Redeeming Creation

It is unlikely that anyone with actual authority is going to hear what we have to say. Our fundamental orientation on reality is at odds with every single human authority on this earth. We can assert that our position is closer to God’s revelation, but winning that argument assumes people are listening with their hearts, and that in itself is rejected by all earthly authority. The claim to rely on human reason is the very nature of the Fall. The Forbidden Fruit is the reliance on human reason to decide what is good and evil, and not trusting in divine revelation.

So while we don’t take ourselves too seriously in the particulars of what we believe God requires in terms of human behavior, it is the fundamental question of how we arrive at those particulars. We make the most of what God offers (divine revelation) in terms of escaping the consequences of the Fall. The choice Adam and Eve made in the Garden placed humanity under the authority of Satan, and the only valid human goal is escaping that authority. The only other place we can go is into conformance with revelation. It’s not a question of the particulars of where we go from there; it’s a matter of the fundamental assumption about how to proceed. It’s not product, but process. As long as the process is wrong, nothing we do will be right.

We are rightly cynical about the motivations that people hide from themselves, much less what they hide from each other. All public debate is inherently flawed, fouled by the self interest that the intellect pretends it does not suffer. There is no such thing as objective truth, but the pretense of objectivity is the ongoing basis for why nothing can ever be fixed.

The current debate about Internet censorship is a lie in itself. There can be no such thing as fairness and justice that builds from false assumptions. The apparent conflict is between left and right. In particular, it is the alleged bias of the Big Tech companies in favor of the left, and using their position as owners of the platform to deny the righties their fair say in things. The denials from Big Tech are a blatant lie; that much is obvious. But nobody wants to discuss how leftists got into position to oppress in the first place.

The entire concept and structure of the Internet is a product of US government efforts to establish a better, more reliable means of communication for war. But the US government is not some single monolith; the agencies involved in the creation of the Net were then, and still are, globalist in orientation. Those agencies sold the idea as something all the various agencies could use, but it was a sucker punch to get them all committed to the inherent globalist agenda. Instead of enabling government activities regardless of which agenda wins in the ongoing debate in elected government assemblies, it was meant to provide cover for a poorly disguised agenda of destroying that very government.

Keep in mind that there is a secondary level of obfuscation here. The real debate was never left versus right. It was globalists and imperialists together against nationalism. The globalists created leftism as a front; the imperialists harness the common man’s conservative impulses to promote their agenda. Both sides condemn the human instinct for nationalism as immoral.

The globalist agenda is a particular brand of imperialism. Instead of an honest agenda of conquering the world through visible government action, it seeks to subvert the conscious awareness of the population, to blind and enslave humanity by deceit. It is a fundamental lie. The more traditional imperialists prefer to keep things above the line of conscious awareness. It’s not that they don’t lie, but the thrust of their activity is overt, versus the globalist agenda of creating a virtual world rather like the awful imagery of The Matrix.

Furthermore, the globalists who designed the Net funded and directed the growth of Big Tech companies. Big Tech is by no means the product of independent entrepreneurs. While that may be the story for a few individual companies, the entire landscape was established by the funding and seducing of people with a limited genius for the methods and means, but totally blind to underlying purpose. There would be no Silicon Valley without the globalist agenda of various US government agencies.

Example: The government proposed at one time a surveillance network to protect us from the boogie man of terrorism. The plan was publicly excoriated as Orwellian. So the plan was withdrawn from public view. The very next month, Facebook was born. People who knew Zuckerberg in those days said he never was smart enough to come up with Facebook on his own, and insiders tell the story of how he was handed the whole thing as a massive extension of his initial college social cataloging attempt.

So the current hullabaloo about trying to keep the clumsy iron hand of government out of the Internet is itself a lie. The sneaky, slimy globalists have no moral standing to complain that the more honest imperialist agencies of government want to control what government money and power has built. Big Tech acts as a de facto arm of the government already. People use it because that’s the only provision that exists, and it is being used to enslave them.

Your average Joe Citizen knows he is being denied the freedom to say what he wants. The globalist Big Tech lords are determined to silence anything that isn’t part of their Matrix agenda. This, while the Big Tech lords also continue working to make government serve their agenda. In other words, Big Tech is very much an adjunct to the globalist government agencies, and cannot claim to be private companies. Far too much of what government demands from its citizens is available only from Big Tech. It’s not that you are blocked from things like claiming your Social Security benefits without a cellphone, for example, but that the task becomes a monumental burden. Big Tech is a de facto gatekeeper for government services.

Granted, this makes it appear that the Internet is just one more tool of oppression. That much is true, but that doesn’t prevent us from putting it to other uses. It’s our Roman Road; the government can’t afford to restrict its use to purely government purposes. Big Tech is not the Internet itself, nor can it ever completely borg the Internet. Weapons of oppression can always be turned on the oppressors.

That’s because oppressors are always inherently human. After all, the siren song of Hell in making the Forbidden Fruit so attractive is that taking a bite will crash your life on the rocks. The Matrix is fiction, after all. The globalists can’t win, any more than the imperialists. It’s all contrary to reality, even if it does require a long view to see it.

The openly professed agenda of this blog is, in part, to help folks who want to reduce their enslavement to the globalist and/or imperialist agenda, both of which in turn serve the broader agenda of Satan to keep folks under his control. Satan’s control hinges on not just one hidden agenda, but offering anything and everything except the one agenda of returning to Eden. We are relatively few in number, and thinly scattered, but God has granted us an opportunity to compare notes and serve His agenda of redeeming His Creation from the Fall.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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