Breaking It Down into Small Bites

You don’t have to pay attention to anything I write here, since all I’m asking folks to do is pray. I’m not planning any particular course of action for myself, nor am I asking anyone else to take action. But I will offer you my testimony of what God has put in my heart.

God has decreed an end to Western Civilization. His wrath is falling on the West. Death, destruction, catastrophes, etc. There’s a lot involved in that, and in human terms it’s a long running project just shutting it down. God has not decreed an apocalypse to go with that end, but it is an option. Your prayers and your choice to walk by your convictions will make a difference. Individual holiness does have some affect on the way God uses His angels and demons to accomplish His divine will. This is the Passover Effect; He often spares His own some of the sorrow from His wrath on nations and such.

If you are still with me — if this resonates with your own convictions — then you should have no trouble understanding that a major element in all of this is grasping how God works with those who don’t follow the heart-led path. You’ll notice in the Exodus that God steered His own people one way, and the Egyptians through another means. This time it’s not a matter of His people leaving for some promised land, but of pulling away while still in place. The US is not His people; He has people here, but the US as a whole rejects His leadership. The government itself is designed to take no account of revelation at all. There is a conscious decision to exclude the Law Covenants. Thus, God leads the US like He did the Egyptians in the Exodus, but without an exodus of His people.

There is another difference: We don’t have a pharaoh with strong feudal control. We have a mass of elites who generally align themselves in four different groups, and their actions accordingly. First are those who are in it for themselves. They have no particular interest or agenda other than their own position. Call them “the mercenaries.” Second, we have a large number of folks who are convinced their personal benefit is tied up running America like an empire. We call them “imperialists” because their ambitions are tied to the American Empire. Another group I have identified as “globalists.” As the label implies, they are devoted to a single global government, and harshly antagonistic toward nationalists. They previously cooperated a lot with the imperialists, but lately to the two agendas have diverged more and more. The final group are nationalists; these are morally the best of the elites, though with plenty of things wrong, as well.

They are all scrambling to assert their agenda as the opportunities quite naturally shrink down under the inevitable collapse of the West. To some degree, everyone is in panic mode because there is decreasing room to work toward their goals in the presence of competing agendas. Whether we have an apocalypse depends on whether the globalists are destroyed first. They are the ones whose agenda comes closest to the Tower of Babel in defying God. They serve a nasty deity of slavery and oppression. They are quite willing to destroy the whole world if they can’t have what they want. We need to pray that God takes away their power to destroy, because that’s the difference between simple tribulation and a global apocalypse.

I cannot pretend to know how God will do that. As you know, I do assert that God allowed Trump to become POTUS in part to accomplish the crushing of the American globalists. That mission was going to be a dirty mess, and it would have required skirting the limits of the laws because it would require going to war against an internal enemy. The US legal system doesn’t make any allowance for that, but the globalists have already been at war with everyone else. It has been a war of terror, with assassinations and other lawless conduct, with a very clearly stated intent to destroy the current system. They have openly admitted to striving for the destruction of the US as a political entity, and they have been working hard from within.

Trump had a small window in which to act, and should have used the powers of martial law, regardless of whether he announced it. It was fully justified. He’s running out of time, playing political games and compromising with too many mercenaries and imperialists.

So now we are just about past the point when Trump could act, and God will do this some other way. I can imagine some possibilities: another leaders with balls and probably not a politician, a natural plague or other disaster of some sort that happens to take out the globalists, madness that makes them suddenly turn on each other, some kind of invasive force that targets them, etc. In my mind, the first option is likely the least destructive, though it would be catastrophic enough.

We are past the point of any kind of peaceful removal.

So I’m praying that God raise up a leader who will take strong action. It would be nice if it was someone who was heart-led, but I tend to doubt that would happen. In other words, I rather expect it will be another figure like the Pharaoh of Exodus, but in this case someone targeting the globalists, whatever else he/she may be after. I don’t pretend to tell God how to proceed, but this is what I hope to see. This is to me the least bad of all the very real possibilities we face. This is asking for God’s mercy, and I am inclined to believe He’s open to that request.

Praying is a conversation with God, where you try to get your head lined up with His will. You are seeking the power of His Presence to reveal to your intellect what He has written by His own finger in your convictions, and to coerce your intellect to obey what your convictions demand. This is an organic process, re-purposing your human existence to a better end, something more consistent with the design of Creation. What individual actions you take are between you and God. I’m not calling for an army of anything, just for you all to join me as family to pray together. If my blather here sounds like what’s written in your convictions, let’s pray that the Lord grant us His mercy. “Go easy on us, Lord.” I contend that He is willing to do so, but can’t release that until we get closer to His will.

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Again: Not of This World

Radix Fidem is by no means any kind of earthly kingdom. The closest we come to that is recognizing that we are building a parallel society. Stay infiltrated where you are, or wherever you go. That earthly government has a claim on your flesh, and flesh is just a passing thing for us. However, your eternal identity is what really matters. We operate with our consciousness in the moral sphere, hearing the voice of God speaking in our convictions.

So there’s no way to avoid standing out in some ways. Indeed, there’s no way to avoid seeming at least some of the time like real outsiders, weirdos, aliens from another planet. That’s the world’s fault, so don’t be too concerned. The world can only see what the flesh can see; they don’t have spiritual eyes. They’ll never understand what drives us through this life. The last thing we want to do is become enslaved to seeking their approval.

Churches have been so long compromised with worldly politics that there is no real memory of doing otherwise. It started way back at least as early as 300 AD, when the Early Church Fathers were sucked in by Constantine. It shows how silly they were, falling all over themselves to please him when he refused to be baptized until on his death bed. Not that it was such a big deal, but they sure thought it was. Constantine was a fraud, and so were the fools who pretended he was important to Christian religion.

Let’s not repeat that mistake. Jesus said the world hates us because it hated Him first (John 15:18-25). If we serve Him, they’ll see it as some form of betrayal. It really doesn’t matter what cause we are supposed to have betrayed; none of the worldly pursuits matter. There are bound to be periods when things are pretty good for us, but those always come to an end. Tribulation is our natural element, and we can learn to be content because we are called to be otherworldly.

So instead of trying to bring our religion under worldly approval, let’s be firmly rooted in our commitment to build something that hasn’t been tried in a very long time. We have this grand advantage our predecessors lacked; the Lord has given us the Internet. We can find each other and communicate with each other to build communion despite being so widely and thinly scattered geographically. It’s not quite as good as face-to-face, but it will do well enough here at the beginning. We are in this for the long haul only because that’s the vision the Lord has placed before us.

Okay, that’s what I see for myself. You can seize it for yourself if you feel led, but I know this is what I plan to do. I don’t have to worry about going out and converting a bunch of folks; God takes care of that part. All I have to do is live Biblical Law and let the Lord draw whom He will, and when He chooses. We are a feudal covenant nation in the making.

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Whose Law?

Hear now the Word of the Lord.

God’s favor does not depend on adherence to US Law. It is a matter of Biblical Law, not as Americans tend to imagine it, but as God declared it in the context of the ancient Hebrew intellectual traditions. Enlightenment political and legal thinking rests on pagan traditions, not on Scripture. Do you not understand that the bulk of judicial precedent comes very near to making Radix Fidem illegal? People have lost court battles merely on the basis of having a mystical approach to life. Here in America, materialism is the law.

Trump had a mandate from God to accomplish certain things. In particular, he was to judge the globalists. He has turned aside from that task. Had he used the prerogatives of his office to secretly eliminate certain key globalist figures, he would retain divine favor, never mind whether it was legal. Furthermore, he would not lose any of his voters. They are crying out for relief and he has done far too little of what he promised. The momentum of popular favor is going to fade quickly once he shows himself impotent against these evil people. The window is closing fast, and God will raise up someone else to do the job.

Don’t confuse Biblical Law with prissy middle class American niceness. This is war.

Caveat: Nobody has to agree with me on this; I write from my convictions. I’m happy to drive away from this blog any number of people who aren’t ready for the hard truth of God’s wrath falling on the US.

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Tiring of the Silly Stories

Let me clarify some things I wrote yesterday.

Q is real in the sense it is real people working as a team with Trump. It’s almost certain that at least some of them are uniformed military people. However, they are not being honest with the mass of people who follow their little messages. It’s a big PsyOp, pretty much the same as the globalists with their Antifa and SJW hoards.

I still believe this is in part an attempt to weaken any vigilante instincts out there in the American countryside. It’s going to fail. The problem is neither Trump nor his Q team have the resolve to do this right.

Before the election, I suggested that Trump would need to work behind the scenes using less-than-lawful means if he expected to accomplish anything. Let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. The globalists have been breaking the laws from day one, and have every intention of destroying the country in the first place. Don’t underplay that in your minds. They have the CIA on their side and we have already seen quite a few assassinations of key figures with the means to pull down large chunks of their machinery.

For example: Big Pharma is part of the globalist machinery. So we’ve had some researchers murdered anytime they had the means to discredit the forced vaccination agenda. We’ve had some troops murdered when they were preparing to leak information about the mishandling of nukes. Did you know we’ve had some spooks arrested on planted evidence when they were about to blow the whistle on criminal conspiracies in the government, particularly under Obama? We’ve had policemen and fireman (and other first responders) murdered in various ways when they were preparing to expose false flag disasters. Yes, all of that is true, and it’s just a small sample.

And the globalists have infiltrated most of the courts and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure they were never arrested for any of this. So Q claims they are trying to fix that problem, but they have moved way too slow — on purpose. They have played games with it, trying to substitute some goofy whistle-blowing for actually taking firm action. They keep promising to do something, but never do what they could have done. That’s because they had no real intention of doing anything, only the stuff that’s easy. That’s the big lie.

Trump and Q are no better than their opponents, and lack the fortitude to beat them.

Even if they did come into this with an honest intent to clean house and “drain the swamp,” they were compromised somewhere. They are making deals, trying to preserve something not worth having in the first place. This whole thing is going to fall apart.

Now, I am still utterly certain God intends to destroy the globalists. Since Trump and friends won’t do it, God will use someone else. I have no idea how that will play out, but at this point I honestly expect something along the lines of vigilantes, but not just a bunch of amateurs playing soldier on their back acres. There are some folks with real training and in a position to do this, and somewhere along this tortured and twisted path, they’ll get fed up and do it. I’ve met people who could and would do the field work, but were not high enough up the chain to actually manage it. I suspect the real leaders are waiting for more amateur vigilante stuff to crop up as a cover. Either way, there most certainly will be some vigilante stuff.

I can’t estimate the breaking point, but you can bet the lefty protesters are going to pick on the wrong target any day now. Once the backlash gets started, only God knows where it will go from there. Be sure of this, brothers and sisters, it must come sooner or later. There is no way this genie can be stuffed back into the bottle; the US is blowing apart. There are multiple factions within this country who are not going to back down. Civil war of some sort is too obviously guaranteed. If nothing else, it’s being provoked by the manipulation of the globalists, but they won’t be able to control it. Pray and be ready.

If you listen to your heart, you’ll know what to do and when. I can tell you what I’m doing in the context of where I live, but that may be of no use to you where you live. You need to respond to your own convictions on this.

And I’ll be only too happy to admit it if I’m wrong about this.

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Stones of Conviction

There is no magic formula.

In your everyday life, you experience all kinds of influences pushing you in different directions. Some are internal, some are merely internalized, and many are external. If all you have is sensory data and reason, you are woefully ill equipped. With those tools, you cannot see even half of what’s really there, and you cannot grasp what you were designed for. We are designed to hear from the Creator how Creation works. That’s the basic proposition of faith. The whole point of a faith walk is to explore your own convictions and discover what they have to say about your choices.

This is what we do — we teach people to shift the focus of their attention to those convictions. Nobody can explain it in any kind of rational detail, but convictions exist whether you pay attention to them or not. They stand there ready to guide you into the truth of reality. The experience of discovering them is rather like archaeology, digging through rubble and layers of crap to see what ancient stonework lies underneath. Whatever is in your convictions is rooted in something that stood before you were born. However, they always present themselves in our awareness as something uniquely ours.

When I teach about my own convictions, there is a shared element. Given the nature of my mission and calling, some portion of humanity will always be able to recognize something in themselves when I share my testimony. Those who respond are those to whom I am called to minister. It doesn’t mean those who don’t respond are closed to God; they are simply closed to me. They aren’t part of my mission. I can’t really know enough to separate them out, so I just present my message to pretty much everyone I meet. It works the same on the Internet — whomever comes across my written output. In the real world, it’s a matter of whose attention I can get by how I act and speak.

That’s how it works with all of us. We strive to keep ourselves conscious of our convictions as we go about our day to day existence. The longer we stay at it, the more loudly our convictions speak. Our testimony includes how we strive to go back and correct things that our convictions say were done wrong. Hiding mistakes and corrections is hiding the truth. Granted, not everything is for everyone to see, but your convictions will eventually clarify that, as well.

Moral convictions are the language of the heart, the language of the Spirit Realm. This is the voice of God, insofar as we fallen humans can hear Him. It will always match what’s in the Bible, but we have a major mountain climbing expedition in learning to understand the Bible. Just because it’s translated into your native tongue doesn’t mean you can understand it without some study and guidance. Sadly, we have precious little written or human teaching about the Bible that reflects a biblical world view. I’ve started a project to fill in that void, but I’m hardly the best one for the job. We just haven’t had very many other folks doing that yet. As the Lord blesses our efforts, better and smarter heart-led writers will come along to improve on my feeble start.

The Lord will provide; give Him time. This stuff has been long forgotten. It’s not gone, but it will require some effort to rebuild a society on those ancient foundations. Take the long view, brothers and sisters. It’s been 2000 years since people thought like this. John saw the big darkness coming and wrote about it in Revelation and in his letters. We cannot pretend to understand why God chose to reveal it to us in these days, but we cannot afford to sit and wonder too long. Be grateful, but get to work.

The work is not what our current civilization would say it is. The work is just learning to live in the joy of communion with Creation. Build up a life based on that focus on convictions and pass it on to the next generation. Get involved in the community of those who are doing the same work. Let God worry about who and how many He brings to our community. Just be a shining light and let Him open eyes to see it.

It’s a long and hard job; stay faithful.

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Just a Silly Story 15

We here at Kiln of the Soul are outside the politics of the US. I’ve always tried to give an honest report of what I see from that external position. What I see right now is worth reporting. My skepticism appears to be justified.

The Q army is starting to eat itself. The extremist “true believers” (virtual Brownshirts) are at war with those who keep asking for real evidence, and some very reasonable people are tiring of the head games. Q admitted there was disinfo in the messages, just to keep the enemy off guard. But there comes a point when you start to think just maybe this is all hype. I’ve said I honestly believe this whole Q-army thing was mostly a way to harness all that energy and hopefully prevent vigilante violence.

Several times Q has promised “something big” was going to happen — like for today — and then either nothing, or something small way below the hype. There is a lot of image polishing here, posturing to keep folks in awe of Trump and his alleged chess mastery. “Trust the plan!” I keep reading “he’s two moves ahead” or even larger numbers. Yet everything is already more than a month behind schedule, and some promises have simply disappeared altogether.

This is all tinged with the same impotent “Conservative Movement” the US has had for a very long time. Nobody is willing to take real action, but the opposition never hesitates.

Here’s the deal: If you are paying attention at all, you know that the government of Broward County FL is a stinking cauldron of globalist witch’s brew. Right now the county is trying to rig the election by shredding Republican votes and generating a ton of fake Democratic votes. It’s all taking place in plain sight. If in the next week or so, someone doesn’t arrest these slimeballs, then we know it’s business as usual. This is all federal crime, so it warrants a federal arrest. At least a couple of folks getting fired. If Trump fails to act, you can be sure he’s playing head games.

There’s no escaping this time, no room for fake cheerleading and spinning it to sound like genius. At the very minimum, there should be some kind of action taken, even if it’s the same brand of disappearances and found bodies that the globalists have been doing for decades. If the force of evil is not met with countervailing force, then the government is not a government. I’ve said Trump is evil in the long run, but I was hoping at least he could be respectable and show he has balls.

Instead of a definitive crushing of the globalists, we seem to be getting this feeble, passive-aggressive rudeness back and forth, and little else. That means we will continue facing a genuine threat from the globalist idolaters who very much hate you and I, along with the rest of the world. It also means that, unless the vigilantes do rise up and start taking matters in their own hands, you and I will face genuine violent threats for a long time to come. Isn’t it odd that right-wing vigilantes are less dangerous than the commies? God can use anyone. It’s because Trump refuses to embrace his divine calling and perform his job with gusto.

This thing will probably drag on for days yet, but I’m losing interest in this Q stuff. It was entertaining at first, but it’s getting stupid. I’ll keep watching, but I’m dreading the outcome. Without firm action, turmoil and violence are assured.

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Don’t Get Too Anxious

My first conscious awareness of the Spirit Realm came at age nine. That was my spiritual birth. I was over fifty when I came to the understanding of the heart-led way. I consider it an outright miracle that I’ve gotten this far. Each step along the way called for a radical shift in my thinking so that my mind could cooperate with the leading of my heart. I still remember some of the bigger shifts, such as when Dr. Starkey told our college chapel assembly that Christianity was actually an Eastern religion back around 1976. It wasn’t really news academically, but it was something that drove me as I explored the implications over the following years.

It’s not that historical Western Christianity is so wrong, but that it is woefully short of the whole message of Christ. And it is wrong also because it includes such a wad of crap that doesn’t belong, as that comment from Dr. Starkey made so painfully obvious to me. A Western approach is inherently wrong from the start because it builds on the Fall itself. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil represents the error of placing human reason on the throne of life, and rejecting mysticism as God’s chosen vehicle for revelation and redemption.

We are cultivating that Ancient Near Eastern mysticism and it’s a huge leap. People locked in a rational-cerebral orientation can’t make that leap. There has to be some miraculous call from God that leaves you open to such a thing. But if you make that leap, suddenly Scripture comes to life in a new way that cannot be put into words. The words I write cannot get you there, but God can use them to indicate something for those already touched by His Spirit. If you haven’t encountered Him already in a personal way, neither my words nor those of Scripture can help you find Him.

For example: How many of you worry because it’s so hard to “pray without ceasing”? How many of you struggle to keep your frontal lobe occupied on the task of forming words to hold a conversation with God? That’s the wrong approach. Sure, bring your mind to the task when the situation allows for it, but know that your brain is just along for the ride. It’s your heart that calls out with groanings the Spirit understands and groans on our behalf (Romans 8:18-30 — read the whole context). A distractable mind is not a flaw in God’s eyes, but is wrongly judged so by our Western culture. Ours is not a cerebral religion; logic and reason are not the highest faculties of mankind. Faith is a much higher faculty, and we must learn to focus on that, making the mind take a back seat.

Now we believe this is the divine truth of God, a vast treasure long hidden from those whom the Lord awakens to eternal life. We aren’t selling spiritual birth; that’s a divine miracle only God can do. We try to capitalize on it when the miracle of God’s hand comes to awaken your awareness of it. Our shared faith seeks to restore that hidden treasure of covenant blessings, the just inheritance of God’s children. Nobody else is taking this approach, so far as I can tell. While we could long for everyone to find this, we should be more surprised by the miracles of those few who do.

Going off in trust of human capabilities to spread this faith would be a huge mistake, taking us right back to the swamp of cerebral nonsense already keeping millions from their divine heritage. This is not something we can package and advertise. Do you realize roughly twenty years passed between our Lord’s Ascension and Paul’s First Missionary Journey? Getting the word out will not happen quickly. On top of that, we cannot use the methods of Paul and the other Apostles, because this is a different world.

But I will tell you the one focus that we know for sure was behind the New Testament message: You must become the gospel message. This is not about my writings; I’m just a messenger. So are you. If not a writer full of words like me, then it is for certain God has other gifts living in your soul. He promised that. So the real issue here is not that you spread my blather around, but that you find your own mission and calling, and let people read you as the living message. This is why I keep emphasizing that Jesus is the living Law of God; He is divine revelation. This is a question of transmitting the divine moral character of God from soul to soul, and the mind comes along later to serve this new living purpose.

You are the gospel message. Let me encourage you to incarnate Christ in your very being, but don’t depend on me to spread the Word. This is something that calls us for the long haul, and we should naturally expect things to be slow for the first generation of us. And we should be eternally grateful if the Lord somehow magnifies our commitment to touch others at His discretion. This is His mission, and we are along for the ride.

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