moral issues; I have to fold them into a vision for greater harmony with reality.

While not everyone in our world is conscious of the part they play in such larger moral issues, the net effect of what is promoted in our society is a serious threat to humanity. The current trends in Western Civilization generally, and the US in particular, are calculated (by at least some of those involved) to oppress, to open up people to predation and abuse. The powerful undercurrent of what’s available and what’s promoted to us is meant to isolate us from each other. This prevents us taking advantage of our protective instincts, our social nature, where we can band together to resist being consumed.

Do you understand that Facebook is a primary example of something designed to isolate us from those we are most likely to congregate with face to face? It takes advantage of preexisting trends in economics that drive us apart seeking gainful employment, which in turn takes advantage of a broad general emphasis on materialism in our culture. Yes, we would all be better off making the most of living in tribal communities with somewhat greater likelihood of relative poverty. That’s how we are designed; it’s in our best interest to do so. The highest moral interest is not served by materialistic pursuits and individualism. That I would have to say such things testifies to the success of those who seek to isolate us further via such tools as Facebook.

Facebook allows you to feel like you are still connected to those with whom you should be in each other’s armpits every day. The very success of Facebook and similar social media services is a testimony that we simply cannot evolve to some imaginary “better state.” Mere political and cultural convergence is a very poor substitute for close kinship. Such substitutes guarantee we will never really unite against the broader evil of elite powers. Meanwhile, you can bet those elites do spend time together in each other’s armpits to ensure their strength and unity against us.

We don’t need to fight them so much as refuse to play along. The very essence of my self-proclaimed Christian Mysticism forbids coercion outside of a voluntary embrace of some tribal identity. This is where all that chatter about covenants comes in; without a covenant there simply can be no sufficient communion for applying leverage to those who resist their own best interest. It’s not a question of sufficient force; force is the abuse dished out by the elites. It’s a question of pulling the individual close enough to love and protect and gain their justified trust. Our resistance to the herding by the elites is to gain an identity stronger than the poor substitutes they offer for their own convenience.

So I’m using the one tool I have to advocate for that kind of resistance. We are fragmented and isolated, but because the elites have invested so much of their system of control into the Internet, this is where we can beat them with their own weapons. They meant for the Net to keep us weak, but it places their means of control in the same weak position. I’m asking you to consider seeing through that barrier, to adopt a heart-led approach to things that is our only hope for reaching across the very real physical difference. Use it to reach across the fake cultural divide. Use the Internet as a tool for creating covenant communion.

(So go ahead and feel free to push against my personal preference; you can call me if you feel the need — 405-503-1692 in the US. There’s a good chance it will be what I need despite my preference. But be aware it works best if I know in advance, because I don’t always answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize.)

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Using Their Weapons Against Them

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Never regretted deleting my Facebook.


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