What You See Is Just the Beginning

According to my prophetic insight, we will be in some very real danger from the Zionists somewhere in the next few years.

That same prophetic insight, with the support of my limited intellect, is quite convinced that Trump will succeed in rooting out the globalist conspiracy against the US. The Lord will crush them, amplifying Trump’s abilities and resources so that we won’t see them again for quite awhile. Their satanic doctrine won’t die, of course, but it will take a big hit.

Once they are gone, we should expect the Zionists to rise like never before. The globalist conspiracy has restrained them somewhat over the past few decades. Without that hindrance, we should expect the Zionists to rise up and oppress folks like you and me. I’m telling you beforehand; test my words. If I’m wrong about that, everything else I have to say is probably not worth your time.

I’ll grant you that perhaps in some places a little armed resistance will be appropriate. However, the primary emphasis is, has been, and always will be to expose their evil with the truth. I don’t care if they take over the whole world, because this world isn’t worth having. But the battle is not a matter of politics and power. It’s a matter of being able to speak the truth and expose their lies. That’s the mission whether we live or die.

If you speak the faith, it means nothing without living it. So I’m asking you to prepare your hearts by simply exercising that divine communion with nature and anyone who shares your faith. Strengthen that bond in every way and keep it always in view. Don’t let go of it, even though your system becomes accustomed to the flow of life. I remember the first time I understood that trees could talk, and it jangled my nerves. That’s natural for the first time with a lot of things we experience as humans. But don’t let it die just because your body has gotten used to it. Stay fresh with Creation.

And that includes people who are join us in the heart-led way. Once they are reunited with nature, as we are designed to be, they will be a conscious part of Creation, and the thrill of sharing will be the same with them as with any other part of Creation.

But also sharpen what you know about the lie of Zionism, and it’s close pal, Dispensationalism. Ask us questions about it, or do your own research. Know that it is one of the biggest lies foisted on Christians since the day Christ ascended to Heaven. As much as you can, bone up on the false teaching popular where you live and bone up on the answers to it.

I’ll be reviewing some of that in the coming days.

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Alongside the Silly Stories

A video leaked yesterday demonstrating most emphatically that Google’s management planned ways to undermine Trump’s presidency. It was by any definition plotting an unarmed revolution, weaponizing the Internet and all of Google’s tools of power and influence over what people see. The video was loaded with the arrogance of these bigshots against the very real wishes of the majority of voters. It’s one thing to know about such attitudes; it’s another to see the spiteful expressions up close and personal.

This is the face of Big Tech. Overnight Tuesday-Wednesday, Reddit shut down all of the various subreddits in support of Trump and Q. What Reddit wants to hide from everyone is that there were several million registered users, never mind unregistered visitors like myself.

Reddit is a common and very popular forum for such things, so this action really clamps down on the exposure of Trump and Q related discussion. While the operations were moved to another service (Voat), it’s going to be quite a while before that huge audience can reassemble there. Worse, it was clear yesterday that Voat was struggling to handle the load of just a few thousand users.

(Update: Perhaps the better choice at Voat is this link. There is a spat going on at Voat and I’m not too sure who the good guys are. The Q team is struggling to make the transition and it’s chaotic. Feel free to test them both for your own taste.)

We have some insider noise suggesting Twitter will perform another wave of shutdowns to match this. Facebook has already announced plans to execute the same kind of censorship, but they are taking their time about it. It need not be collusion, since it’s clear the standard techie leftist orientation was established long ago. There never was any intent to play by the rules of civil discourse. Now it’s just naked oppression by any means available. The left presumes the right will play by certain rules, but have given zero thought to the selection of rules that can be used against them in response to this hateful behavior.

Try to understand: This is the nature of the left we are seeing here. It’s the nature of the right to establish the rules and expect everyone to play by them. When the left cheats, the right typically fails to take any useful action. So the right has been steadily losing over the past few decades, despite overwhelming numerical superiority among voters. Even when the right controls Congress, they don’t have the stomach to push through their agenda against the spiteful and cheating behavior of the lefties.

That is, the leadership of the right won’t do it. What this does is force the right-wing populace to react with the kind of force that takes no more guff. This is why we’ve seen such horrific right-wing crackdowns around the world in recent history. The left cheats and the right is too nice until it gets downright dangerous. Then the right snaps and destroys everything.

This business of Q and the nerd army is an attempt to take action by the rules, to restore a strong will to act before violence is the only choice left. We see Trump proposing and planning to take actions no previous political insider ever would. This is laudable in context, but we have to wonder what comes after the leftists and globalists are destroyed? Already we see an awful lot of activity among the Zionists and imperialists to place themselves in the public eye as the inheritors of the functional majority of voters.

Meanwhile, if you are longing to see the FISA papers declassified, it probably won’t be until after Kavanagh is confirmed as the new Supreme Court Justice. That looks like around the 20th of September. Congress is slow like that. So is the rest of the Washington bureaucracy, but we know that AG Pete Sessions is looking into antitrust actions against the Big Tech firms. That should be entertaining, but the implications could be destructive in the long run.

Again: For us here on this blog, a lot depends on whether someone notices us, and then decides that we are a problem. Naturally, you realize that both those steps can come simultaneously. Right this moment, it’s unlikely. Once some of this cyber- and info-warfare bears its first fruits, it’s much more likely the Zionists will rampage against their enemies, and that will be a threat to us. There’s no way we can estimate when that campaign will kick off in earnest.

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Law and Faith Together 02

Don’t try to make a parable walk on all-fours.

Hebrew parable is the opposite of Western descriptive language. Whereas the latter seeks to encode discrete ideas that are the same in all contexts, parable seeks to offer imagery that adjusts to the context. Instead of freezing knowledge in some state of perfection, parable breathes life into thinking so that it meets fresh challenges.

We are going to shift the parable Paul used in Galatians regarding the difference between Hagar and Sarah. Let’s examine a typical Hebrew household during the days when Israel lived in tents, as Abraham did. There was the patriarch, and his feudal domain that consisted not of land, but of the people and movable property. In his household were family members, paid servants and slaves. It was an ancient near eastern (ANE) feudal community that moved.

God portrays Himself as a patriarch of that sort. He has his one first born Son, and then other family members who share in owning all His wealth. These are people of faith. Indeed, it was typical of an ANE patriarch to extend his family by adopting worthy servants and slaves who exhibited a level of devotion on par with family members. He would offer the adoption as a covenant. In God’s case, His Son is His only blood kin; everyone else in His family are adoptees by covenant.

God also has servants, hired hands who inherit nothing, but receive a lot of benefits from His wealth. These are folks under law covenants. Family is allowed to know Him on a personal level of warmth; they know His heart. They can serve Him by instinct because they are oriented on His interests. Servants will know Him less well, but still serve His purposes. Slaves know next to nothing about Him, and never have personal contact with Him. They take orders and have no clue what’s going on, and generally don’t care. These are the mass of humanity who do not acknowledge God.

So in this parabolic context, a faith covenant brings you into His family. A law covenant provides both servants and slaves the means to approaching faith if they are so inclined.

In the Old Testament setting, God had a few family members in Israel. The Covenant of Moses made them a nation of hired servants as the means to bringing them to adoption. Most of them refused to meet that standard. Much of the time, the whole nation failed. When Christ came to personify the covenant, it was both a law covenant and a faith covenant combined. His Presence was meant to put faith in easier reach by clarifying how law worked.

This was the maturation of Moses, and it was mandatory. The old covenant was like an old and fruitless fig tree, and whatever God had been doing through Moses was at an end. The time was ripe to plant a new tree in its place. Jesus in His human manifestation raised a fresh challenge in this new covenant. Law and faith were merged in Him. And instead of one big nation of laws and kings, He was creating an empire of many tiny nations of extended family households, each reflecting His character in their own unique settings. We call these tiny nations “churches.”

Previously, faith was masked by law. You would have to dig into the applicable law covenant to find an expression for faith. That was the purpose of the Law Covenants. Somewhere in all of this, when God felt it was appropriate, He would grant His Holy Spirit to those whose faith had borne fruit. In Christ, having merged faith and law, faith is offered up front, and the Holy Spirit is granted right away. It’s still necessary for you to surrender to His Spirit’s guidance, but He’s there. Now you still have to go back and poke around in the Law to discover how to bear fruit, but it’s no longer masked. Law is highly accessible because of the enlightening guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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Bike Upgrade Part 3 (Updated)

After much travail and a little sorrow, it’s done. This is the new 9-speed drive train and it works as intended. The shifting is crisp and sweet and the new chain fits the parts better.

I ordered both new shifters, but only the rear one works. The matching front one is designed for a dérailleur with a longer arm, so the index is too large for the one I have. I had to put the old one back on, and it wasn’t that easy. However, the combination works okay and I’m not likely to change anything else for a while, unless something breaks.

The overall effect has made it just a little more low-geared, but there’s no problems. I’ll be heading out to Draper tomorrow to see what progress on the bikeway they have made.

Update: By snooping in the dealer’s manual online for those shifters, I found there was an adjusting screw that reduced the lever stroke, which also affected the indexing. I was able to make the left-hand shifter work with the front dérailleur and now we are in business. Thank You, Lord!

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Law and Faith Together 01

God is merciful.

Let’s clarify some things regarding covenants. Some of you understand that law covenants are not the same as faith covenants. Faith is the goal; law is designed to make faith easier to find. The whole point of a revealed law covenant is to portray the character of God in a particular context. If you take this revelation seriously, you’ll begin to see God’s moral character in that context, and you’ll be much closer to a faith covenant with Him.

Whatever Moses meant to Jews, Noah means pretty much the same thing to the rest of the world. However, Moses was much more thoroughly detailed and more tightly contextual, whereas Noah was meant to apply far more broadly. And in biblical terms, Moses is a specific application of Noah. Moses is a subset of Noah. Moses had an end point at the Cross, whereas Noah still applies to the human race.

This is because a law covenant can work without faith. God expects faith to be a minority trait among humans. He’s not restricting it just to be difficult; faith is demanding because that’s what faith is. The restriction is in fallen human nature. We fallen humans don’t come to faith easily because everything in us would rather not. So God in His mercy works through the faith of a few to raise the level of shalom for everyone else.

The focus is on shalom. As always, it becomes necessary to point out that none of this has anything to do with your eternal status before God. It’s connected in ways that defy words, but for sure we cannot reduce that to what is commonly taught among Western evangelical Christians. The whole business of revelation never promised to offer a formula for Heaven, except as a figure of speech. Those closest to the Garden of Eden had a cultural intellectual bias that said there’s really nothing you can do to leverage God to give you place in His eternal kingdom. And He most certainly didn’t reveal anything that could be taken as a shortcut. So it’s an insult to Him to pretend Jesus somehow created a shortcut to that goal.

No, the goal has always been peace with God in the here and now. If you can obtain that, you are supposed to understand that what happens after this life will take care of itself. Stop pretending you can do anything about the afterlife. That’s entirely in the hands of God and He does not reveal much about it. The ancients knew better than to discuss it except in the most obscure and symbolic terms. In their minds, it was rightly connected with extending the results of seeking His favor here and now, but it was impossible to explain. Stop asking about how to go to Heaven, because such asking fails to grasp what’s involved. You can’t get there from here.

Law covenants are aimed at representing how to seek that divine favor. It’s not about chasing Heaven, but about chasing His favor today. Do what you can with what God puts in your hands. Your mission is to seek His favor by understanding His character. The only way you can hope to understand Him is through the contextual law covenant that applies to you. Moses is gone; Noah still stands. We study Moses to understand the implications of Noah; you are supposed to abstract Moses via an ancient Hebrew mystical approach.

That task has been made much easier by the revelation of Christ. Indeed, Jesus restores the whole point of law covenant revelation by becoming the personification of law, all law covenants combined. All you need to know about Noah is bound up in knowing Christ. Part of getting to know Christ is getting to know the Law of Moses under which He was born. If you don’t understand the context of His life, you cannot hope to know Him. You still have to understand Moses, even though Moses no longer applies.

Now, prior to the coming of the Son, you had to wade through the applicable law covenant to know the Father. The law fit your mind for taking up it’s proper task of serving the convictions in your heart. The law didn’t require faith to deliver the blessings God offered to those under the covenant law, but it most assuredly depicted what faith looked like. You could embrace the faith covenant of Abraham, but you still needed law to help you gain the perspective necessary to walk in Abraham’s faith. So the nation of Israel was under Moses, and Moses pointed back to Abraham. Galatians makes it painfully clear that those whose seeking stopped with the law were not children of Abraham, never mind the DNA connection, in the sense of heirs to his covenant with God. They were like his children by Hagar, not full heirs like the son born of Sarah. Isaac was a child of faith, not of law.

But the benefits of being a child of law aren’t too bad for someone who simply does not have what it takes to reach for faith. The organization of a covenant nation is aimed at extending the blessings of faith to those with no faith. Of course, we understand that this is part of the task of revelation. In order to help those who, for whatever reason, are morally incapable of faith, law indicates how to reach for faith. Faith means commitment to a person; it’s a feudal term. You are wired to seek a feudal master. If you pay attention to that impulse, faith is in reach. If you seek only the minimum obedience because you are too wrapped up in your fleshly existence, you can still benefit from the faith of those few who share your covenant life.

Nobody is going to estimate for you what proportion of faith people are necessary to carry a nation through time and space in God’s favor. It applies the same down on the micro level of the church. We should expect a church to have a higher concentration of true faith believers, but by no means will everyone have full faith in Christ. That’s just how it goes. So we organize our churches under a certain measure of law covenant, because it makes faith easier for those who have it, and more accessible to those who don’t yet see what it’s all about.

But a faith covenant is entirely individual in nature. It’s effects ripple outward across a whole world of unfaithful folks, but it is by nature you and God in a personal communion as Father and child. Christ’s plan was that we who share that personal communion with each other should do so under a law covenant that organizes how we interact together in that faith. If your church is not organized as a feudal covenant micro-nation, it is not a church.

As part of Radix Fidem, we teach a broad and flexible Biblical Law, a very loose standard that is readily adapted and more precisely defined in practice in the local body. You are supposed to fill in a lot of blanks in your local church body. You don’t have to look and act like me or anyone else who actively participates in our online discussions. You will still benefit from our faith by embracing our loosely defined covenant parameters as the frame of reference for your own uniquely local law covenant.

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Just an Aside

Just because I’m not involved doesn’t mean I can’t pick out who’s lying for the sake of fame and money. This is just my personal viewpoint and I’ll try to keep this simple.

First, the executive summary: Some profiteers have tried to infiltrate the Q nerd herd. They are trying to steer things in favor of their websites, where they require an extensive amount of personal information to join some group. Their intent is to hijack the discussion and try to make money off the profiling and marketing. They’ve been called out on this and have taken offense. So they’ve been attacking the whole thing using proxies — folks who pretend to be part of this autistic nerd herd. It’s an ugly fight and Q has joined in by exposing some of them.

Now for the slightly longer explanation.

The vast majority of Americans have no background in critical analysis. It’s not a special talent; anyone can pick it up. I’ve been taught it and I’ve taught it to others. It does require ditching a lot of baggage, to include a mass of social conditioning. The average Joe Sixpack has been trained to look for a leader he can trust. That’s a different question from learning to think for yourself and making your own decisions. Just as a reminder, one of the three pillars of mysticism is that we don’t even trust ourselves. And Radix Fidem includes a big dose of making your own decisions by following your convictions. Leadership for us is a question of fellowship and organization, not so much doctrine and belief.

For example, when John the Baptist was preaching down by the Jordan River, before Jesus showed up to validate John’s ministry, this whole thing was getting a lot of notice. People came down from Jerusalem and other places to check out this wild prophet dressed like Elijah. Because of the wide respect John had gained, some of the Pharisees got in line to get baptized as a way of getting another gold star on their public reputation. John told them to get lost until they actually repented from some of their gross sins. He was unwilling to have his message fouled by associating with their approval.

We have a large number of modern American Pharisees trying to grab a piece of the action. They’ve been at it for quite awhile. Their operations on the Internet and their brand names go way back into the very beginning of the Net. They were trying to make money from the surging patriot resistance to the secretive globalist government. For the folks still alive now, the globalist conspiracy goes back at least to the time of LBJ’s complicity in murdering JFK. That’s when the awareness was awakened for a broad audience. Regan fooled most of them, but the first Bush rubbed them the wrong way. Since then, there’s been a patriot underground looking for ways to uncover the evil. There had always been a small market for conspiracy theories since JFK, but it exploded during Bush I’s administration. The problem was in getting accurate data on the nature and extent of the evil, and who was involved.

The evil folks spotted this opportunity and planted their own controlled opposition. But there were multiple parties among those evil folks, and so the paid agitators took on different flavors, and each of their markets grew. These folks were liars and knew it. Alongside them were folks who were more or less honest believers in some of the flavors of propaganda who built rather large operations on the Net that made a nice living. Their more successful businesses became a haven for some of the liars who couldn’t make it on their own. Thus came into existence large groups of affiliates with mixed fellowships of liars and true believers, and plenty of folks who didn’t give a damn about anything but the money. The primary market was Baby Boomers, but it swept in other generations of folks tired of the increasingly obvious lies.

There were plenty of real conspiracies and even more theories about them. Competing theories were used to distract from the real conspiracies, but for reasons hard to explain, the competence of those trying to hide the conspiracies was very weak. Thus, the conspiracies became too obvious. Folks might have a hundred different theories about what really happened, but it was painfully obvious whatever happened wasn’t what the government said happened. And there were a large number of very stupidly executed events that were too public and nobody trusted the government except the very worst fools. Thus, the business of researching and reporting on government lies exploded still more.

So now we have a very strong contingent of folks who tend to exhibit traits along the autism spectrum, but without the shyness, because they are now in their own element. The Internet is amenable to people who suffer from poor social skills. The Net is it’s own society with wholly different rules, so the social skills are totally different. These semi-autistic nerds can spot these profiteers and gleefully expose them. It’s the cheering crowd of spectators who are confused. A lot those spectators still carry the baggage of associating certain conservative mouthpieces as worthy of trust.

Q endorses Sean Hannity. Maybe all that means is that Hannity knows his market, but it’s working for now. Rush Limbaugh is too independent to just jump on board, but does report positively about Q’s stuff. There are others of that stripe who aren’t a problem for Q’s audience. Then there’s Jerome Corsi and the whole WorldNetDaily network that have been outed as folks attempting to hijack the Q-anon discussion. They are profiteers at best, and Zionist crooks in effect. Another bad guy is Jack Posobiec who has caused some trouble. I could get lost real quick trying to name names beyond that. Some folks have tried to promote some websites which claim to support Trump, but then fight with Q. That doesn’t fly; Q is most assuredly the faithful voice of Trump. Q represents the vast corps of military and intelligence folks who make Trump’s presidency possible, who are taking down the globalist cabal and doing all the hard work we don’t get to see.

I still worry whether Trump will keep his own separate bargain with the Zionists later down the road. It’s also painfully obvious that Q represents a strong imperialist bent. I want to remind you that Zionists and imperialists overlap, but it’s not the same agenda. They use each other as allies for now. Both of them share the vast horde of conscripts who operate under the name of “conservatism.” Part of being conservative means playing by the rules, but nobody else does. Thus, conservatives reliably lose in politics. But Trump isn’t primarily a conservative, so he’s not beholden to those self-hobbling habits. He’s willing to fight dirty and nobody owns him, but he is open to deal-making with a lot of different folks.

Either way, I’m not a fan of Trump and I’m still convinced America is doomed for all the reasons already offered. But watching what he’s doing is important for us; it allows us to be ready for future events.

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Of No Significance

Insofar as there is such a thing as “fate,” it’s best to view it as a person, not mere machinery. The choices you make do not simply ripple out into the future. Often the future ignores things you do and your choices don’t change anything significant.

Thus, when it’s all said and done, it won’t matter much. This world, as we know it, is slated for oblivion. Never forget: God is in control. When He’s finished with our fallen existence, we die. When He’s finished with the world’s fallen existence, He will send His Son back to restore things to their rightful condition.

Until then, the only choices that really matter are those that touch the moral sphere. It requires a moral consciousness to act with any significance. Humans have no significance in God’s Creation without referencing His divine moral character. Without the heart-led awareness, people are little more than intelligent cattle.

This is hard to swallow. It’s not as if people have no significance to us individually, but we need to grasp fully that human mortality is just a circumstance. The dream of human significance in this life rests on the fallacy that this world matters. This world is fallen and is a perversion of God’s hope for us. It won’t matter what we think is fair; we bear the Curse of the Fall from birth. By His divine mercy, He grants us an out by allowing us to reconnect to moral consciousness and to His Creation.

This myth of human significance needs to die before we can begin to see our way out of the Curse. So long as we operate from that notion, we cannot see God’s hand. Whatever we mean by the word “fate,” it is nothing more than God’s divine will. His divine will pays little heed to anyone who does not bow the knee to His revelation. Every human holds the potential for embracing His revelation, but until they do, they just aren’t important in His considerations.

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