Don’t Trust the System

Let’s compare notes.

We were told the other day that Jeff Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell. I’ve examined the news photo of the body being wheeled out on a gurney, and it’s not Epstein. The facial profile, and in particular the opening of the ear, is a different person from the numerous public photos of Epstein out and about. Furthermore, a previous inmate of that facility opines that the official story is simply not possible. For example, the bed sheets used there would tear like paper if someone pulled hard on them. It’s a special product you can order to prevent that very thing.

Whatever is actually going on, the official story is a lie. My first guess is that Epstein has entered a sort of witness protection program to make him disappear. I was made aware of that sort of procedure when I served in the Military Police. Indeed, that’s the primary source of my cynicism about official news releases, because it was my job to keep some stuff under wraps. I didn’t mind keeping privileged information; that’s part of how crimes are investigated. Exceedingly rare is the perpetrator who doesn’t betray something they wouldn’t know if they aren’t guilty. But some of my superiors were outright crooks, and it still chaps me that the system was far more concerned with image than truth.

So the fracas in Hong Kong? There is plenty to dislike about the communist Chinese government, but the primary issue here is that the US and UK are both injecting a lot of money and training into that situation with the clear intent to destabilize things there. Meanwhile, our government is playing head games with the people there, and I’m betting that Beijing will be forced to send in the troops to restore order. The folks there are canon fodder; serving the US political agenda, they will end up far worse off than if left alone. As I’ve noted on this blog often enough, such interference is a sin, and it’s part of why God’s wrath is falling on the US. Nothing any humans can do will change God’s plans for China.

Not every story is a lie; rather it’s the underlying intent to manipulate us to the benefit of the ruling elite. The warnings about the failing economy are real. It’s the details where they lie to us, and the underlying dynamics. If the system were left to grind to a halt on its own, we would all be far better off. But the news is slanted to induce a panic reaction. Granted, it’s impossible to know just exactly what will trigger that panic, but the propagandists do have some idea what kind of things have worked in the past.

Panic is profit for those pulling the strings, but not for any of us. Don’t panic. Be aware that the system must of necessity crash, and do what you can to face it with confidence and sanity. For example, don’t rush out and stock up on things that you don’t actually eat already. On the other hand, it may be wise to adjust your eating habits. Taking my own advice, I’m getting myself used to eating more canned foods.

Sure, I can go out right now and find fresh produce stands around the OKC metro. It’s either locally grown organic and craft produce, or stuff that was delivered from the Rio Grand Valley overnight on someone’s flatbed trailer. Oklahoma farming has suffered significantly from the early summer flooding that prevented crops being planted, but virtually none of that is sold direct to consumers. However, when the economy starts to collapse, the massive transportation network will be one of the first things to stop working. Huge gaps will appear in our just-in-time delivery system. That disruption is what will throw most people into a panic. If you can develop the habit of eating canned goods, this is a good time to collect a stock, however much you can store. If you can your own at home, all the better.

If you have no storage place, cultivate the mental habits of seizing opportunities. It’s wise to develop close ties with people who have resources you lack. Don’t be a burden; start by offering what you can to others. Make yourself valuable. Either way, don’t buy into the propaganda. Things will be tight, but the system isn’t going to simply freeze up totally.

The heart-led consciousness will carry you where you need to go.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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