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Befuddling AI

Anything that humans design by their intellect and talents cannot possibly rise above that level. It will never be more than what is theoretically possible for humans. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be quicker and more precise, certainly more consistent, but … Continue reading

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The Tracking Economy

I offer no advice at all, just my impression of things I’ve seen. We have the Tech Big Five: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. They all have one thing in common — tracking. They are all trying to monetize … Continue reading

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Consciousness Doesn’t Compute

Just a quick item: Consciousness Does Not Compute (and Never Will), Says Korean Scientist. Unless this is some sort of hoax, it’s nice to see someone with serious technology chops say that the math refuses to go where consciousness stands … Continue reading

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AI: How Bad Could It Be?

I have no doubt we shall be troubled greatly by whatever passes for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The term AI itself is ill-defined at best, but that’s not the point. We are developing machines capable of acting on some measure of … Continue reading

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Another Excerpt from AI’s Children

This is a slice out of Chapter 15… The old man interlaced his fingers and held them up against his mouth for a moment. “You’re telling me AI is like a person somewhere out there and just cooperates when you … Continue reading

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AI Predicting Mass Behavior

You’ve probably seen a movie or two in which the hook was using artificial intelligence (AI) to collate data on mass human behavior and predict how populations and even governments will react to various threats, etc. You’d have to be … Continue reading

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