Don’t Trust the System

Let’s compare notes.

We were told the other day that Jeff Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell. I’ve examined the news photo of the body being wheeled out on a gurney, and it’s not Epstein. The facial profile, and in particular the opening of the ear, is a different person from the numerous public photos of Epstein out and about. Furthermore, a previous inmate of that facility opines that the official story is simply not possible. For example, the bed sheets used there would tear like paper if someone pulled hard on them. It’s a special product you can order to prevent that very thing.

Whatever is actually going on, the official story is a lie. My first guess is that Epstein has entered a sort of witness protection program to make him disappear. I was made aware of that sort of procedure when I served in the Military Police. Indeed, that’s the primary source of my cynicism about official news releases, because it was my job to keep some stuff under wraps. I didn’t mind keeping privileged information; that’s part of how crimes are investigated. Exceedingly rare is the perpetrator who doesn’t betray something they wouldn’t know if they aren’t guilty. But some of my superiors were outright crooks, and it still chaps me that the system was far more concerned with image than truth.

So the fracas in Hong Kong? There is plenty to dislike about the communist Chinese government, but the primary issue here is that the US and UK are both injecting a lot of money and training into that situation with the clear intent to destabilize things there. Meanwhile, our government is playing head games with the people there, and I’m betting that Beijing will be forced to send in the troops to restore order. The folks there are canon fodder; serving the US political agenda, they will end up far worse off than if left alone. As I’ve noted on this blog often enough, such interference is a sin, and it’s part of why God’s wrath is falling on the US. Nothing any humans can do will change God’s plans for China.

Not every story is a lie; rather it’s the underlying intent to manipulate us to the benefit of the ruling elite. The warnings about the failing economy are real. It’s the details where they lie to us, and the underlying dynamics. If the system were left to grind to a halt on its own, we would all be far better off. But the news is slanted to induce a panic reaction. Granted, it’s impossible to know just exactly what will trigger that panic, but the propagandists do have some idea what kind of things have worked in the past.

Panic is profit for those pulling the strings, but not for any of us. Don’t panic. Be aware that the system must of necessity crash, and do what you can to face it with confidence and sanity. For example, don’t rush out and stock up on things that you don’t actually eat already. On the other hand, it may be wise to adjust your eating habits. Taking my own advice, I’m getting myself used to eating more canned foods.

Sure, I can go out right now and find fresh produce stands around the OKC metro. It’s either locally grown organic and craft produce, or stuff that was delivered from the Rio Grand Valley overnight on someone’s flatbed trailer. Oklahoma farming has suffered significantly from the early summer flooding that prevented crops being planted, but virtually none of that is sold direct to consumers. However, when the economy starts to collapse, the massive transportation network will be one of the first things to stop working. Huge gaps will appear in our just-in-time delivery system. That disruption is what will throw most people into a panic. If you can develop the habit of eating canned goods, this is a good time to collect a stock, however much you can store. If you can your own at home, all the better.

If you have no storage place, cultivate the mental habits of seizing opportunities. It’s wise to develop close ties with people who have resources you lack. Don’t be a burden; start by offering what you can to others. Make yourself valuable. Either way, don’t buy into the propaganda. Things will be tight, but the system isn’t going to simply freeze up totally.

The heart-led consciousness will carry you where you need to go.

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Media Hand-wringing

There is much hand-wringing in the mainstream media over Trump’s plans to put some teeth into regulating Big Tech companies under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).

Some of this noise is justified, but there’s a lot of crap, too. The crap part is that Big Tech and the mainstream media are doing all of the whining because they are the target of this. They have been warned that their patent bias is going to come back and bite them in the butt, so they are lying about the likely thrust of this executive order Trump is working on.

We don’t have the details because the discussion inside the administration is not yet finalized. For now, it appears that it involves directing the FCC and FTC to evaluate whether the social media and media companies are actually abiding by the rules of the CDA. If the big shots are injecting a bias, then they lose their protection and become responsible for the content.

What makes this dangerous is that there is simply no objective test by which to measure the injection of bias. Some of it is blatant, such as Google twisting the search algorithm, as has been leaked recently. But in other cases, it would just about require a batch of lawsuits to establish enough precedent to make this consistent. In other words, it is unlikely to help much in the coming election, and most of this kind of legal wrangling won’t come before a judge anytime soon.

The other danger is that this could turn out to be a lot more draconian than the current leaks indicate. Given our President is an ardent Zionist, it’s a very real threat to anyone who isn’t such a big fan of Israel. This could get dicey.

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Promoting Divine Truth

There is no room for anything resembling democracy in the Bible. There’s a reason for that: You cannot know God or His Son without first acknowledging Him as your feudal master. That’s the essential entry point into faith. The revelation of God is cast in terms of feudalism because it is hard-wired into reality itself. Humans cannot possibly dream up anything that works half so well as what God ordained.

Furthermore, it is utterly impossible to understand divine revelation without first grasping the nature of covenants. Nothing God has promised means anything outside of His covenants. Without a conscious embrace of the current valid covenants, you cannot possibly relate to other humans righteously. This is the fundamental order God established for human life on the earth: the feudal covenant.

In passing I note that the bare minimum is the Covenant of Noah, even for those who cannot embrace Christ. And for those who claim Christ, Noah is included in the Covenant of Christ. All other covenants are now subsumed under Christ. You cannot have peace with God and His Creation without one of those two. You can formulate your own local covenant based on either of those two, but it must be nothing more than a fresh expression of them. You cannot add to or take away from the provisions of the Covenants; you can only manifest them in the shifting context.

Finally, the Covenants demand that you depose the primacy of intellect and enthrone the heart-led consciousness of conviction. This is required even on the level of Law Covenant. If you do not elevate your consciousness into your heart, you cannot obey God. Unlike our bogus Western mythology, in which the heart is merely the seat of sentiment, the Bible presumes that the heart is the seat of the will, which is synonymous with saying it is the seat of faith. The Holy Spirit speaks in the heart, not in the intellect. It is even required even for those not “born again.” Nothing God has promised is possible while trusting human intellect. The demands of faith are inherently unreasonable, because reason cannot possibly understand on its own what defines good and evil.

Thus, it becomes obvious that the only political agenda possible for people of faith is nationalism. Not just any old nationalism, it must be covenant feudal nationalism. It is inherently tribal; this is what the Creator demands. There is no left or right in God’s view of things. If you aren’t an extended family nation, you don’t have a valid government. No one should intrude in your daily affairs if they aren’t family. But you need to understand that a covenant of community trumps DNA, so it need not be a nation of race; it can be a covenant family. However, it absolutely must be a nation of one culture. We can evaluate the particulars of culture based on the Bible, but there is wide latitude in content for your tribe. However, within the tribal community, there must be very little variation.

In some ways, we could say that the whole point of covenant feudal law is to ensure that the tribe leads a stable existence. Social stability can come only from recognizing how certain behaviors threaten the moral atmosphere of the tribe. The stability is the whole point; no other goals matter. It will of necessity be a dynamic stability. Some tension is expected; some conflict and carping is natural. However, the primary evaluating principle of a government is that it seeks to keep the tribe united under some moral orientation.

Given the near zero probability that any human government will form under these principles, we spend a lot of time and effort explaining how to live under relentless evil in this world. It’s just barely possible that we can form such feudal covenant tribes as churches, and thereby claim some of the promises of shalom, but that’s about it. Individual righteousness is only the foundation; we are commanded to build a community from that. So in your hearts, you must know that nationalism is about as close as it gets to God’s revealed ideal. You are obliged to support that to some degree whenever and wherever it arises, even in its perverted Western form. The Law of Heaven demands that we publicly approve of anything that moves humanity closer to the divine ideal.

You don’t have to be a participant to see that something someone else is doing is righteous. We support the latent Confederate nationalism, but not the fake “civic nationalism” because there has never been a genuine American nation. The US has always been a multinational empire, and its existence has run its course. We can also encourage the nascent Heartland nationalism, and we are fine with Northeastern and Pacific Coast nationalism. There isn’t much Southwestern nationalism because of the Latin American invasion there. They will most likely reclaim the land the US government stole from them, one way or another.

Some changes will come quite soon, maybe suddenly, and some slowly, down the road a ways yet. It’s hard to predict what we shall see. Still, we should celebrate this as the hand of God. He is restoring a certain baseline from which we can choose to obey or not. But He will not tolerate a globalist agenda; the Tower of Babel makes that clear. On the other hand, imperialism is just another tool the Devil uses to herd humanity that rejects the Law of God. US imperialism is finished.

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The Crap Filter

Mankind is fallen. The human condition is miserable; anyone can see that, but we assert it is the norm. That is, of all the things that make life unpleasant, we assert that only a few things can be resolved, some can be merely ameliorated, but most of it is simply what we have to face. Most of the human race has no clue about which of our sorrows fall into those categories. Westerners in particular are hostile to this approach in the first place.

The first problem is that epistemology issue I raised previously. You cannot hope to evaluate something if you can’t really discern reality in the first place. And the second problem is closely related: The common Western epistemology is used as an excuse for self-serving in the most vile, materialistic sense. Instead of trying to resolve problems in the human condition, Western thinking loads up on self-deception about what wonderful a gift this materialism is when forced on those who approach life differently.

Honestly, folks: American legal precedent has judges scolding people for not being materialistic enough, making it technically a legal obligation. The State has punished people for failing to embrace materialism.

On this blog, our assumption is that this material world is an illusion. Not in the sense that it doesn’t actually exist, but that, if this is all you can perceive, then you really know nothing that matters. Our human existence is a prison, and we can be free, first in our consciousness, and later by departing with our souls. We are here in prison by default, but there’s no reason to wallow in it; our destiny is elsewhere.

We hold that there is a higher faculty than the intellect. And it’s not simply a better intellect, but an entirely different kind of faculty that rightly directs the intellect. We don’t trust the intellect to lead; that’s not why it exists. Rather, the intellect is meant to organize and implement what that higher faculty can discern.

So when people start yakking about “racism” to us, we dismiss it. First, the term itself is mere propaganda with no real meaning. It’s just an excuse for hostility. That word is used as leverage for just another form of oppression. It’s the same kind of senseless hostility the speaker pretends to be fighting. Don’t engage anyone who uses that term.

Sure, it pays to observe the artificial fracas that such people provoke, because there’s no need to be splattered with the blood from someone else’s fights. We will have too many of our own justified fights. Violence itself is not a sin, but it must be employed consistent with reality’s design. It’s one of those things that can be ameliorated, but there is no way to simply end violence in this world. It remains a necessity for human existence.

Don’t get lost in the information war. Don’t be someone else’s game pawn. If you never examine your assumptions, then you are already a slave. It requires a strong awareness of what your own convictions demand to filter out the crap. The real division taking place on the Internet is between those who are being herded and those who are focused on their own chosen destiny.

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That Epistemology Thing Again

The core of cyber warfare is disinformation. Propaganda has never been more potent than it has become on the Internet. The problem is not mere data and facts, but the mythology that is built from a particular orientation. Thus, the real battle is a matter of epistemology.

In this context, epistemology is mostly a matter of basic assumptions about reality. It includes assertions about what is good and evil, and how we arrive at those assertions. However, propaganda refuses to openly discuss its epistemology. Instead, it creates a mythology and tries to ram it down your throat. Propagandists flood the public forum with conclusions that require one to assume their a priori moral orientation, carefully trying to prevent anyone from raising the question of those assumptions.

I don’t pretend to be neutral on such things. A major element of this blog has always been dealing with the question of epistemology. What do you have to swallow first to buy into someone’s story?

Western mainstream media is founded on the job of promoting the elitist agenda, and promotes keeping us away from full awareness of the issues involved. You’ll get a flood of stories that you simply cannot consume without first absorbing fundamental lies. For example, the king of Thailand has placed royal property under the same tax laws as his subjects. Western media spins this by pointing out what is exempt from taxes, trying to make it sound like this is some big propaganda move by the king. But the king merely takes the same exemptions he gives to everyone in his kingdom. In Thailand, there is no property tax, per se, only a tax on property used for commercial purposes. It’s a business tax. You won’t get that story from the mainstream Western media.

It’s the same crap drowning us right now about almost everything in our domestic US politics. Everything is presented in layers of unspoken false assumptions. It’s deception by omission — you aren’t given the whole story. They refuse to discuss the underlying moral assumptions, and if someone tries to force that discussion, there are a whole groups of organizations ready to destroy you any way they can. They own the public debate.

The biggest lie is that the mainstream media is leftist or liberal. That idea itself carries a raft of false assumptions. Both the left and right are defined by the same core group of elitists. Our two political parties are two wings of the same predatory bird. It’s one massive RPG (role-playing game). The only thing you really need to understand is that this bird intends to consume you. It won’t matter which side you stand on; choosing sides means getting close enough to be eaten.

Stop playing the game. Once you take the time to examine the question of epistemology, and review what’s available among a far broader array of assumptions about reality, you can find a better place to stand far away from the deadly game.

This blog promotes one epistemology, and does it openly. Mine may not work for you, but I will keep raising the question so that you can choose for yourself. I’ll do my darnedest to keep you from playing sycophant; I have no use for that.

The best way to combat cyber disinformation is to kick out the supports from under it. Build your own epistemology.

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Are You Paying Attention?

Just a reminder: Seldom will I advocate for the world around me to change how things are done. I am an advocate for DIY and self-reliance, forging a path through the bad policy and social custom that hinders your free choices. That makes me an advocate for all manner of alternative methods and technologies. I start with the assumption that things are most likely going to get worse, so you need to stay on top of anything that you rely on for your mission in life.

The Internet infrastructure is going through a realignment right now. You can blame whomever you like, but in broad general terms, things are becoming polarized between two major groups. If I tell you those groups are leftist and right-wing, that would be misleading, though those are convenient labels. Those will at least appear accurate to most people. I’ll let that stand for now, as long as you understand there is a lot more we need to say about that some other time.

The people making all the noise are those we characterize as leftist. The other folks are doing what they have always done, while it is the left side that has risen up to upset the old balance. They claim it’s the right side that has risen up, but that’s a blatant lie, sheer propaganda. I wrote some time ago that the left has been seized by a new urgency to take full control over everything, and that this move is being steered by elite powers who feel it’s time to make their move. The activist left is merely their canon fodder. But this activism has gotten exceedingly aggressive of late, and increasingly crossing the line of what the right-wing side will tolerate.

Thus, the right is rising to meet the threat. A lot of damaged individuals on the fringes of both sides are saying and doing things that cannot possibly make life any better for anyone, and most certainly will not be effective in advancing their presumed cause. But those expressions of madness will most certainly be used to keep folks from noticing what’s really going on. (Yes, it’s intentional.)

While I recognize that the right-wing is one kind of threat to my mission in life, the left is a different threat in its own right. Indeed, the left is a more immediate threat. Their assault on the right hits me, too, simply because I’m using what’s available. For a few things, I’ll fight outright, even to the shedding of blood, if necessary. For now, that’s highly unlikely; it’s the underlying approach that matters. I’m no friend of the right, but the left has already made me their enemy.

But the best tactics remain those of simply side-stepping them. For example, it doesn’t matter what you think of 8chan; it pays to watch how they do or don’t get back online. Right now, 8chan is offline. The politics of how they seek to find a new service provider to get them back online is instructive. It shows how the various service providers that don’t often make the news are maneuvering, and indicates what might motivate them.

The outline: CloudFlare is a really big service provider, offering a very effective protection against the threat of DDoS take-downs. Because it appears the alleged El Paso Walmart shooter engaged in some chatter on 8chan shortly before shooting up the store, CloudFlare felt compelled to cut off service to 8chan. 8chan tried to move to another service in Canada called BitMitigate — still trying to get that DDoS protection. You should note that BitMitigate picked up the Daily Stormer Neonazi site after CloudFlare cut them off a while back.

However, BitMitigate doesn’t actually own all their equipment. One of their providers of leased servers cut them off over the 8chan thing. So there is some scrambling in the background to see if BitMitigate can actually provide the safe haven they have offered to 8chan. The guy who runs 8chan is considering taking the risk of facing the world without that DDoS protection. There is no doubt some folks with leftist sensibilities could raise a DDoS attack, but the resources for that may not be available all the time (another complicated, long story).

My point is that it pays to watch this first battle to see how it turns out. I doubt many of us are in a position to track the seldom publicized big providers behind some of this, with names you’ve never heard, but if the lefties can silence 8chan, it will silence a whole lot of stuff that isn’t a reflection of those few damaged individuals. 8chan includes lefties, too. What’s at stake here is neither left nor right, but actually a freedom to meet and talk online without the kind of controls and monitoring that characterize elitist throttling of normal human behavior.

The issue is not whether some of that stuff should be available online, because there are limits to what anyone can actually do about it. Rather, it’s the issue of being free to do anything that might matter to you, because someone else is determined you shouldn’t be you.

Restated: The 8chan story is not a left-right thing. That’s just propaganda. It’s a freedom versus censorship thing. This is just the latest battle in a very ancient war. What’s new is how it peels back the layers of who can be pushed to take sides in a war with consequences most people don’t grasp. This will hit you one way or another. If you really need the Internet in your mission, as I do, you need to pay attention and be ready to take appropriate action.

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The Geeks Will Never Understand

The next big war will involve some conventional weapons, and maybe even WMDs, but the real warfare will be virtual in nature. What really matters won’t be the killing of people and breaking things, but a dramatic shift in the way things are done on the Internet.

I believe the single biggest change will be the sudden rise in the likes of China and Russia switching mostly to Linux to avoid the US government snooping and manipulation coming through Windows. This is a preemptive strike already under way. This will greatly reduce the market penetration of Windows. As it is, MS has already bailed out on the phone market, and isn’t doing too well in the tablet market (depending on how you look at it). Here in the West, MS may well hang on by making MS Office more accessible, but Windows is just a short distance from dying out.

So Linux will eventually take over the bulk of global computing, but not because of the efforts of Linux advocacy. Instead, it will be the politics of espionage through closed source software. They’ll choose Linux because there’s not much else they can trust, and it’s too late to build an OS from scratch.

Linux could do better here at home in the US, but the advocacy rests on all the wrong ideas. Here’s how you fail to take over the market: Tell people what they need, the way Linux fanboys and developers do. To succeed, you have to find out what the market wants, and provide it, never mind what you think is in the users’ best interest. Linux was born of the internal wishes of developers, and most of the projects still appear to run on that ideal. The few commercially successful Linux companies are those trying to meet the market where it is (yes, it’s a moving target). The most popular Linux distros are those that strive to bring Linux to the non-geek masses.

Gnome is hostile to the non-geek user. KDE can be in some ways, as the development is mostly aimed at some internal ideals, same as Gnome, only different ideals. KDE needs to understand that eye candy is eye candy, and appearance settings need to be simple and unified, not confusingly parceled out among different, unrelated settings windows. Unity was actually pretty user friendly, in that testing showed neophytes could adapt to it more quickly than most other desktops, but Unity is gone now. It waits for someone else to come up with something that ordinary users can embrace. It doesn’t have to be just like Windows (though anything like the Win7/XP desktop would be quite well received), but it has to be something that typical users can grasp quickly.

As long as Linux advocates and developers fail to see beyond their personal preferences, or some purified ideal vision of computing Nirvana, people will not voluntary move from Windows here in the US. Oh, and it darned sure better work with all hardware better than Win10 does, and to hell with silly purist notions about the Open Source ideal. If someone wants to offer a working driver on Linux that is closed source, grab it and say, “Yes, thank you!” Current printers: Need I say more?

But no, Linux will grow in spite of this major attitude problem in the Linux community. It’s almost as if the geeks are doing a stiff-arm to keep the door close against the unwashed masses, along with anyone with technical competence who wants to serve those masses. We can safely say that Linux will grow in spite of the fanboys, and the momentum won’t go where the purists want it to go.

At any rate, US imperial dominance is corroding quickly, and with the collapse of that dominance will fall the fortunes of many companies that aren’t willing or able to detach from their US identity. MS has already chosen the wrong path; it will likely survive, but on a far smaller scale.

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