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God Searches Hearts

God called me as a prophet to America. Sometimes I feel like the Prophet Jonah, but with none of the advantages he had in Nineveh. He got them to listen, but my country is yielding so far only a tiny … Continue reading

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They Say It’s Nutty

It’s not that we pay no attention to the consequences of our choices, but that our knowledge of the consequences aren’t the primary guide for our choices. We do what’s morally right. Not because of any alleged good payoff, but … Continue reading

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Call on Him

It’s downright scary to think about it. All other things being equal, were it not for America’s obsession with guns, our government would have long ago sunk this country into the depths of Hell. Our government system has bred the … Continue reading

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American Apocalypse

In case you haven’t noticed, the Police State is here. I suppose a significant number of us living here in the US have seen it coming for a long time. Some part of me knew it way back in high … Continue reading

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The Path Home

How’s the tribulation going for you? I don’t suffer from the common evangelical End Times mythology. This should establish a clear separation between them and me. If you are a glutton for torture, try my analysis of John’s Apocalypse. In … Continue reading

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