Corrosion Eating the Guts

Just a heads-up so you aren’t surprised when you see it happen: Most of the Big Tech behemoths are suffering from internal corrosion. It’s likely some of you are aware of the SJW (social justice warrior) onslaught inside all of these companies. That includes Google, Amazon, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. What happens is that the mandatory influx of these SJWs decreases productivity and profit, and there’s only so much of this these companies can absorb before it eats away the guts.

If you need a clearer picture, imagine how these SJWs are hired, then granted carte-blanch to gripe about every little imaginary slight. They don’t do actual work; they spend the whole day shutting down the work others do by demanding changes, and tormenting folks for groveling apologies that they then refuse to accept. All the most productive people are fired. This is going on right now.

Pair this was a declining economy in the background, and most of these Big Tech companies will be lucky to survive the next five to ten years.

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Option Not Available

In a virtual parish like ours, most of you don’t notice it, but we have plenty of folks hanging around who really don’t belong. If this were an actual church meeting together in some facility in meat space, you would see it up close and in your face. It’s not possible to have anything like a church that doesn’t include a bunch of folks who don’t seem to have “it.” This is what the Parable of the Sower is about, and it applied to Old Testament Israel, as well.

In fact, throughout most of Israel’s history, the bulk of the nation was just going through the motions. To the degree we emphasize the continuity between the Old and New Testaments, this is simply part of the experience that no one escapes. Under any covenant you can imagine, there will always be folks involved who just don’t get it. Some of you with families who aren’t yet into the heart-led way can see why this is so. You may be head of household, and you can by strong persuasion gain a measure of compliance with the teachings of Radix Fidem, but there is nothing you can do to drag them across that invisible boundary into the invisible Kingdom of Hearts.

Having a pure congregation of true believers is not an option. Get used to it, folks. We are still operating in a fallen world. This is why we still have to understand politics. You will always have to engage political theory to manage a church. This is also why churches where authority is spread across the body democratically are churches that cannot be led by true believers for very long, unless the true believers have gained and keep a lock on how the congregation does business. You will either understand and use political power, or it will abuse you. The same goes with presbyterial churches and their elitist system; factions will always be an issue. And the old European style of magisterial church government is subject to factions in the upper hierarchy that binds the churches together. Whichever of these routes you choose, you end up with churches run by those who don’t get what church is really all about. God pastors are ousted, truly spirit-led teachers are silenced, etc.

Any system we develop cannot prevent that kind of political nonsense eclipsing the spiritual purpose of a church. On the other hand, there is one system God revealed: the shepherd system with the leadership divided between ceremonial (priest) and managerial (elder) shepherds. You can attempt to institutionalize those roles and destroy that system as well, just as Israel often went astray as a whole. But if there is any hope of things working at all, you have to stick with that original design. It’s inherently feudal and rests on a covenant. And it must remain small and tribal in nature to avoid the cancer of bad leadership spreading too easily. There should be no denominations. We know fallen people can’t resist organizing, so we learn to expect individual churches pulling together around false principles, but we can make it difficult.

What we really aim for is not some pervasive teaching of doctrine and practice that can somehow forestall going astray, but the preservation of the heart-led way in just a few individuals here and there. When God is ready, and for His own inscrutable plans, He will put those folks in leadership and things will move in a good path. And when the cycle of depravity comes around again, someone will begin exploiting the unavoidable weak spots in a good system and lock it into fleshly pursuits. Don’t pretend it won’t happen with Radix Fidem; that’s just part of reality viewed in the long term.

The system and organization is not the point. The point is that true believers are left with a legacy of understanding so they can act appropriately regardless of the contextual changes. This is why Radix Fidem isn’t really a religion, per se, but a meta-religion — a religious study of how religion works. We seek to distill the wisdom of God in forthright discussion within our current temporal context so that a living body of truth can rise up to walk among us and befriend a few of us. We aim to preserve that core of true believers, regardless of their situation. We do this for them. That way, when the time comes that the Lord moves in some hearts, there is a reference point and they aren’t all alone.

We don’t glorify being loners. It’s simply that we know that’s how God does things in our fallen world. Any of you who find one — just one — spiritual brother or sister in meat space, you have the greatest treasure on this earth. So it’s rather precious if we can find any folks at all with just half the inclination to follow this path, and we are compelled to encourage them as much as we are able. But don’t ever lose sight of the bigger picture. At any given time in human history between now and the time our Lord returns, there will be an ebb and flow of heart-led activity.

A critical element in the teaching of Radix Fidem will be the recognition of politics and how it works, so that we enable people to know how to do what God calls them to do. There must always be shepherds with the wisdom of God to understand fallen human behavior because you cannot escape such people, not in this life. Let’s not pretend that our faith is restricted to issues of individual moral redemption, as if that could be isolated from the obligation to be wise about fallen human nature. That wisdom about human nature should presume a dire necessity and mission from God to know how to put your hands on filthy political machinery and do His work.

Not that we can pretend to clean up politics, but that we know how it make it glorify God despite fallen human nature. We should have the clarity of moral vision to exploit human frailty on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven. None of it will be permanent; it will always be a brief flash of glory in the context. Make your mission and then move on. It’s just a tool; don’t linger with lust over the power. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize of eternity in Christ.

This is a part of our covenant.

Addenda: As someone once put it…

The Bible compares the bulk of humanity to cattle. Bullshit is an inevitable by-product, so learn how to shovel it.

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The Lonely Calling

Our only ambition is to walk faithfully in our covenant of faith.

Just a reminder: “covenant” in the Bible is synonymous with “law” until we get to the New Testament where the whole thing is deeply perverted by the legalism of the scribes and Pharisees. In some cases, “law” refers to the Talmud, the Hellenized perversion of Moses that the Jews had developed for a couple of centuries before Christ was born. It is a very long way from genuine Old Testament religion.

In genuine Old Testament religion, law came as an act of grace. It is the revelation of God’s divine moral character, and it was assumed in Hebrew intellectual traditions that you would see through the words of the Covenant to the heart of God. Legalism was never part of the picture. It was merely a question of discovering ultimate reality.

Thus, obedience to the Covenant was it’s own reward, because that obedience aligned your life to the very nature of how Creation was designed. In the ancient Hebrew sense, that’s the same as saying Law was it’s own reward. Go back and read Psalm 119 and capture the essence of how Law = Covenant = revelation = the Word of God and the will of God. And that has all be updated and clarified in the teaching of Jesus Christ. We can sum it all up as “Biblical Law,” for Jesus was the personification of God’s will for us.

We have no greater ambition than to obey Biblical Law. Sure, we would love for the whole world to get a taste of this, but that wish is tempered by the realization we are in a very bad time for humanity. Any fool should be able to see that tribulation is upon us, and it won’t be short. There is likely to be a breaking point when the pressure gets high enough for folks to shed their delusions, but that won’t be soon for most of the human race. The demonic deception inherent in Western Civilization runs very, very deep in the souls of humanity. It won’t be easily broken.

So in a certain sense, we can’t afford to get too wound up the idea of growing our fellowship here. Most of those who join us these days are folks already looking for what we have. That’s not a very high proportion of the human race right now. The vast majority are convinced they know what they should look for and this ain’t it. It’s like dealing with hard-core drug addicts. Until their fantasy breaks down, they won’t come to reality. Their fantasy is still working just fine.

Be ready to accept those who come seeking, on whatever level they may be seeking. Still, don’t rev up the engines of boosterism. That isn’t our path. It’s the quiet reliance on our hearts to guide us, to keep our core of conscious awareness anchored in our convictions. Most of what we see and experience is shaped by mass delusion, so we have to keep a lose grip on the world’s version of “reality.” Know it for what it is, and don’t just assume everyone is supposed to see the obvious truth of what we believe. This is why we cling to each other in this virtual fellowship, because most of us have no other fellowship.

This is a lonely calling for us during these times; be faithful against the tsunami of lies.

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Teachings of Jesus — Luke 16:1-13

Jesus is still answering the objection of the scribes and Pharisees to His rehabilitation of sinners. The Jewish leaders were missing the point of the rituals. They failed to understand that the rituals served as symbolic reminders of our fallen nature, our need for repentance and redemption. Their legalistic focus on the particulars of the Covenant Law turned it into an exercise in buying merit, as if they were somehow basically good people and could preserve that standing. They completely lost track of how God viewed these things.

So Jesus tells a parable that compares our existence in this world to a form of stewardship. Now here is where too many mainstream Christian scholars get off track. They don’t catch on to the masterful sarcasm in this parable. The characters should be easy to figure out based on the context of the criticism from the scribes and Pharisees. God is the rich land owner, and Jesus is the “unjust” steward, as the Pharisees would have it.

In their eyes, Jesus was being sloppy with the requirements of the Law of Moses. They talked bad about this rabbi and envisioned how God would call Him to account for such laziness. They viewed Jesus as some kind of fraud, someone who frittered away what they believed were God’s blessings, the inheritance of the Covenant. So they would stand on one side and cheer as God would tell Jesus He could no longer teach and lead the people, because He wasn’t collecting enough moral debts. He was letting people off too easy on their sins.

Just to heighten their sense of righteous indignation, He pretended that He was the kind of man too lazy for manual labor and too proud to beg. The satire was getting thick here. So what was Jesus to do? Why, instead of being sloppy with His use of Scripture, He would quite intentionally go out and make things easy on some really big sinners.

Get the picture. These debtors were also stewards of God’s blessings. They are depicted as sharecroppers who render to the rich landowner (God) a share of what they produced in their lives. The amounts they owed in relative terms were huge; these were some really big sinners. How could they possibly repay to God what the scribes and Pharisees imagined they owed under the Law? What would it take for them to produce enough legalistic merit to climb out of that pit?

Jesus forestalls this problem. While He still holds the divine authority, He calls for these sinners to write up more realistic contracts of debt. Jesus puts repentance within their reach versus the impossible demands of the scribes and Pharisees. This way when Judgment Day comes and these folks are allowed in Heaven, Jesus will have no trouble finding a place among them. And God approves of the whole thing!

Did God really worry so much about the size of their moral debt, or was He more interested in their shalom? Does not the Kingdom gain when people realize the truth of what God really expects of us? Instead of impossible debts no one can repay, He gains servants who can move forward in their lives and bless His name.

What are material goods really good for? The scribes and Pharisees fancied themselves “children of light” but had no clue. They were actually serving Mammon; their reputation as nit-picking legalists was matched by nickle-and-dime greed. Jesus said we should use our time on earth as stewards to be generous with God’s provision, reaching out to those who are burdened by guilt. You can’t help anyone who has no sense of penitence (like scribes and Pharisees), but there are plenty of folks who are buried under a false burden of guilt and want to find a path back to God’s favor. Use God’s riches to buy their debt and redeem their lives.

The riches of this world are the least of things God worries about. If you can figure out how to use them for His glory, then you can understand what really matters. If God can’t trust you with material provisions, how can He offer you His truth? True wealth in this context is the revelation of God. The scribes and Pharisees had been unfaithful with God’s Law, so they couldn’t possibly see through the words of the Covenant to the true value to which those words pointed. They were so busy serving Mammon that they had no time for Jehovah.

Mammon is more than just worldly wealth; it was the attitude that Pharisaical human reasoning was the real god. Their Hellenized logic about the provisions of the Covenant made a mockery of God’s glory in restoring those who repented. The wealth of Heaven is God’s people changed by revelation, not the provisions of the Law.

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Something About Me

This is about me, not as your elder, but as just a guy who is what he is. This is my personal convictions. The lesson here for my readers is that you need to be sure you search your convictions to know what’s there, and not waste too much time comparing the contents with someone else’s convictions. So I acknowledge that what follows is my personal convictions, not meant to signal a need to change yours to match, but to contemplate and know the creature God made you to be. And by all means, live by those convictions regardless of whose cage it rattles.

I’m not a conservative, and certainly not what passes for “progressive” these days in the US. If there is anything among the various political identities that comes close to my real convictions, it’s nationalism. So I freely confess that, if there were a genuine nationalist movement in the US today, I would join them and take up arms against our domestic enemies. I would throw behind that all of my best and brightest understanding of tactics and feel no remorse at the bloodshed that followed. Don’t get me wrong: It’s not that I love any real or imagined image of what folks mean by “America.” It’s that I love Biblical Law enough to hate Babylon and those who would raise up another Tower of Babel.

The agenda of the political left in America today is a mask, a false front for Globalism. It’s the Tower of Babel all over again. It’s a plan to enslave the whole human race to a lie from Hell about how humanity can defy God and do what they wish to reach into the heavens and change reality according to their demented dreams. But the so-called “conservative agenda” is no better. It’s just a question of who will enslave humanity and who gets to profit from it. So I’m not deluded in thinking that America is somehow righteous and precious to God. It’s damned and doomed and I fully expect to see the US destroyed within my lifetime. What moves me is something else entirely.

It’s my love for the Word of God and hatred for all the lies of the Devil. By no means would I pretend I can change anything in this fallen world. Mankind will always do evil and nothing can change that except individual redemption, which is a divine miracle, not the result of any human decision. But a love for divine justice moves us to do things that breathe life into that justice. In this world there are things that are just so evil that, if I don’t attack those things, I will betray my convictions and might as well die. Someone sums it up nicely:

History and theory don’t matter to socialists because they imagine society can be engineered. The old arguments and historical examples simply don’t apply: even human nature is malleable, and whenever our stubborn tendencies don’t comport with socialism’s grand plans a “social construct” is to blame.

These most recent spasms of support for the deadly ideology of socialism remind us that progressives aren’t kidding. They may not fully understand what socialism means, but they fully intend to bring it about.

Socialism is just a front for the Globalist cult. It’s their big lie, a shining vision of promises that they know they cannot deliver, and have no intention of trying to deliver. It’s just their excuse to seize power and drive us all into slavery. I have no expectation of preventing that slavery, nor even escaping it myself. Prophetically, I assure you this is where some major portion of the US future lies. And it will turn out hardly any different from the way things are in Venezuela right now. I cannot say whether my part of America will go there, but if there is anyone who is willing to organize a resistance to it, I’d gladly join and march in that army. I would do so with the full expectation of dying. But I seriously expect a lot of those socialists would die, too.

And according to the applicable Law Covenant of Noah, they deserve to die. They are a serious threat to shalom and there is simply no other way for this shepherd to respond. I’m not calling for you to join the battle. I’m calling on you to search your own convictions and know what God requires of you. I am fully confident that the real-world outcomes will glorify His name, whatever path you find written in your soul. Just ensure you are who God made you to be.

By the way, such an organized response to this big lie may come about, but right now I don’t see any evidence of it. I’m not going to organize one myself because that’s not part of my calling, but I’ll support one if it does arise.

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Chasing Their Tails

This is as much for me as anyone else. I encountered a bunch of highfalutin philosophical stuff this week. Sure, I can understand most of it, and I don’t like it.

We are caught between two worlds right now. The West is dying and the Networked Civilization is taking its place. The Net kids aren’t too impressed with how the Westies take themselves so seriously, while the Westies are convinced the Net kids are idiots. I’m not too happy with either side. At any rate, the highfalutin philosophical stuff comes mostly from the Westies, and it’s worst among so-called Christian philosophers. They really do love their deep thinking blather. If it doesn’t baffle regular folks, it’s not deep enough, they seem to think.

Let me try to unbaffle: The world we live in is fake. It’s broken and this is not reality. We were designed to live somewhere else, but not in the sense of some other location. It’s different in the sense of how we perceive it. What people think they see isn’t real. And I assure you that dying isn’t the end of you. But the thing is, we are supposed to be here and stay here until God calls us Home. Our job here is living by God’s revelation. We don’t have to understand how that works, only that it works.

If you are inclined to deep thinking, we can do some of that. But if that’s not your bag, don’t worry about it. You aren’t missing anything. What really matters is that you study how to connect yourself to God’s revelation, which is written into Creation itself. The dumbest rock-head in the world can get this simply by learning to trust his/her heart instead of all that deep thinking stuff. In the long run, the deep thinkers are just chasing their own tails. The only thing that really matters is peace with God.

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Bridging the Two Realms

Of all the pernicious teachings I confront so often is the foul doctrine of false unity.

The preacher thrusts his finger in the air and with grave assertion says, “Until the church unifies on the gospel truth, the world will never take our message seriously.” This was the lie of Constantine. He wasn’t the first to promote it, but was the first to seize upon the political power he saw in it. The early Christian leaders had developed a doctrine of unity that was worldly in nature, seeking to politically unite the churches under one earthly central control. This is nothing more than the Tower of Babel in disguise.

The foundation of this is the error of ignoring the Two Realms. There is the fallen realm of flesh, what the Bible calls “this world.” It is portrayed as a lie, a deception, a condition of the human moral blindness that prevents us seeing reality as God created it. The other is the Realm of the Spirit. Now, I do refer to the moral realm that represents the overlap between the two, where fallen humans can be enlightened and experience Creation somewhat more like it was in Eden. Notice the “somewhat” — we can mitigate the effects of the Fall, but we cannot fully escape them in this life.

So the only way to escape the Fall is to die in this life. You can die as a moral choice — self-death — and get a taste of Eden, but only when this mortal life expires can you enter the Spirit Realm. Even if we get folks to accept this cosmology, they still seriously confuse the meaning of that life in between. Mainstream Christian teaching asserts that more things can be redeemed than what the Bible says. For example, it is an open confession of the Catholic Church that the intellect is not fallen, that it can be fully redeemed in this life. Almost the whole of Christian teaching in all the rest of the denominations agree to this notion, either tacitly or by default. It forms the background of all mainstream theology, even when not consciously stated.

So mainstream Christians all have this basic false assumption that they are supposed to conquer the world in one sense or another. They tend to differ in their methods and imagery, but they all assume that Christianity has failed if someday, somehow, their particular brand of Christian religion does not dominate humanity. They read that passage in Ephesians 5:25-27 as a mandate to unify the whole of Christianity under some particular theology and practice.

This is the world’s way of doing things, not the way of the Spirit. We are the family of God. What does it take for a family to live together in unity? The Germanic tribal imagery, mixed with Greco-Roman traditions, are foreign to the Bible when it comes to such questions. There is no room for Hebrew covenant unity in Western Civilization. Mainstream Christian churches have all kinds of ecclesiastical polity except ANE feudal covenant living. All the various ideas developed by human reasoning don’t hold a candle to the unity God designed us for, and revealed in His Word.

Once more: The lesson of the Tower of Babel is that, in our fallen existence, mankind is designed to live in tiny tribal communities, bound by covenant. This is the model of the New Testament churches before Western rationalism got hold of them. I’ve explained it often enough on this blog that I’m not going to pursue it again here.

My point is that, as we approach the deepening tribulation of God’s wrath on the West, it might be a good idea to understand how this ancient tribal model will prepare us for persecution. What is the one thing worldly minds look for when they have identified an enemy? The nature of the organization. What is the one organization they cannot comprehend? A heart-led covenant family. What is the one form of linkage to each other that they cannot destroy? A heart-led conviction regarding whom the Lord wishes us to fellowship. As long as we eschew the forms of unity fallen minds can understand, they have no target to attack.

We must learn how to live in persecution. We must learn the ways of holding our covenant community of faith together in ways they cannot grasp. We cling to each other on the basis of moral conviction. Only an awakened heart-based ego can understand it, and once you have moved your ego into your heart, the only enemy you have is the Devil. It completely changes the whole outlook.

Disrupt our communications? Sure, they can do that. Keep us from caring and pursuing the same basic moral agenda? They can’t touch that. Our living communion with Creation itself never ends, because it continues beyond death. Our consciousness of Biblical Law is eternal.

So we must learn how to commune with each other by whatever channels are available. God will provide. This is the true church of Christ in persecution; the saints of God will tribulate. If we fail to commune as opportunity is granted by God, and as the Spirit moves, then we merely prove that we need to repent and get right before it gets any harder. Make sure your conscience is clear on this issue. It is wholly irresponsible to sit out there silently and read this teaching unless you make some effort to fellowship from time to time as the Spirit moves. Stop wasting time. Wrath is upon us and we need each other. That’s the Word of God.

I’m not demanding more feedback from my readers. I’m warning you to be aware of this issue as a matter of the moral fabric of Creation. If you have a heart-led fellowship in meat space, you are so blessed. If you do not feel a hunger for fellowship, something is missing in your soul. Our forum is wide open still. Don’t join because I say so; join because the Lord calls for it in your heart. A primary mark of the Holy Spirit’s presence is the desire for fellowship.

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