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Trying It Again

I had a devil of a time uploading this picture, something is hindering the upload. I got it on the fifth try. I can’t tell if it’s my ISP (which has been acting suspicious lately) or something wrong with WordPress. … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus: Matthew 10:28-33

This is the ultimate otherworldly statement: This life is expendable; don’t cling to it. There is a life for each of us after this that no one can take from your Father. People love to nitpick over the precise meaning … Continue reading

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It’s Not What People Expect

This is a prophetic message, but it’s not a prophecy as the word is commonly used. It’s addressed only to those who feel led of the Spirit to pay attention. And if I don’t share it, I will be disobedient … Continue reading

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Not Blending in Very Well

Could there be some day a Radix Fidem military chaplain? Not likely, though not impossible. For now, it would require a fairly radical change in government. That is, the kind of process for seeking government recognition as a valid religious … Continue reading

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Photography: Urban Parking Garages 2

We continue the parking garage saga. Today’s initial image was on the way to my first, and I decided to stop and capture that sculpture that shows up in a previous image. This open area is called Enterprise Square, but … Continue reading

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Boundaries and Fences

A critical failure in Western Christianity is the impossible moral climate. I want you to notice this huge, tall mountain of social expectation. Because you claim Christ as your Lord in a Western context, you are saddled with a massive … Continue reading

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Photography: Urban Parking Garages 1

The skyscraper section of Downtown OKC is less than one square mile in area. Within that area are several substantial parking garages. I’ll try to make a series of this. First up today was the Santa Fe Plaza parking garage, … Continue reading

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