The Crap Filter

Mankind is fallen. The human condition is miserable; anyone can see that, but we assert it is the norm. That is, of all the things that make life unpleasant, we assert that only a few things can be resolved, some can be merely ameliorated, but most of it is simply what we have to face. Most of the human race has no clue about which of our sorrows fall into those categories. Westerners in particular are hostile to this approach in the first place.

The first problem is that epistemology issue I raised previously. You cannot hope to evaluate something if you can’t really discern reality in the first place. And the second problem is closely related: The common Western epistemology is used as an excuse for self-serving in the most vile, materialistic sense. Instead of trying to resolve problems in the human condition, Western thinking loads up on self-deception about what wonderful a gift this materialism is when forced on those who approach life differently.

Honestly, folks: American legal precedent has judges scolding people for not being materialistic enough, making it technically a legal obligation. The State has punished people for failing to embrace materialism.

On this blog, our assumption is that this material world is an illusion. Not in the sense that it doesn’t actually exist, but that, if this is all you can perceive, then you really know nothing that matters. Our human existence is a prison, and we can be free, first in our consciousness, and later by departing with our souls. We are here in prison by default, but there’s no reason to wallow in it; our destiny is elsewhere.

We hold that there is a higher faculty than the intellect. And it’s not simply a better intellect, but an entirely different kind of faculty that rightly directs the intellect. We don’t trust the intellect to lead; that’s not why it exists. Rather, the intellect is meant to organize and implement what that higher faculty can discern.

So when people start yakking about “racism” to us, we dismiss it. First, the term itself is mere propaganda with no real meaning. It’s just an excuse for hostility. That word is used as leverage for just another form of oppression. It’s the same kind of senseless hostility the speaker pretends to be fighting. Don’t engage anyone who uses that term.

Sure, it pays to observe the artificial fracas that such people provoke, because there’s no need to be splattered with the blood from someone else’s fights. We will have too many of our own justified fights. Violence itself is not a sin, but it must be employed consistent with reality’s design. It’s one of those things that can be ameliorated, but there is no way to simply end violence in this world. It remains a necessity for human existence.

Don’t get lost in the information war. Don’t be someone else’s game pawn. If you never examine your assumptions, then you are already a slave. It requires a strong awareness of what your own convictions demand to filter out the crap. The real division taking place on the Internet is between those who are being herded and those who are focused on their own chosen destiny.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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