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AI: More of the Wrong Truth

This is Part Two of AI: The Wrong Truth. You can’t trust AI because you can’t program human existence. We can’t just leave things where they are in this world and insulate ourselves from Western females entirely, guys. There is … Continue reading

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AI: The Wrong Truth

Recently Amazon released a report that their AI recruiting bot was sexist. They couldn’t get it to be more gender neutral in its analysis of job applicants. You can find a lot of articles about it, but I’ll tell you … Continue reading

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The rebel activity virtually stopped along the pipeline. During a joint investigation with a senate intelligence committee, in a closed door hearing, Tim learned that the clandestine funding for the rebels had evaporated. Ned later learned that the VIPs had … Continue reading

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The Courier 03

AI told Ned he was being followed again. But this time there was no weapon, and no apparent means to threaten except bare hands. He had just about reached the corner of the block where Tim’s office was when some … Continue reading

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The Fixer 09

The next attempt targeted Ned. It was just two days later that Tim had sent him down to the state’s corporation records office. For once, they were on a case trying absolve someone — a senator — of false accusations. … Continue reading

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The Fixer 07

In the last exchange between Ned and Franklin before sending the souped up cell phone, there was a warning. It fit right into the game dialog. “You know that this makes you a party to espionage, Franklin. Somehow you poked … Continue reading

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The Fixer 02

It was just a few blocks home. As he walked, Ned went back over the whole operation in his mind. The state was forced by class action lawsuit to make available a collection of old databases. The one that interested … Continue reading

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