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Heads-up: Blog Changes Coming

The Lord is at work in my life. I’ve made the decision to move this blog to another service. For the past two years I’ve been paying WordPress to host this thing. Meanwhile, they’ve been shutting down blogs that I … Continue reading

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How Divine Truth Works

God does not punish people; He punishes sin. People get hit with wrath because they are clinging to the sin He punishes. This is why it looks random to so many Westerners, because they simply cannot grasp the notion of … Continue reading

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Google’s Latest Censorship Efforts

The “Health Ranger” has been known to exaggerate from time to time, but there is quite likely a basis in truth for his latest breathless warning about Google Chrome browser. I’ve been hearing just this kind of thing from technology … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — John 13:1-17

We need to understand some background here. Jesus and His disciples met for a Seder a day early. In that day and time, it was typical for professional groups and similar private clubs to meet like this, just men without … Continue reading

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Summertime on the OK River Trails

Today was not as hot as normal, so I could afford to leave a little later and get more overhead sunlight. It makes for better pictures. This is the lower dam showing a good water flow as viewed through the … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t End until You Die

The mission of revelation in this fallen world doesn’t end with any of us. Our Father’s glory blazed long before us, and will continue long after us. But we are permitted the grand privilege of participating in His glory if … Continue reading

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Draper Bikeway 18

I rode out to the north end of Draper Lake yesterday; it was a good workout hitting the steep hills and checking out the work on the bikeway. Today I rode around the lake to view the rest of the … Continue reading

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