Privileged Children

One of the things we all hate dealing with is entitled brats. A significant portion of the Millennial Generation suffers under this delusion, a delusion that knows no racial boundaries.

This is not the same thing as the privilege of divine adoption. When that is at work, the first thing you see is someone on their face before God. Humility is a sign to us of someone turning around and walking by the heart.

A portion of Psalm 2 is instructive here:

I will declare the decree:
The Lord has said to Me,
“You are My Son,
Today I have begotten You.
Ask of Me, and I will give You
The nations for Your inheritance,
And the ends of the earth for Your possession.
You shall break them with a rod of iron;
You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.” (vv. 7-9 NKJV)

While this has a historical meaning with David as king, it is also widely known as a Messianic Psalm in symbolism. The Messiah stands up and warns everyone that His Father has granted Him indescribable authority. As part of that authority, the Father tells His Son: If You ask, I will give you the whole world as Your inheritance. You will break them into a countless fragments.

That’s a picture of the the humility inspired by the Spirit of God making His Presence known in your soul. You feel shattered with genuine guilt and a move to repentance. But the whole purpose is to remake you into His People. You become His inheritance, a feudal empire of awakened spirits living by their hearts.

That done, our commission is an extension of His; we invest ourselves in seeking others who need shattering. It’s not for us to decide; there is no grand strategy of going out and turning people into your personal conversion projects. Rather, we live on our faces, as it were, always in awe of His divine power and the wonders He does in our lives. He sends us out to let the world see, and some will respond in due time, asking to know what this is that makes us so powerful.

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Sermon on the Mount 6

Reputation for Honesty 5:33-37

The corrupt oral traditions in Jesus’ day saw the Pharisees and friends holding forth a catalog of various oaths. Each one was supposed to be appropriate for different contexts. These men were swearing on everything imaginable: the Temple, the altar, certain offerings, the City, their own heads — you name it. The really sharp fellows would keep track and watch in case someone tried to be sneaky by using an incorrect oath when making a promise. The Talmud specifically absolves you from having to keep an inconvenient promise if you were smart enough to use a non-binding oath, and the creditor didn’t catch you on it.

Jesus was stating something rather obvious, quoting from Leviticus 19:12 that God forbade people swearing on His name for something they had no intention of doing. It was literally “taking God’s name in vain.” The whole point was to convince someone of your earnest intention. By calling God as witness to the transaction, it was assumed you would incur His wrath for deception, since He was a party as Guarantor. In effect, it was an IOU to God.

Matthew uses a Greek term typically translated as “perjure.” Don’t tell a lie when you use Jehovah’s title as Creator and God to defraud someone trusting you. Jesus said the whole thing had gotten completely out of hand. It doesn’t matter whether you actually believe God is going to hold you accountable; He was merciful and patient about such things. And sometimes He allows you to dirty your own reputation.

What kind of people will the Messiah be seeking for His Kingdom? What would it take to repent from the abuses of that day and restore a pure Covenant?

First, toss aside all of the crazy nonsense used by the Pharisees and Scribes. Don’t trust them, especially in terms of leadership. They have all these silly rules and the whole point is to defraud the peasants. Even when they taught, the leadership often kept back their nifty little secret codes for dealing with each other. Jesus cut through the deceptive nonsense by pointing out just how worthless the whole system was. Such people have no place in the Messiah’s Kingdom.

Jesus was not proposing a new law. His final injunction was meant to provoke pondering. What kind of world does it depict here? Would it not be a society, a covenant community, where people simply told the truth and kept their promises? How do you build social stability? Can we not spend more time concentrating on ways to strengthen shalom? Don’t set out to defraud anyone by deception. By the same token, stop fooling yourself by making rash promises. We are already bound to God by a covenant; trust in Him and keep the focus on His promises.

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Destiny’s Baloney

Brother Jay and I are chatting about something in the background: The Western concept of destiny is unadulterated nonsense.

First, we have to deal with the impossible notion that God is not bound by the past as we are in our fallen state. It’s impossible in the sense that we our fallen state prevents us thinking that way. It’s incomprehensible. We can approach it, but we can’t easily operate on that basis. It’s not that there is no passage of events in Eternity, but that they aren’t confined to a linear path. God can go back and readjust things at will. When we get to see it, it’s called “miracle.” When we don’t get to see it, we may never even know about it. We will tend to think it was always like that in the first place. The concept of non-linear time makes no sense to us because we cannot step outside of time and space restrictions that are part of the Fall.

Second, God and His Creation are responsive to us as Persons. Predestination is not a matter of a predetermined path; it’s about the destination. That’s the etymology of the word — regardless of the path, the destination is what’s determined. Nor is it a question of a predetermined end-point in time. Rather, it’s an organic end-point. The Bible recognizes that fallen humans instinctively try to measure the time-distance between here and there, but it’s not the way Creation works. It’s all about the ripening of things, and in response to a wealth of conditions that you cannot comprehend, much less determine.

Finally, no two of us will experience it the same. Some folks are locked into a certain amount of outcome, and even pretty tight steering on the way. Others wander all over their lives freely with little apparent input from God. There’s all kinds of ways God will mix things for each person. Again, this is incomprehensible to us without a lot of cognitive redemption, and even that will have some limits. But all of us Westerners start from a really bad impression, and we are likely to struggle some right up to the point of death.

“God can see the future” is not the same as “God determines the future,” especially as such things are commonly understood. He gets what He wants, but it doesn’t work as our puny fallen intelligence wants to imagine.

If I tell you that I have a powerful sense of calling and mission, that’s one thing. It’s just painting an image of how God deals with me and how it has changed me. If I tell you God has granted me a prophetic word that my calling will be used in a specific mission, that’s another thing entirely. A sense of calling is no guarantee of a particular mission. God’s actions don’t have to make sense like that. But if I string these two thoughts together, what I’m doing is offering an indication (a sense of calling) of how I will tend to carry out the mission (a prophetic promise). You would naturally expect who I am to affect what I do, just as it affects how I write on this blog.

Hint: None of this is particularly new. It reflects my experience studying the Ancient Near East and how the literature approaches such things.

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Keep on Doing What Is Right

Is it just me?

A part of my prophetic gift is sensing the moral currents of both Heaven and this world. Right now the US is under a heavy spirit of exhaustion and apathy. It’s not just the fizzled protest of Antifa this last weekend, but a general weariness and numbness. To me, it seems like a calm before the storm. The energy is spent and we need to brace ourselves for a time of fear, even panic.

There’s not much we can do about this. The best way to prosper in the heart-led way is to keep a barrier between yourself and the ambient moral climate. There is a difference between our passionate disengagement versus their general despair.

If the marvelous plans of someone like Trump were more consistent and successful, it would polarize folks and breathe energy into the situation. But the political scene is fragmented and no one is winning much. Indeed, the recent election victories for the Democrats was more the result of frustrated opposition than any real excitement either way, and the margins of victory were quite small. On the one hand, this is just another part of political strategy and voter manipulation, because there are some Democrats who understand that general apathy against their desperate scramble to recover power works in their favor. The electorate in general is not on their side, so keeping them away from the polls is a good thing.

But in a much larger sense, the Devil has a good use for wearing out everyone on everything. To the degree his domain prospers, it is through deception and keeping folks away from their divine heritage. It’s not the suffering itself but the confusion about where it comes from, why it is so pervasive. Keep in mind that Satan is God’s punisher, His hand of wrath. To the degree you stray from His revelation, you are under Satan’s dominion. Hell has been ordered to mobilize on America; the time has come.

So the Democratic strategists will get the apathy they desire, but they are clueless what it means in prophetic terms. This weariness cries out for relief, but relief is not coming. Instead, people will seek and be wrapped up in a multitude of personal distractions. They will neglect the larger picture and not see the next wave of disaster bearing down on them. This is a good time for a bunch of secret plots to prosper, and together they will result in some very rough times.

I’m not in the position to tell you what the timing will be, but this period of weariness and distraction is begging for something like the standard holiday celebrations now upon us. But somewhere beyond the sparkle of those festivities, or perhaps right in the middle of them, disaster must come. I still believe it will be some kind of economic shock, but I can’t guess the particular source. It will likely be a combination of things, since just about every conscious measure of economic health points to death. God is in control and He’s not telling us much about the details.

Personally, I’m amazed it has taken this long.

For us, this will be a time of miracles. As long as you are disentangled from the world’s anxieties, and you focus on your own calling and mission, there is every reason to anticipate some real surprises. God is working to position us for His glory. Some are already there, while others (like me) will get the marching orders from God later. But for all of us there will be signs and wonders all over the place, things you dared not dream our Lord would grant.

Don’t be lulled into weariness, but keep on doing what is right (Galatians 6:9).

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Divine Need to Know

Understanding God’s ways makes Creation more predictable. Life in this world is not so random as it appears. God has revealed His ways sufficient to make sense of things you need to know for your individual calling.

It truly does start with embracing His call on your life. It’s one of those things where we say, “God is God. You aren’t Him.” Because of the Fall, we have to approach revelation as a sealed package; you have to accept it all sight unseen before you can open it. The revelation for you comes in layers; you have to deal appropriately with the one you see before you get to see what’s next. It’s that trust and commitment thing. You aren’t digging into something objective; it is unique to you because you are getting to know a Person who treats no two of us alike. That’s because we aren’t alike.

Sure, we have some commonalities, but most people who can read what I’m writing in English will come with a high degree of deceptive conditioning, which makes them believe there is much more in common than what God says. And not just the amount of commonality, we who think in the English language are taught to assume the wrong kind of commonality. Worst of all, we are taught to deny that the rest of reality is alive and personal, and we can’t comprehend the commonalities inherent in our universe.

Let’s review briefly: Even Western science knows that your heart generates a very powerful electromagnetic field reaching out to infinity, but generally detectable by instruments at 10-15 feet (3-4.5m). Further, other living things have a similar electromagnetic field, and there is a measurable resonance between ours and theirs, and with each other. The interaction of these fields produces a reaction, but the scientists have not been able to discern what it does. Furthermore, it appears that the human heart also possesses an independent nervous system of sorts, and that the nodes on this system can act as a brain of sorts, processing in ways that researches can’t understand. In other words, scientists know that the heart is a sensory organ for sure, it may be processing what it senses in ways not obvious to investigation.

But thousands of years of written records in the Ancient Near East (ANE) have quite solemnly proposed that the heart does have its own mind of sorts, and that the heart can know a great deal about reality independently of the normal human senses. If you dig farther into this literature, you’ll understand that the content of such heart-mind operations is not a matter of sensory data, but on an entirely different level. It senses moral truth. The Bible in particular talks about how the heart is the means to discerning a higher level of reality on the spiritual plane. And clearly the ANE people took this quite seriously, though they resorted to figurative language to discuss it.

I take it seriously, too. The longer I strive to get my head to unlearn the Western approach to reality, the easier it gets for me to train my brain to follow my heart. And it gets easier to wade through a lot of Western confusion and deception so that things puzzling to Westerners have a rather obvious answer to me.

That includes scientific stuff that catches my curiosity. I’ll tell you that sometimes it’s a matter of skipping the wrong questions, and asking better ones. I’m not claiming to have the key to human understanding of the universe; I understand as much as I need to obey my calling. For example, I believe I understand what’s commonly referred to in Physics as the Two Slit Experiment. More, I’m not puzzled by the behavior revealed by it. It is entirely unlikely any scientist is going to buy my explanation; my personal experience assures me of that. The international science community rests entirely on the foundation of rejecting the idea that matter is alive, sentient and possessed of individual qualities. All they see is uniform dead matter.

But I could have predicted their observations in a certain sense because of my different epistemology. Individual photons and particles are alive, sentient and individually willful. But because they are not fallen, their will tends to reflect a sense of moral harmony. They obey God’s design, but still act individually. It manifests in the observed resonance of the waves in the experiment. The photons are not uniform, but appear to be moving randomly. Once you introduce attempts to predict their behavior, you are denying their individuality, and they will hide it from you. Creation as a whole tends to give you what you expect, in the sense that if you treat the universe as a composition of inert matter, it will tend to avoid showing you that it lives. You aren’t looking for the truth, so you won’t see the truth.

You have to trust God that His Creation will fulfill His divine purpose. That purpose cannot be quantified and objectified — it’s personal. In order to stay sane, you have to bend your perception to the moral truth the heart knows. You have to give God room to handle things with individual attention to His glory in your life, not simply follow the herd in denying moral reality. So I’m content to appreciate the beauty of the wave pattern in this experiment without trying to nail down why it’s like that. I have no need to attempt controlling it, which is the undeniable intent behind scientific investigation. I know better than to try playing God.

This is not to suggest that God never allows poking around out of curiosity. At the same time, I am confident that there are boundaries that you can predict if you try to live the heart-led way. Another example would be genetic manipulation. I’m utterly certain that crosses the line. I’m also utterly certain that, in the long run, all such genetic dabbling will result in disasters. So far, the results have borne that out. It’s not always apparent in the short term, but so far every genetically modified organism (GMO) has turned out harmful when you wait long enough. No surprise, of course; it’s driven by human moral failures (to wit: fraudulent stewardship of Creation).

There’s also the prophetic element warning us that mankind will eventually push too hard against the moral boundaries and foul this cosmic nest to the point we can’t live. While God is silent about the specifics, He warns that this tendency will play into His decision to finally end this world as we know it. This is why it’s pointless to campaign and try to change human behavior at large. We’ve already been told in many different ways where this is headed, and that it’s not our mission to change that, nor even delay it significantly. How could I know what He has designed another human to pursue, either knowingly serving Him or blindly following a sad destiny? He says that’s His concern, not mine.

Holiness includes embracing you own individual calling; it also includes rejoicing in His provision.

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The Power of Not Caring

Very few people in this world have what it takes to stand alone — this, despite a cultural mythology admiring and promoting it. Indeed, such stand-alone individuals are usually broken in some way. It’s not the norm.

The Bible assumes a basic human need for communion; it’s fundamental to our design. We might not find much communion, and we dare no compromise morally to get it, but a critical element in revelation is communion with God and His Creation. The Fall complicated things, but didn’t change the basic design element.

Our problem as heart-led believers is that most of our world is deceive and refuses to do communion right. Take this discussion for example. First, we notice that the author expresses a common longing for fellowship around things that truly matter to him. We all know instinctively that we won’t accomplish anything that matters by working alone. Second, there’s a reasoned awareness that this won’t be easy. In order for it work, you have to avoid the failures of everything that didn’t work. So the author proposes gathering elements of what seems to have worked better. Third, there is a distinct purpose that holds the group together.

It’s this third element where he gets everything right and wrong at the same time. Maybe you caught the reference to the Pashtuns. That’s a tribal nation residing mostly in the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. While it’s considered a linguistic group, their sense of cohesion and resistance to outside pressure is legendary. Virtually all the Taleban are Pashtun. And maybe you can discern how he completely misses the point of how they retain such a strong sense of identity that frustrates all their enemies.

The Pashtuns adhere to something called “Pashtunwali” — the Way of the Pashtun. If you read academic explanations, you’ll come up with all the wrong answers. Western scholars generally do not recognize the heart as a sensory organ, much less as the physical locus of faith and commitment. Yet it is painfully obvious that descriptions of Pashtunwali point to a heart-led culture so common in the Ancient Near East.

The author also cites Hells Angels, so it’s not as if his dream is impossible, but he’s missing the whole point. It seems obvious his focus is on the effects, not the root nature of how such groups come to exist. The Pashtunwali is a covenant of the heart; its goal is the thing itself, insofar as we can say it has a goal. Criminal gangs like Hells Angels are another manifestation of covenant communion, though a very poor one. Not that they are criminal, but because its whole nature is wrapped up in Western moral values. As such, a gang is inherently oppressive and damaging to the heart-mind, because it assumes there can be no heart-mind. The criminal element is merely a matter of choosing to endure one form of oppression (the gang itself) to reap the benefits of being an insider, as opposed to suffering oppression as a citizen on the outside of official government, which acts like a gang.

An inherent problem here is that opposing gangs infiltrate one another. Their primary vulnerability is their fundamental purpose in seeking material advantage. The author’s search for a gang of sorts invites infiltration by its nature. The Pashtunwali’s greatest power is that the covenant is the whole point; it doesn’t rest on measurable results reaching toward some goal. Everything the Pashtun do to retain their identity is merely a manifestation of their deep moral commitment that transcends the effects. The author’s proposed virtual gang has none of that, and as soon as it starts manifesting any useful effects at all, it will be infiltrated.

It is impossible to infiltrate a heart-led covenant group. You can’t do it without taking some kind of heart-led path yourself, and that changes the whole game. Infiltration of a genuine covenant community forces you to compromise your heart-led moral existence in order to fake it. You’ll notice that when I suggest we who are heart-led infiltrate heart-less institutions, we have no trouble being open and honest, but our listerners aren’t going to hear what we say. We aren’t decieving them; they are already fundamentally deceived in ways we simply cannot remedy.

A heart-led community will hear you. Without total open honesty, you have to surrender the power of the heart-mind, and they will know it. You can have a heart full of lies, but that disables all the power of resolve that carries beyond death. It’s that very power that underlies all the admirable features of covenant communities. You can commit to a lie and willingly die for something, but you cannot commit to a lie and live with full power of conviction; that’s in the nature of reality itself. Significant departure from the fundamental nature of God’s moral character takes you out of heart-land. The whole thing includes an element of proximity; precision is a foreign concept in God’s revelation.

The Devil has no counterfeit for genuine faith. All he has is deception and perversion. Yes, the Pashtuns are Muslim and are deceived about who God is, but that seems to be one issue where our Creator is rather flexible. Proximity to His moral Law on everything else seems to work well enough in this fallen world, as it still weakens Satan’s hand.

The US cannot defeat the Pashtuns as it is, because the US has nothing in the moral realm. This is why we have little to fear from the coming destruction of America. While there are plots aplenty to take over the system, none of them are based in moral reality. You have to believe a lie just to want that kind of power. Genuine power in this world comes only from not caring much about this world.

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A Different Perception of Reality

Warning: This post includes political analysis.

The lefties had threatened to come out en masse on this past Saturday as the start of a general protest, eventually rising to such chaos and disorder so as to make the US ungovernable. The organizers published a list of 40+ cities where they hoped to draw significant crowds of protesters. It fizzled. In New York City, for example, the mass-produced signs and placards were piled high, untouched long after the event was done. So far as I can find, not a single one of these events drew so much as a thousand bodies.

There are not enough true believers; there never were. Everything we’ve seen so far was performed mostly with hired actors. The majority of those are now too busy with other things. Instead, the real money and energy is focused in Washington, DC. Aside from the spreading cancer of sexual abuse exposures bleeding over from Hollywood, there are genuine legal battles over other forms of corruption taking down major figures. Keep in mind that there are no clean hands in Washington; none of the various parties (far more than merely Republican versus Democrat) can be characterized as the good guys. It’s unlikely Trump will be driven from office, but if he is, it won’t be through the actions of Soros’ leftist minions.

There are some genuine revolutionaries, but they are working mostly behind the scenes, venting their frustration on the folks who try to maintain the appearance of being in control (and their plans). Too many true believers for too long have been denied the promised fruits of hard labor. Alliances are crumbling. The system itself is imploding; it is not business as usual. There is a great deal of genuine trouble behind the scenes and not reported in the mainstream press, nor even very much in the alternative press.

The same moral chaos is at work in foreign affairs. You can watch a genuine tectonic shift in Middle Eastern politics. The linked article is a good analysis of what’s going on, and it would have been nearly impossible to predict this situation a year ago. By the way, the author’s review of Israel’s actions does not take into account my assertion that Israel exists only to provoke and distract the world from the real issues.

That’s because of the Zionist doctrine that Israel simply cannot be treated like any other nation. She is privileged above all other nations and peoples on the earth. All of these provocations are aimed at driving home this claim, preventing anyone from ignoring it for even a second. Zionists will do anything, good or bad, to remain the center of the world’s attention. Even the current efforts to squelch the BDS Movement are more a matter of provoking anger and hatred than an expression of any real worry about financial losses for Israeli businesses. All Israeli commerce is just an expression of Zionist policy. You’ll notice that in the long run, the actual effects of all of this public posturing is merely keeping Israel in the news.

You should not imagine that The Cult is worried about these developments. Bear in mind that their agenda is neither left nor right, but all about control by any means. The human agents of The Cult might have imagined they were on the brink of realizing their dreams of global rule, but the underlying demonic intelligence knows better. The whole point is that, by any means at all, it is essential that believers are kept from claiming their divine heritage on this earth.

This is why we don’t set our hopes on any form of political solution to any of the world’s problems. There can never be a political solution under the Curse of the Fall. We can embrace that; once you get used to that idea, it’s easier to focus on the true goal of Christ’s glory. From where we stand, the whole point of revelation is to change our awareness of reality. The Fall was a case of deception about reality; redemption is restoring the truth to our awareness even as we face a world of deception.

The heart-led way makes some audacious claims against the common perceptions of humanity. We flatly reject and contradict what seems obvious to everyone else. For example, we view the looming chaos as a cyclical norm, a built-in feature of this world. It’s not merely a national level cycle here in the US, but a global cycle transition point in the collapse of an entire civilization. The looming chaos does not hinder our ultimate goal on this earth of reclaiming the promises of God through His Word. We simply adjust our tactics and keep moving forward.

On top of that, we have a prophetic promise to us. We few who now possess the key element of the heart-led consciousness have been granted a wide open field for planting the seeds of a true shift in human awareness. We can establish the means to restore the truth tossed aside in the Garden of Eden. It won’t be global, but it can surely be far bigger than just we few in this virtual parish. We have no vested interest in the outcomes of any of this political and military warfare. We get to see where it’s going, and we can play along with what God is doing, but we are not the target of any of this. God has granted us a footing far above this level of human strife, where we can stand and watch how it plays out. Because of the clarity of our moral vision, we can use these events based on where we know they are headed. We aren’t trapped in the confusion inherent in the position of humanity lacking the heart-led vision.

We can exploit what looks like chaos to everyone else; God has revealed to us what He’s doing. Further, He has revealed big plans for us if we are willing to participate.

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