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Scanned Photos 08

One of the most memorable volksmarch trips was down in Weywertz, Belgium. The village is perched on a hilltop not far from the German border, and the folks here spoke German, mostly. Belgium is like that, not having any official … Continue reading

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They Need Heart-Led

Radix Fidem is our covenant, our approach to doing religion together. The Kiln of the Soul online parish is my implementation of Radix Fidem. Anyone can take the idea of Radix Fidem and run with it; nobody needs my permission. … Continue reading

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Divine Expectations

This is Christian Mysticism. There is a very strong reason I play loosey-goosey with theology: Your brain cannot contain divine truth. God does not work in the brain in that sense; He works only in the heart. You convictions, written … Continue reading

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Closer to Heaven

Paul’s Letter to the Roman Christians makes it plain that there is nothing we can do on our end to get ourselves or other people into Heaven. The one thing we can do on this level is share the heart-led … Continue reading

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Scanned Photos 07

Not far from where I was living in the Netherlands was the town of Doenrade. Just outside of the town was the old nobleman’s castle. At the time I took this shot of the front entrance, the thing was up … Continue reading

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Scanned Photos 06

One of my favorite repeat marches was around the city of Ecaussinnes, Belgium. There were some really ancient ruins there and plenty of majestic scenery. The city sits in a bowl with a narrow valley entrance. This is one of … Continue reading

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Sharpening the Sword

Can you imagine someone like me wishing we could do without the Internet? There are two issues here. One is that a computer is by far the best way to write, and to store what you write. Two is that … Continue reading

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