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Take Another Bite

If you were blessed by Christine’s post the other day, then you really should take the time to read the follow up post. Christine explains how she goes about using her heart’s leadership in her calling. One of the main … Continue reading

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Psalm 150

This is the end of the Hallelujah Hymns and the end of the whole book. It serves honorably to hold that place as the capstone of worship. Hallelujah! At the very least we should come to the Temple and praise … Continue reading

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On the Sunk Costs Fallacy

If you have the time and patience to read it, I highly recommend The Sunk Cost Fallacy by David McRaney. He uses the memorable obsession on Facebook called “Farmville” to demonstrate a serious flaw that arises from Western materialism. This … Continue reading

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The One in the Mirror

We have to ditch the mental habits of our world. One of those habits is seeking some body of objective truth. So long as you cling to that, there will always be someone ready to crush you for having a … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 26

1. Think about it: We who live heart-led have the nerve to tell the world that a billion Western minds are wrong. That’s my estimate, a mere approximation; if you want to fuss over details, you already fail to understand … Continue reading

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Creation is Calling

It’s worth your time: Christine explains the cultural conflict we are up against in promoting the heart-led way. And she’s quite right that things are turning around, so it’s all the more critical that we take full advantage of it. … Continue reading

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A Sample of Music Nostalgia

Without droning on too long about it, my musical background includes southern gospel quartet music. I have since become quite a bit more discerning than during those younger years when I regularly sat down for a TV show called “Gospel … Continue reading

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