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The Shape of American Christian Religion

I’ve seen this up close and personal, so it’s not just wild propaganda condensed from news sources. I’ve worked on staff of churches and been involved in denominational politics with several different backgrounds. The big and successful churches today have … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Mark 9:38-40

A couple of items before we continue. First, Mark’s Gospel offers little that isn’t in Matthew’s, so if a teaching was covered in Matthew, it will be skipped in Mark. We actually won’t spend much time in Mark in this … Continue reading

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Photography: Random Spring Shots

Over the past week or so I captured this quick cellphone image of a flowering bush. I’m not too good on naming such things, but I can tell you that the scent was very light and sweet. Some of these … Continue reading

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Open Line Friday

This is the place for your random questions. Just post something in the comments and I’ll respond appropriately.

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Another Prophetic Rant

I’ve been asked by several people to refresh some of my positions on certain issues. America as a cultural entity is utterly Anglo-Saxon. Never mind the civilized veneer; it’s a false front. Anglo-Saxons are arrogant, spiteful and brutal. They assume … Continue reading

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Photography: Testing iPhone Ideas

As always, click on any image to see it full-sized. CTRL-click will open the image in a separate browser tab. I’m reading some tutorials on iPhone camera features. For us old people, there is almost nothing intuitive about it, so … Continue reading

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The Light You Have

Standard spiritual advice: Walk in the light you have. It’s the same as obeying your conscience as it speaks now so you can move farther along and train it to speak more accurately. If you aren’t faithful where you stand … Continue reading

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