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Tribulation Is Our Natural Element

I’m neither conservative nor liberal. Both of those terms presume a placement within the dominant culture. I rejected that a long time ago; I’m a primordial. I adhere to something that came before there was a Western Civilization. It’s a … Continue reading

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Photography: Road Flowers

On the one hand, I had some flower shots left over from the Draper ride the other day. On the other hand, I took a road ride today up near Jones and saw some more, plus a few scenery shots. … Continue reading

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We Need Ehud

If we disobey, we leave a door open for demonic presence in our lives. Obedience is the hedge of protection. You don’t have to pay attention to what follows — it’s kinda long — but I must write it. Read … Continue reading

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They Will Eventually Ask

We can’t explain it. All we can do is peel back the layers of mental conditioning until the truth presents itself as your reality. It has to be yours or it won’t work at all. It’s personal, as following Christ … Continue reading

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Photos: Draper Bike Path Construction

We’ll start with a satellite view (thanks to Bing Maps) showing where the following photos were shot in numerical order. Think of this first image as number zero. The shots start at the head of the freshest clearing work near … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 13:44-52

Here we have four parables in quick succession. Together they tell us that the Kingdom of Heaven is all or nothing. God discriminates between those who meet His Son at the foot of the Cross and sacrifice as He did, … Continue reading

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The Insignificance of Jerusalem

Everyone seems convinced that the recent move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is full of symbolism. It is, but it symbolizes rejecting God’s truth in this case. Jerusalem was King David’s chosen royal city. He captured … Continue reading

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