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Learn to Flock

In the Bible, feudalism always means family. The biblical image is more inclusive, versus the exclusive privilege associated with Western feudalism. The Eastern potentate held forth an open invitation to adopt the right people into his household as family. And … Continue reading

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A Toothless Lion’s Roar

Were you aware that megachurches were suffering the same political turmoil as the rest of America? From time to time I’m asked to comment on this or that big scandal. First and foremost: The first churches in the New Testament … Continue reading

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Organized Christian Religion Is Broken

We who share in the Radix Fidem covenant say that churches have gotten lost. Instead of trying to fix this world, we believe the most important thing we do is help people to get out of it. The proper way … Continue reading

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Reference Points of the Soul

Dreams are the language of the soul. They reveal things that need to come to the surface, but which are hindered in some way. They point to areas of prayer and contemplation. Last night I dreamed of a place that … Continue reading

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Yet Another Warning

Welcome home. A church is first and foremost the people. It’s not even the organization, but at the fundamental level, it’s just the souls of humans who share a commitment to the message of Jesus Christ. In that sense, it’s … Continue reading

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Photolog 9: Extended Harrah Loop

Today we explore. This is essentially the Harrah Loop but we add a couple miles north and see where that takes us. (Reminder: it’s pronounced “hair’-uh”.) This should provide an adequate test of my work on the Diamondback Edgewood bike. … Continue reading

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Do You Suppose…?

Let’s pretend for must a moment that I’m not some kind of madman or gibbering idiot. I will admit I’m passing through some inner turmoil. The flesh is never ready to serve and mind recoils at things it has never … Continue reading

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