Promoting Divine Truth

There is no room for anything resembling democracy in the Bible. There’s a reason for that: You cannot know God or His Son without first acknowledging Him as your feudal master. That’s the essential entry point into faith. The revelation of God is cast in terms of feudalism because it is hard-wired into reality itself. Humans cannot possibly dream up anything that works half so well as what God ordained.

Furthermore, it is utterly impossible to understand divine revelation without first grasping the nature of covenants. Nothing God has promised means anything outside of His covenants. Without a conscious embrace of the current valid covenants, you cannot possibly relate to other humans righteously. This is the fundamental order God established for human life on the earth: the feudal covenant.

In passing I note that the bare minimum is the Covenant of Noah, even for those who cannot embrace Christ. And for those who claim Christ, Noah is included in the Covenant of Christ. All other covenants are now subsumed under Christ. You cannot have peace with God and His Creation without one of those two. You can formulate your own local covenant based on either of those two, but it must be nothing more than a fresh expression of them. You cannot add to or take away from the provisions of the Covenants; you can only manifest them in the shifting context.

Finally, the Covenants demand that you depose the primacy of intellect and enthrone the heart-led consciousness of conviction. This is required even on the level of Law Covenant. If you do not elevate your consciousness into your heart, you cannot obey God. Unlike our bogus Western mythology, in which the heart is merely the seat of sentiment, the Bible presumes that the heart is the seat of the will, which is synonymous with saying it is the seat of faith. The Holy Spirit speaks in the heart, not in the intellect. It is even required even for those not “born again.” Nothing God has promised is possible while trusting human intellect. The demands of faith are inherently unreasonable, because reason cannot possibly understand on its own what defines good and evil.

Thus, it becomes obvious that the only political agenda possible for people of faith is nationalism. Not just any old nationalism, it must be covenant feudal nationalism. It is inherently tribal; this is what the Creator demands. There is no left or right in God’s view of things. If you aren’t an extended family nation, you don’t have a valid government. No one should intrude in your daily affairs if they aren’t family. But you need to understand that a covenant of community trumps DNA, so it need not be a nation of race; it can be a covenant family. However, it absolutely must be a nation of one culture. We can evaluate the particulars of culture based on the Bible, but there is wide latitude in content for your tribe. However, within the tribal community, there must be very little variation.

In some ways, we could say that the whole point of covenant feudal law is to ensure that the tribe leads a stable existence. Social stability can come only from recognizing how certain behaviors threaten the moral atmosphere of the tribe. The stability is the whole point; no other goals matter. It will of necessity be a dynamic stability. Some tension is expected; some conflict and carping is natural. However, the primary evaluating principle of a government is that it seeks to keep the tribe united under some moral orientation.

Given the near zero probability that any human government will form under these principles, we spend a lot of time and effort explaining how to live under relentless evil in this world. It’s just barely possible that we can form such feudal covenant tribes as churches, and thereby claim some of the promises of shalom, but that’s about it. Individual righteousness is only the foundation; we are commanded to build a community from that. So in your hearts, you must know that nationalism is about as close as it gets to God’s revealed ideal. You are obliged to support that to some degree whenever and wherever it arises, even in its perverted Western form. The Law of Heaven demands that we publicly approve of anything that moves humanity closer to the divine ideal.

You don’t have to be a participant to see that something someone else is doing is righteous. We support the latent Confederate nationalism, but not the fake “civic nationalism” because there has never been a genuine American nation. The US has always been a multinational empire, and its existence has run its course. We can also encourage the nascent Heartland nationalism, and we are fine with Northeastern and Pacific Coast nationalism. There isn’t much Southwestern nationalism because of the Latin American invasion there. They will most likely reclaim the land the US government stole from them, one way or another.

Some changes will come quite soon, maybe suddenly, and some slowly, down the road a ways yet. It’s hard to predict what we shall see. Still, we should celebrate this as the hand of God. He is restoring a certain baseline from which we can choose to obey or not. But He will not tolerate a globalist agenda; the Tower of Babel makes that clear. On the other hand, imperialism is just another tool the Devil uses to herd humanity that rejects the Law of God. US imperialism is finished.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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