Linux Migration Services

Let me help you migrate to Linux. My target audience is the individual user, the home office worker and small businesses.

Linux is free; there are almost no viruses or other malware to attack it. It’s modular and simple instead of hopelessly confused and internally entangled. Nothing is obscured; it’s wide open to anyone who wants to understand it. You can rebuild every part of it to suit yourself. Updates come as needed, not according to a schedule, and they typically take only a few minutes to install.

You might come up with all kinds of reasons for considering this kind of move, but my own reason is simply control. No outside agency makes any decisions for me as to what I run and how I run it on my computer. I’m in charge completely, in the sense that whatever I want to control is mine to choose. The folks who put my operating system and software together don’t even want to control my choices, but they are glad to offer some useful defaults to get things going. They have no interest in what I do with it, but are glad to help me resolve problems by making available everything I need to work it out.

For about 20 years now I’ve been using Linux, and working in tech support for about 15. I’m a trainer first and foremost; my specialty is helping folks understand as much about their computer as they want to know. I’m perfectly willing to work myself out of a job by teaching them to need less of my help. Most of my clients still run Windows because I don’t push them. However, the interest in Linux has picked up recently as more and more decisions are taken from their hands, and more of their privacy is compromised. One of the more alarming things is the forced advertising with Windows 10, but there are other complaints. I’ll help them migrate to Linux when they are ready.

I’ve worked hard over the years trying to measure the user’s experience, particularly their frustrations with things they don’t understand. Most people are pretty smart and can figure out much of what they need to know to make adjustments to suit their tastes and needs. My interventions are based on how they use their systems, a sort of task-oriented approach, but always ready to explain the underlying concepts.

You can find several free books I’ve published aimed at beginners who wish to acquaint themselves with Linux. Those books should indicate how I teach.

Debian 8 for Beginners

More Debian 8 for Beginners

The Shortest Path to Linux (references a now obsolete version of Linux)

CentOS: The Commercial Grade Linux Desktop

Each is a bare introduction to some of the most basic tasks common to most users. However, it would have been pretty easy to add more chapters if my experience with users indicated it was warranted.

Of course, those books should indicate that I am prepared to do some of the actual work of installing and setting up the OS for one or more users. I am acquainted with some of the typical server and networking tasks, too, but my real expertise is helping new users on the desktop or workstation. As an added bonus, I do this work dirt cheap.

If you decide your operation, regardless of size, needs to migrate to running Linux on some or all of your computers, I’ll be glad to help you. My motto is “helping you to need less help.” Contact me at